[Approved] Nomade Label Marketing - May Plan UPDATED

Dear @marketingdao-council , we are presenting our
UPDATED Nomade Label Marketing - May Plan, from the questions raised in this forum.
We hope you can review and reconsider this proposal
Thank you in advance for your attention

We have spent this time collectively rethinking our marketing strategy and have developed a more concise plan, focusing on the social networks instagram, twitter and discord, as we understand that these channels are the most effective in disseminating the actions we are currently doing and also in attracting to the ecosystem people interested in investing and contributing to its growth and sustainability.

I would like to add that the dissemination work is still being carried out by the #nomadelabel-dao team on these networks. Thus, follows the new proposal here on this forum. If necessary, we open another topic, I look forward to hearing from you on how to proceed:

Nomade Label DAO - Marketing May Plan

  • Instagram:
    Platform for spreading the word about Nomade Label’s actions to the community inside and outside the ecosystem - especially outside - to people who know little about NFT and blockchain.
    Goal - expand the engagement of the network, promote the actions of the dao members from the proposals presented, live portfolio of the actions performed. expand the transparency of the processes in Nomade Label DAO. Expand the knowledge about NFTs and blockchain. Encourage NFTs collectors.
    Production of the arts and copywriting of the posts; 1 post per working day, plus 2 stories per day, plus replicate stories where we have been tagged, correspondence with the community from engagement

  • Twitter:
    This will be the main channel of communication with the ecosystem, publicize the store’s products, promote events, disseminate the content produced in the proposals, retweet posts and promote nomade artists. We will publicize the Nfts of nomade label artists on our mintbase store, and work to increase the number of followers on twitter. Also we want to connect and expand the number of NFT collectors using NEAR and mintbase. We will do more follows and retweets of other important artists and NFT projects from the NEAR network.
    3 tweets a day

@ritamaria - instagram media
@blusw - twitter media - nomade label council supervision

instagram: 200 USD
twitter: 200 USD

total: 400 USD in DAI

target: wasem_simon.near


Let’s keep working :slight_smile:


This project has been backed by the creative Dao. The marketing nature of your project and how it’s meant to drive more wallets or interest in Near is unclear to me. I cannot support the proposal at this time.

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hello Klint, thanks for your input. This is really important to us.

We can be more clear in our proposal. The way to drive more wallets and interest in Near is promoting our events and our art. Also we do Onboarding to new users everyday.

We are a group of artists focus full time to promote our art and near ecosystem. All the activities at nomade label we try to promote Near and expand the visibility of this amazing network.

Our goal is to amplify the audience, artists and collectors using near network. We are reorganizing and trying to expand our project at the social networks like instagram, twitter and youtube. We are a creating a big art guild in Brasil, and the marketing dao suport will amplify and help our proposals at the creatives to a bigger audience.

Our activities and comunity participation is growing fast, and we are trying to do better and learning a lot on the way.

If you have more sugestions on how we can do better we will be very happy to hear from you.

Thanks a lot to all the Near Community for all the suport you give to us! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Dear @marketingdao-council

I would like to ask you if there is any chance to support this month Nomade Label marketing crew.

We are building on NEAR ecosystem since January this year, and we have plans until the end of this year, proposing for CREATIVES, cause is our DAO’s interest in art and culture, but the Marking DAO support its also important part of growing this Ideas.

Since January we already made quiet something:

And we already start a work with marketing DAO since March:

[Approved] Nomadelabel-DAO - Socialmedia/MARKETING 03/2022 - Marketing / MarketingDAO - NEAR Forum
[Approved] Nomadelabel Marketing April Plan - Upgraded - Marketing / MarketingDAO - NEAR Forum

The present proposal is a continuation of a project that is getting shape. I admit that I’am learning alot to be more organized to present our plans on the forum, but looking backwards, and looking around the ecosystem, #nomadelabel-dao has a great potential to grow healthy as artists ambassadors of NEAR in the city of São Paulo(the biggest arty city in Latin America), to reach the local community and have more professionals interested in creating and working with NEAR.

We still not the best market people in town, but we are the only one spreading NEAR words around here.
If we dont get this support, the 2 past months of support will be useless… cause we ended breaking a virtuecircle of growing force.
If you keep supporting, we have the opportunity to not just execute the actual proposal, but also we can compromisse to look forward to the near future, to find ways to build a sustainable community around the ecosystem, with its reverberation on real world.

It mite be interested to have other professionals from ecosystem to brainstorm and find strategies to make our business grow stronger, thinking about partnerships to put forward this canvas of proposals that we’v being making to the next level.

Open to suggestions and feedbacks

thanks anyway, its being beautyful to prepare this reply to you guys and realize that we are doing a beautiful work.


Thanks @ritamaria to upgrade this proposal!!!

Great job nomades!
@LulucaL @calebav <3


Let’s gooooooooo Nomadelablers :rocket:


Good evening, can you reduce the budget to $600?


Hi @ritamaria thanks for your proposal.

The marketing DAO is happy to fund social media moderation at $200 per month per channel.

I suggest you take another look at your budget.


Hi @cryptocredit and @Dacha
thank you very much for answering

Ok, so I will change this BUDGET and also post a report of what we’ve done on May for the Instagram and Twitter of Nomade Label DAO. As we did not use discord this month, I will remove it from the proposal and fix it in 400 USD in DAI
I’de like to say that for the following proposals we will be aware of this values and to elaborate more clearly our marketing plan, as you commented here.

Thank you in advance!


Thanks for reviewing your proposal. Happy to support this proposal in its current form


thank you all!
we are learning, and it is important for us all your feedbacks!

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Thanks @ritamaria and @satojandro

So now we may submit a poll on Astro, right?

or should we directly sign the kfc?

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Yes. Thank you

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Hello all
here is the report



here is de poll submited on astrodao
thank you again



Good evening, wrong amount…:frowning:

oh, sorry, I will submit another.

so, so sorry for the mistake, and thanks for the answer
here is the new poll