[REPORT][BUDGET] Kitchen Guild for November

Welcome to the Kitchen Guild! :slight_smile:

We did a great job in November. We focused not on the number of views, but on the quality of our content. Before we go directly to the report, let me tell you clearly and show you how we differ from other guilds.

  1. We only work with trusted bloggers.

We will never work with influencers who violate the rules of the community or play a dishonest game (fake views, fake likes and subs, massfollowing, and so on).

  1. We use a partnership approach.

Our bloggers are not only ordinary performers, whom we can find by the hundreds on YouTube, first of all, Kitchen Guild members are our partners who are ready to perform and create first-class content. We don’t want to just talk about the Near Protocol, we want to fully cover the entire Near ecosystem.

  1. We are completely open.

We fully provide reports on our expenses and our decisions. We always stand on the side of the community and the principles of the ecosystem. We are not a guild that wants to fill its pockets, we are those who want to work hard for the benefit of the Near Protocol ecosystem.


It is the third month of our activity and we are faced with the first difficulties in financing. As it turned out, our services are too expensive, so we decided to calculate the amount of work done in 2 months.

Total for September - October.

YouTube Views: 474 974 (0.0085 NEAR for view)
Twitter impressions: 793 495 (0.0051 NEAR for imp)
Telegram Views: 153 468 (0.026 NEAR for view)
Likes (all directions): 43 000 (0.094 NEAR for Like)
TikTok views: 130 000 (0.031 NEAR for views)
The amount: 4050 NEAR.

This is what we have achieved in 2 months, we believe that these indicators are much cheaper than the average price on the market, given that in our case an exclusively relevant audience is used.

Considering the fact that our guild is the only one open that has proven its effectiveness and paid off more than 8 times in the first month.

This is a small lyrical digression, let’s get to the essence of our report.

Financing Report for October:

100N + 300N - Procent



100N + 300N - Khalistas



100N + 200N - Cat Money



50N - Cryptomaximalist


90N - 1000$ for AMA with Hudzilin


15N AMA giveaway




25N For help with 3 AMA (Organization of negotiations, answers to questions in the chat about general questions about Near Protocol)


Management 600N



Again, we were able to work in budget surplus and were able to save 500 NEAR, which will be used in the future to payment to the participants of the Kitchen Guild or to test any direction.

Activity Report:

This month we decided to focus on the review of the Near Protocol ecosystem, and in particular we created a lot of unique material about Aurora, as well as about Aurora IDO.


Aurora - everything you need to know. (tutorial video)

What is Octopus? Better than Polkadot? (tutorial video)

Big AMA with Shevchenko! The audience was just delighted, the Russian community said that it was the best AMA with Alex!


TOTAL Procent:

YouTube: views - 17771, likes - 991, comments - 141.
Telegram: views - 71984, comments - 934.


Ref and Paras analysis.

REF analysis.

Near Wallet and Ref.Finance information.

Aurora x Gate.io

Near 8:40, Ref and Paras 54:00

Near 7:20 Ref 50:00

In total, 22 videos were created in November mentioning the Near Protocol, or mentioning a project from the Near Protocol ecosystem. You can see the full list in this spreadsheet.


Also on every stream on Twitch, Khalistas mentions Near Protocol. Also, anyone can make a donation using Near Wallet.

TOTAL Khalistas:

YouTube: views - 240239, likes - 14022, comments - 1237.
Twitter: Impressions - 247674, Engagements - 31068, Likes - 1421, RT - 131, Comments - 286.

Memes Contest in Twitter. The winner will get 5 NEAR. But to participate in the contest, you will need to create a Near Wallet. Strictly speaking, this is the purpose of this event. Integration of users into the Near Protocol ecosystem.

Cat Money

Unfortunately, Cat Money was unable to actively participate in our guild this month for personal reasons. It will be active next month.

Senior Software Vlogger

With the help of this blogger, we conducted a wonderful AMA with Sasha at his personal request. As a result, we managed to get 4,777 views.

The purpose of this AMA was to popularize development on Near Protocol, as well as to attract experienced developers to the ecosystem. The relevant channel was selected.

Kitchen Guild TOTAL:

YouTube: views - 258 010 (0.038$ per view) , likes - 15 013 (0.66$ per like), comments - 1378.
Twitter: Impressions - 247674 (0.04$), Engagements - 31068 (0.32$), Likes - 1421 (7$), RT - 131, Comments - 286.
Telegram: views - 71984(0.13$), comments - 934.

Comments and RT were not included in the cost calculation because they have very dispersive indicators. They depend on many factors that cannot be statistically predicted.


Kitchen Guild Management (Lolson, Baxoff) - 375 NEAR (~3200$)
Khalistas - 300 + 100 bonuses NEAR (~3400$)
Procent - 300 + 100 NEAR bounes (~3400$)

TOTAL: 1 175 NEAR (~10 000$)

The budget surplus will be used to finance for December. We will publish the work plan for December a little later.

Kitchen Guild Development Plans for December

In December, we want to focus on a marketing company for Near University. But at the same time, we intend to fully support the Near Protocol ecosystem, as we do all the time. A more detailed action plan will be published in the second week of December, as we are still negotiating with several directions in order to develop the most effective marketing company.

@marketingdao-council Thank you for the opportunity to do what we really like.


Absolutely fantastic work and report. I hope every guild will use it as example.


@marketingdao-council hello, I wrote in our telegram group. Do you have any thoughts on this?

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This will be reviewed in our MarketingDAO Council meeting tomorrow morning :ballot_box_with_check:

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Hey guys,

Another solid proposal as always.

I’m happy to move forward with the funding request on this, and you can adjust the NEAR to the USD amount ofc.

Any comments from @marketingdao-council ?


Thank you for your trust!


Congratulations @Lolson_tg, the proposal has now been passed by the council. Funds are now available at the nominated address. Keep up the good work, AVB