[Approved] Nomadelabel Marketing April Plan - Upgraded

Due to unforeseen events and organizational rearrangement, we are updating this background request for Marketing-dao, to be able to complete the work of the month of April.

[Proposal] Nomadelabel Marketing April Plan - Upgraded

Submitting Your Funding Proposal*

What we will do:

  • Funding scheme: April till June:

This Funding request it’s a complementary part of the work that nomadelabel feature artists have been making with the support of Creatives DAO. Our roadmap its about to be updated in our INTRODUCTION , but it last until 30th of June. Those proposals submitted for creatives includes:
*Physical Events in Brasil;
*Online courses on Arts, Philosophy, Social Issues as LGBTQIA+, disability studies and decolonial topics.
*Digital Content on NEAR blockchain for Brazilian and lusophone community
*Support for Artistic production
*NFT production
*Onboarding local audience

The action will take place on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to empower the following april approved proposals:

-The objective is to accelerate the organic engagement of digital content generated from the activities of the collective surrounding Nomade Label. The benefit to the NEAR Ecosystem is the presence of artists, tutors, producers and researchers active within the community, promoting an enthusiasm and the construction of a culture within the blockchain

What we Already did in APRIL:

Massive action on Twitter, Instagram page@nomadeagenda and Nomadelabel Viva’s Facebook profile.
From Instagram:

36 posts from 6th to 20th Abril
Social Media Plans to deliver more 20 posts till 2nd May.

Last Month Activities was run by 2 instagram profiles @nomadeagenda + @labtupy and we reach 23 Instagram post as showed below. This month we are increasing this amount to 46 posts.

Who are we?

Nomade Label Market Team:

Nomadelabel DAO members:

  • Blua - proposal proponent and strategic consultant - 150USD @blusw
  • Gabreil Felipe Jacomel - bounty mannegment 150USD @gabrielfelipejacomel

Social Media

Original Graphic Artist

  • Aline Daka - 400USD@alinedaka

Social Media weekly planing

Working monthly schedule -
Nomadelabel DAO members - 4 meetings + proposal and bounty mannegment 150USD
Social Media - 4 meeting + 4 weekdays posting on Instagram Facebook and tweeter
Graphic Artist - 4 meetings + 4 original art works for use on promo and minted at nomadelabel store on mintbase

Bounties will be a way to work with creativity and engagment between Near users, such as the last month program:

200 USD will be slip between:

  • Instagram Sharing 30 posts for EAT + Chá com Bolo Event - 5 DAI for 30 humans - 75USD in NEAR
  • NFT creation of original material from content learned on Antimetodo courses - 15 DAI for 5 humans - 75 USD in NEAR
  • Video Feedbacks, for community members express they impression about the works of Nomadelabel artists and activity, post and sharing the link from Instagram on the forum - 10 DAI for 5 humans

75 DAI + 75 DAI + 50 DAI = 200 USD in NEAR

Crew Bugdet : 1500 USD in NEAR

Bounty Bugdet : 200 USD in NEAR

Total Monthly Request : 1700 USD in NEAR

  • Total requested - 1700 USD in NEAR (on 20th april - 102 NEAR)

targget : wasem_simon.near

Dear @marketingdao-council,
Please consider this proposal for April anddisregard the former proposal:
[Proposal] – Marketing (Social Media) Funding for NomadelabelDAO - 04/2022 - Marketing / MarketingDAO


Thank You very much for adding more details and media plan in your proposal. Happy to support. Have a great day.


Hi @blusw thanks for your proposal.

Also happy to support


Hello dear @marketingdao-council

I hope this message doesn’t bothers you on this beautiful Monday :slight_smile:

We are about to finish the month, and we need to know if we will get the founding for April project, so than we’ll execute the bounty mention on this topic.
The actual bounty will be use for promotion of 30ths event, so if at least we get this approval, we can setup the bounty’s topic, on the propor conditions for scheduling the payouts.

Thanks for the attention

have a nice week


Thumbs up from me. Keep up the good work!


Hello! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO


Thank You Guys!

Here you are, our Astro Poll for April projects |:

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23rd Tweet’s
Tweet Impressionons 3,521, Profile 1,591, Mention 78


42 posts on instagram, 42 posts on facebook, 6 Highlights created for instagram, 4 comic strips, 140 stories

Materials have been created such as:
Posting calendar
Selection and analysis of hashtags used

Were made 3 meetings (correct, but that I remember were 3)

Posting Schedule
With organization of the agenda of posts that contained strategy to improve the organic engagement of social networks.
This highlights the organic reach of instagram.

The community engaged with the social network we had several comments in the publications, shares of stories on instagram, the physical face-to-face event had an excellent audience of ( number)

NEXT STEPS: Continue the advertising work of NomadeLabel DAO seeking improvements in strategies, team organization and work to be done.


400 USN for 3 humans: ritamaria.near ; natashacremoneseartista.near ; alinedaka.near ;
150 USN for 2 humans: gabrielfelipejacomel.near ; blua_discordia.near ;
30 USN used for bounties (from 200 USD Requested0

total expend : 1530 USN
Requested: 1700 USD in Near
left : 170 USN (to use on may´s bounties)


Good evening, could you please create a new proposal. Thank You and sorry for inconvenience.

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