[Roadmap] nomadelabel DAO - 2022 2nd semester

[Roadmap] nomadelabel DAO - 2022 2nd semester

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First part of 2022:

2022/2 Timeline

So till the end of 2022, nomadelabel crew will be working on increasing they strengths to bring our collective affords to the next level, mastering and launching NFT collections, physical exhibitions, public events and other collective artistic productions such as:

  • NLrecords - Record Label type team, to produce the minted Music associate to alternative ways of distribution, registering phonogram, and printing cassetes, and more to come.

–And The Opera, that is a continuation of this proposal:


–Also we will continuing supporting similar event, as our past 2 EAT + Chá com Bolo

Proposals to be added soon:

  • NomadeFacTory/Museology - NFT working group of collaborative works from nomadelabel productions, catalogs and alternative cartography on blockchain.

Thanks dear friends

@filmesdeinfiltracao @ritamaria @calebav @improvise @amarina_borck @amandalealart @gabrielfelipejacomel @palomak and others that i cant tag more, and more to come …

My mind flow was registered on this post:

Lea Arafah -open planning 2022/2. This is my first post in this platform, and i will use it as a work-in-progress. | by Lea Arafah - لياعرفة | May, 2022 | Medium


hello @blusw
we are here to share the announcement and the proposal once called DELITO, and now rebirth as DDD NL CNLVC

with our best regards!