[REPORT] Nomade Label DAO funding request for AUGUST

Proponent: Nomade Label DAO


Project Status: [CONCLUDED]

Council members:

Balance: current account balance 302.9847 NEAR/ 354.5374 DAI

Astro DAO: nomadelabel.sputnik-dao.near

Link to previous proposal: https://gov.near.org/t/approved-nomade-label-dao-funding-request-for-august/27057



  • Máquina de Inscrever /second episode

radio art program, that will be launched on web2 and web3


  • DDD Curitiba

physical event, to present NEAR blockchain to the artist community in Curitiba/PR.


  • Talk Away



  • Contact Improvisation Workshop and JAM (LetĂ­cia Esposito/Mariana Taques) 350 DAI


  • MobiDance 4 (Fly Goa/L3V1AT4) 550 DAI


  • Fashion Editorial (Tay Oluá) 300 DAI


AUGUST ONGOING PROJECTS - to be concluded in september

  • A Seita Fritas (Denise Nuvem/Casa Japuanga) (Aug/Sep) 550 DAI


  • Research and article on decentralization on the web3 (Fernanda PaixĂŁo) (Aug/Sep) 225 DAI


ongoing in the comments


  • AntimĂ©todo with Maria from Mintbase

Antimetodo com Maria Magdalena- Mintbase DAo

This edition of Antimétodo had the presence of Maria, from Mintbase DAO, bringing content about Mintbase in Portuguese, from its history, ways to mint, explanations on how to open stores, distribute royalties to deeper issues and how a DAO can develop its smart contracts thinking about its sustainability in the ecosystem.

Feedback received:

"First of all I would like to thank you for the work you are developing at Nomade. I saw the end of the Youtube live with Maria from Mintbase, I only watched the last 30 minutes but I could already feel the density of the information she brought, right? I mean, really, the little I watched already showed me how much content it brought. I’ll really need to stop and calmly watch this live, and it is very amazing to know that we have a direct communication channel with these developers and everything else. Anyway, thanks for producing this content, which will certainly make a difference in the lives of many people who are entering this web3 environment.” (Glauber Thierry)

  • Documents about the ecosystem for onboarding facilitation:

we produced an explanatory PDF with security tips about the wallet

NL_Tutorial_carteira near recomendacoes.pdf

we produced a guidance document on proposal and report writing

para a GERALDA_ escrevendo reports e proposals.pdf

a document about the ecosystem is in process

  • QR Code for Opening Wallets: this code addresses the participants of the events to a form where they can open wallets or send NFT gifts.

  • The second Tenda Nomade was held at Ap da 13 in Curitiba, with a round of AntimĂ©todo talk about blockchain, NFT, DAO and other introductory subjects related to what we develop at Nomade Label DAO, with Blua Discordia and Ritamaria

  • working in progress - plot in the metaverse, developed by Gus Manute, housing live broadcasts of the various events held by Nomade as well as rebroadcasts of telematics programs, exhibition of NFTs and other ideas that are on the way


Metric reflection:

  • wallet opening:
Project Wallet
GUME alvaro_ces.near
MOBIDANCE alanathayde.near
TALK AWAY haydeepaixao.near
TENDA NOMADE AP DA 13 eduardoramos.near
  • NFTs Minted:

talk away - uniqart - https://uniqart.io/user/talkaway.near - total of 4 NFT’s

nomade factory - tenda nomade at ap da 13 - mintbase - 4

live mintage of 3D objects created from the event flyers





mobidance - mintbase 1


Community engagement:

  • Social Media views

twitter: 8 tweets; 711 impressions; 531 profile visits; 31 mentions; 17 new followers

instagram: 7 posts; 52 stories; 9 reels; 1115 accounts reached; 26 new followers; 5482 impressions.

youtube: 162 views; 11 new inscriptions


  • We learned that it was important to launch Tenda Nomade with physical products and also start with these talks about blockchain and NFT in our physical events. The QR Code is also a good way to connect with people who are interested in what we are doing in this space. So we will keep following this actions in the upcoming events we release.
  • It’s also important to have a newsletter to straight communication and share more information about what we are releasing.
  • At least, we learned that we are artists, our powerful communication channel. It is through art and because of it that we are together, living, creating, connecting with people.

Accounting (Still to be paid out/Already paid out):

carteira near data o que NEAR DAI
nomadelabel.sputnik-dao.near 15/08 abertura de caixa agosto 306,74 154,5374
blua_discordia.near 21/08 fundos para atualizar antimetodo dao -4,00
nomadelabel.sputnik-dao.near 26/08 fundos de agosto 2.975,00
council payouts
manutegus.near 26/08 council -200,00
gabrielfelipejacomel.near 26/08 council -200,00
estherlourenco.near 26/08 council -200,00
ritamaria.near 26/08 council -200,00
filmesdeinfiltracao.near 08/09 council -200,00
total council payouts: -1000,00
proposals payouts
leticia_esposito.near 31/08 AULA+JAM contato -350,00
casajapuanga.near 28/08 A SEITA FRITAS -550,00
flygoa.near 27/08 MobiDance4 -550,00
fernandapaixao.near 27/08 research and article about web3 -225,00
tayolua.near 27/08 editorial de moda -300,00
total proposal payouts: -1.975,00
cash closing in August 102,74 354,5374
blua_discordia.near 08/09 Donation Blua’s NEARCOM trip -500

Next Steps:

  • roadmap update
  • elaboration of the supporting documents for the minting; tutorial, royalty distribution and other orientations
  • to keep on replicating the events in the metaverse and occupying the nomade label parcel designed by Gus Manute
  • screening films in the metaverse
  • to continue the development of the Tenda Nomade Project, with dialogues about NFT, DAO, Blockchain and other subjects related to the Nomade Label DAO activities
  • to restart the NL Records project, for the realization of the Nomade Label collection
  • to organize a big transdisciplinary event, physical and virtual, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Gilberto Mendes, a very important Brazilian composer, a reference for the NEUE MUSIK and for many of us.

zydron.near, dazo.near, palomaklisys.near, fernandapaixao.near, amarina_borck.near, amandalealart.near, alinedaka.near, pinkalskyy.near, flygoa.near, motolove.near, l3v1at4.near, casajapuanga.near, leticia_esposito.near, daniel_carrera.near, mauricio_matel.near, cerejaazul.near, bbcmd.near, bagadefente.near, tayolua.near, denisenuvem.near, blua_discordia.near, severaparaguacu.near, dazo.near, tayolua.near

Council members:
ritamaria.near, gabrielfelipejacomel.near, filmesdeinfiltracao.near, manutegus.near, estherlourenco.near


Greetings to the community :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

Filmes de Infiltração
twitter: @de_infiltracao | Filmes de Infiltração


Greetings nomads and everyone from the ecosystem. Very good to share highlights and challenges of the processes developed by this group with translingual and transdisciplinary creations


Go, Nomads!!! Meliores projetos!


@theuba.near !!! Bem vindo Ă  comunidade!!! <3


hello! just tagging here @creativesdao-council for visibility
thank you Thais for sharing the report with the community