[Creatives DAO] - Decentralization review & Meeting

Hello Hello :hugs:

Creatives Family, we are at a point where there is a need to evolve. We need to find a way to be self-sustainable and keep improving as a community. We need metrics and more data to be able to evaluate ourselves, make decisions, and show the value we are adding to the Near Ecosystem.

Using the example from the Forum Meeting I had with my Guild, I am taking this opportunity to ask the Creative Community to step in, present yourselves here in this forum post, so we can prove to the Near Community that The Creatives DAO is highly relevant for the NEAR ecosystem, as this is one of the most significant decentralized autonomous communities on NEAR, a community of communities, by proving we are all confirmed/real members.

Presentation Rules

Everyone is welcome, the NEAR community is an open community for everyone, so please feel free to join and share here with us, copy this initiative with your own Guild or share any feedback :wink:

Please share your personal history, goals, and passions, and let’s know each other better

  1. Forum presentation time window:
    We should all reply here with our presentation until 14/06/2022
    Presentation should include Wallet address, Twitter account, Telegram account, Instagram account, Total votes casted (all DAOs you belong), and highlighted achievements.

  2. Twitter DM time window:
    Send a DM to twitter.com/CreativesDAO before 21/06/2022
    We can reply other comments, share feedback, start conversations, and hopefully start building relationships with other members from other Guilds.

  3. Have a good time:
    Have a good time, know about what others are doing, and start Cross Collaborations, joining initiatives from others.

You can use my own presentation as a template :love_you_gesture:

  • If you are the representative of any of the Creatives DAOs, then please add the following information about your DAO socials:
    Telegram, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, DAO address, Website, and others.

Decentralization Status

We take the time to review all the DAOs, gathering the following information:

269 Wallets
Wallet(s) council DAOs member DAOs
hevertonharieno.near Cudo
talitalima.near Cudo
thiago7hc.near Cudo
lucterra.near Cudo
tabear.near Muti + Marmaj INA + Lens
tediv.near Muti Garden Collective
falmon.near Muti
crans.near Beat-DAO + NxM DAO Records
wizzow.near Beat-DAO Svara
skthealternator.near Beat-DAO
fatokunmayowa.near Beat-DAO
16mspstory.near Beat-DAO
frnvpr.near Incubadora
jmm.near Incubadora
herikalcn.near Incubadora
samiasns.near Incubadora
mcap.near Incubadora
thephilosopher.near Metaverse DAO The Philosophers DAO
manutegus.near Metaverse DAO
beetle-juice.near Metaverse DAO Spiritual DAO + The Philosophers DAO
becopro.near Metaverse DAO
klarakopi.near Metaverse DAO
chloe.near The Marma J Foundation + Onboarding DAO The Auction + INA
bianca.near The Marma J Foundation
marmaj.near The Marma J Foundation
rebecca.near The Marma J Foundation
ocaso.near The Marma J Foundation
chluff.near The Marma J Foundation
nicolesuria.near The Marma J Foundation
sour_icky.near The Marma J Foundation
ashleyc.near The Marma J Foundation Writers Collective
monish016.near NxM + Kalakendra The Auction + Fanstroke
williamxx.near NxM VN DAO
bonepoliceofficial.near NxM
rhymetaylor.near NxM
sainthiago.near VR-DAO 3xR
nearestchico.near VR-DAO DoiDoi
naes.near VR-DAO
microchipgnu.near VR-DAO 3xR
roadworks.near Arroz Criativo Lens
rquellima.near Arroz Criativo
itsaturn.near Arroz Criativo
abhaa.near Afrostar
iamsterryo.near Afrostar Family DAO + Scout
duchesswinnie.near Afrostar Family DAO
danimore.near Demonstra
rejoh.near Demonstra
jmm.near Demonstra
mariamneu.near Mintbase
luisinfante.near Mintbase
reginanogueira.near Mintbase
nate.near Mintbase
carolin.near Mintbase
adrianseneca.near The Kind DAO Primordia (Fund requests)
godofnfts.near The Kind DAO Primordia
suicunga.near The Kind DAO
munchikin.near The Kind DAO
anre.near The Kind DAO
lovekin.near The Kind DAO
rockin.near The Kind DAO
treattheworld.near The Kind DAO
ibraheemleone.near The Kind DAO
earthchange.near The Kind DAO
dreamerkin.near The Kind DAO
justkin.near The Kind DAO
knwlv.near The Kind DAO
se_7777777_en.near The Kind DAO
aaliyahsayyes.near The Kind DAO
inmyownworld.near The Kind DAO
maydayglo.near The Kind DAO
nonpretender.near The Kind DAO
geometer.near The Kind DAO
globallynear.near The Kind DAO
Duocelot.near The Clan Comics
Cavenaghi.near The Clan Children of the DAO + Comics
Brunoqual.near The Clan
Dazo.near Gambiarra
Ghini.near Gambiarra Feminu
natashacremoneseartista.near Gambiarra Children of the DAO + Octopode + Feminu
isadanoninho.near Gambiarra Feminu
macieira.near Gambiarra Octopode
vinniegcp.near Gambiarra Octopode
filmesdeinfiltracao.near Gambiarra + Nomadelabel INA + Feminu
cleusaraven.near Gambiarra Feminu
escouto.near Gambiarra Octopode
gurubaran.near Kalakendra
aslam.near Kalakendra
wasem_simon.near Nomadelabel
pinkalskyy.near Nomadelabel Writers Collective
manutegus.near Nomadelabel The Philosopher + Comics
gabrielfelipejacomel.near Nomadelabel Writers Collective
zydron.near Nomadelabel
motolove.near Nomadelabel
nomadelabel.near Nomadelabel
ritamaria.near Nomadelabel
blua_discordia.near Nomadelabel
palomaklisys.near Nomadelabel
maquinadeinscrever.near Nomadelabel
amarina_borck.near Nomadelabel
amandalealart.near Nomadelabel
daniel_carrera.near Nomadelabel
johanga.near Goa DAO INA + D-Layer
tusya.near Goa DAO
denni.near Goa DAO
fritzwagner.near Onboarding DAO
zubairansari.near Onboarding DAO
mr_free.near Onboarding DAO
symbolik.near Onboarding DAO
kcpesce.near Onboarding DAO Filipino Artist
nataliejcrue.near Onboarding DAO
toxa01.near The Auction
vick_sh.near The Auction
sahilmassey.near Spiritual DAO
connectthecoast.near CTC DAO
chornijblack.near CTC DAO
duwop.near CTC DAO
lordesanctus.near CTC DAO
ligaya.near Filipino Artist + Graffiti + HypeDAO
vanengs.near Filipino Artist + INA
maesolteirarecs.near Maesolteirarecs
hugonlopez.near Maesolteirarecs
laureana.near Maesolteirarecs
shiftshapr.near TulumCoin
cryptocoatl.near TulumCoin
regentulummich.near TulumCoin
tulumcoin.near TulumCoin
francesipimienteln.near TulumCoin
thisisfah.near TulumCoin
valeoro.near TulumCoin
dealdecoatl.near TulumCoin
naveen_in.near NFT Club
margik.near NFT Club
madlenspixcell.near NFT Club
nearnftclub.near NFT Club
samtoshi_f_baby.near NFT Club
jcb.near C1
dedeukwu.near C1 + Graffiti
parisinocencio.near Gruta
chotas.near Gruta
rosario.near Gruta + DJ DAO
tresa.near Gruta
sachinmurali03.near Fanstroke
verapm.near DoiDoi
atshim.near DoiDoi
bheegem.near Family DAO + Scout
mohens.near Culinary DAO
fabdab.near Culinary DAO + DANCE
cryptomuse01.near Culinary DAO + VanDAO + DANCE
alessandrascoffi.near Changa Records
forestusoberus.near Changa Records
changarecords.near Changa Records
lunatikculture.near Changa Records
daorecords.near DAO Records
sleezymoss.near DAO Records + VanDAO
optr.near DAO Records
daocubator.near DAO Records
vandal.near DAO Records + VanDAO (vandao.near) + INA
lelen.near DAO Records
cryptovaibhav.near DAO Records
tech1.near DAO Records
masiaone.near DAO Records
juliamorelli.near 55SP
danimore.near 55SP
giolangone.near 55SP
unstablelandscape.near Motion DAO
jeanneb.near Motion DAO
stef.near Motion DAO
platoboss.near Motion DAO
len.near Motion DAO
reynajperdomo.near Motion DAO
aznarrak.near Motion DAO
catalejo.near Motion DAO
anzorrilla.near Motion DAO
chimerik.near Motion DAO
aniara.near Motion DAO
akirasan.near Children of the DAO + Comics
deniseisnear.near Children of the DAO
jardelkings.near Octopode
teezyindo.near Svara
hawwal.near Blaqkstereo
sholaspark.near Blaqkstereo
titione2.near VN DAO
antran2809.near VN DAO
gabrielaabreu.near Criatura&Beri
ritapaiva.near Criatura&Beri
geminirising.near VanDAO + INA DAO
sleezymoss.near VanDAO
plantasia.near VanDAO
mofl13.near VanDAO
beluespina.near INA DAO
luluca_l.near INA DAO
maryrazel.near INA DAO
kambodja.near INA DAO
cedieee.near INA DAO
louietism.near INA DAO
jami2017.near INA DAO
krizzy.near INA DAO
barbezina.near INA DAO
scouterayo.near Scout
carolbampa.near Artivist
mhartenthal.near Artivist
larkim.near Young Fresh
shubham007.near Graffiti
edenf.near Garden Collective
nillynoon.near Garden Collective
senhorsantos.near Garden Collective
gardencollective.near Garden Collective
joshspikes.near One One
inakes.near One One
thekindao.sputnik-dao.near Primordia
arc.sputnik-dao.near Primordia
liberation-wellness.sputnik-dao.near Primordia
zarya.near Golden Blue
tolga.near Golden Blue
mette.near Golden Blue
mayramendes.near Feminu
jsc2022.near The Philosopher
elanmarinhon.near The Philosopher
calencar.near The Philosopher
bagadefente.near Writers Collective
oblakofficialss.near Writers Collective
brzk-93444.near Writers Collective
leandro_amaral.near Comics
bazzarian01.near Comics
frado.near FraDAO
raissa.near FraDAO
hiimf.near FraDAO
lagolagoa.near FraDAO
paulaguimaraes.near FraDAO
toiadmt.near FraDAO
kodandi.near HypeDAO
loam.near HypeDAO
coyotefugly.near Tamago & Tama Island
nicholea.near Tamago & Tama Island
tamastream.near Tamago & Tama Island
dan802.near Black Cat Cinema
mayamorittu.near Black Cat Cinema
timjohnstone.near Black Cat Cinema
dandelionsandhoneybees.near Dandelions and Honeybees + Reggae is bigga than music + 9ines
mosiahb.near Dandelions and Honeybees
plut0.near Dandelions and Honeybees + 9ines
cosmiclobo.near Lens
messenjahselah1.near Reggae is bigga than music
7zenga.near Reggae is bigga than music
xochicana.near EFAM DAO + Rebel Wise
ashelseasunz.near EFAM DAO
leahvw.near EFAM DAO
9ines.near 9ines
sh8peshifter.near 9ines
mxtsetmefree.near 9ines
sevenvision.near Rebel Wise
quincydavis.near Rebel Wise
queenblessings.near Rebel Wise
cosmia.near Cosmia
barbaratosti.near Cosmia
mormostrix.near Cosmia
vvstati.near Cosmia
mismizery.near Cosmia
misspurplue.near Cosmia
stefaniagiudici.near Cosmia
psalm.near Dance
davidgrace.near Dance
renaissance347.near Dance
netuno.near DJ DAO
glazedbaguette.near DJ DAO
keepitlocal.near KIL DAO → NO VOTES
dreedsby.near KIL DAO → NO VOTES
deevlr.near KIL DAO → NO VOTES
judeashvin.near KIL DAO → NO VOTES

*Definition for member: Who participate
*Definition of Council: Who can vote


We have 69 DAOs :rocket:

With more than 5 unique Members
DAO name Number of unique members Total of members Voting Rights
The Kind DAO 18 20 Yes
Nomadelable 11 14 Yes
Motion DAO 11 11 No
INA DAO 9 10 No
The Marma J Foundation 8 9 Yes
TulumCoin 8 8 No
DAO Records 7 10 No
Cosmia 7 8 No
FraDAO 6 6 No

*Number of members of each DAO is the number of members that are being part of
that specific DAO only, so they are not part of any other DAO.

3-5 Members
DAO name # unique members Total of members
Incubadora 5 5
Onboarding DAO 5 7
Mintbase 5 5
Cudo 4 4
Beat-DAO 3 5
Metaverse DAO 3 5
Demonstra 3 3
NFT Club 5 5
Gruta 3 4
Changa Records 4 4
55SP 3 3
VanDAO 3 7
Tamago & Tama Island 3 3
Black Cat Cinema 3 3
Rebel Wise 3 4
Garden Collective 4 5
Primordia 3 5
Golden Blue 3 3
The Philosopher 3 6
Writers Collective 3 6
ZON-Verse 3 3
0-2 Members
DAO name # unique members Total of members
Muti 1 3
NxM 2 4
VR-DAO 1 3
Arroz Criativo 2 3
Afrostar 1 3
The Clan 1 3
Gambiarra 1 9
Kalakendra 2 2
The Clan 1 3
Goa DAO 2 3
Maesolteirarecs 3 3
9ines 3 6
Young Fresh 1 1
The Auction 2 4
Spiritual DAO 1 2
Filipino Artist 0 3
Fanstroke 1 2
C1 1 2
DoiDoi 2 3
Family DAO 0 3
Culinary DAO 1 3
Children of the DAO 1 4
Octopode 1 5
Svara 1 2
Blaqkstereo 2 2
VN DAO 2 3
Criatura&Beri 2 2
Scout 1 5
Artivist 2 2
Graffiti 1 3
One One 2 2
Feminu 1 6
Comics 2 6
HypeDAO 2 3
Dandelions and Honeybees 1 3
Lens 1 4
Reggae is bigga than music 2 3
DJ DAO 2 3

*adding here DAOs with 3 members but at least one wallet is not a personal wallet
*adding here DAOs with no voting/use like KIL DAO

*Number of members of each DAO is the number of members that are being part of
one specific DAO only, so they are not part of any other DAO.
*Voting Rights means that the DAO is part of the Creatives DAO councils

Important notes to be aware of which, that might help us to improve our decentralization status:

Next Steps

  1. Reply to this post with the presentation of each one of us
    One of the first steps is to recognize where we are and to be able to express that in numbers, like how many real members we have and how many DAOs. This also will prove the members are active and we might take the next decentralization step by adding more DAOs as councils.

  2. Verify the authenticity of NEARcomers into the Creatives DAO
    One way to do so is to ask NEARcomers who want to be part of the Creatives DAO to approve the Near Certified Creative course

  3. Build a path into self-sustainability
    A proposal is going to be shared, and we need feedback and participation from the whole community. Each DAO should share a document with highlights on their achievements and a 6 months road map for their DAOs.

Big hug, and may the force be NEAR u always fam. :vulcan_salute:


I sent you my the DAO for ZON-Verse @FritzWorm
What seems to be the issue?


Well, adding my personal presentation is also to be taken as an example :cowboy_hat_face:

I am a dad now, I am also an Engineer and I have a master’s in Corporate Finances, know Bitcoin since it was worth less than $20.

I am the owner of a Brewery, and love to play soccer and paint. When I was young I did many graffities =) but that’s in the past, now I really enjoy being at home at spending time with all of you.

My links:

Highlighted achievements:

  • As a moderator, I participate in fixing several issues like the transfer of wallet between @Dazo and @thephilosopher
  • Kick start of the NEAR CERTIFIED CREATIVE course
  • Helping since day 1 with the onboarding, advisor for the #onboarding-dao
List of users invited into the forum
Invited User Redeemed Seen Topics Viewed Posts Read Read Time Days Visited Invitation
x5ensei May 20 May 21 3 5 < 1m 1 / 18 link
Nacho_Figx May 19 54 mins 26 77 1h 13 / 20 link
MochiBean Apr 27 Apr 29 1 2 1m 2 / 41 link
LucasBolt Apr 7 Apr 8 1 7 2m 2 / 62 link
Ache Mar 24 Mar 25 1 0 < 1m 1 / 75 link
robinnagpal Mar 16 Mar 29 11 45 21m 5 / 84 link
jlmk Mar 14 1 day 3 12 32m 8 / 86 link
corsur Mar 14 Mar 16 1 0 < 1m 3 / 86 link
Itsalllove Feb 25 Feb 25 0 0 < 1m 1 / 103 link
Tpavon12 Feb 25 Feb 27 3 17 < 1m 3 / 103 link
GdizzyTre Feb 25 May 7 21 75 41m 14 / 103 link
northam Feb 11 Mar 11 8 40 1h 21 / 117 link
PaulinoDelgado Feb 8 Feb 8 0 0 < 1m 1 / 120 link
RichardDelgado Jan 25 Jan 25 1 29 2m 1 / 134 link
prestoluke Jan 22 Feb 14 11 29 23m 9 / 137 link
EmilyRdgz Jan 16 21 hours 8 143 1h 13 / 142 link
nacho.near Jan 2 2 days 128 997 12h 128 / 156 link
yawondao3 Dec 28, '21 Feb 1 5 40 44m 18 / 162 link
chad Dec 27, '21 Dec 27, '21 2 3 < 1m 1 / 162 link
lalacat Dec 27, '21 Apr 23 1 0 < 1m 3 / 163 link
deadshot Dec 26, '21 Dec 26, '21 0 0 < 1m 1 / 164 link
Enrico Dec 13, '21 Dec 13, '21 0 0 < 1m 1 / 177 link
Prod_Solo7 Dec 12, '21 Feb 4 10 31 16m 5 / 178 link
user3 Dec 12, '21 0 0 < 1m 0 / 178 link
JacopoB Dec 9, '21 Dec 9, '21 0 0 < 1m 1 / 181 link
isiah Dec 8, '21 Jan 10 17 62 7m 5 / 182 link
ChainFights Dec 5, '21 Mar 8 6 8 18m 11 / 185 link
nacho963 Dec 5, '21 Dec 18, '21 5 20 6m 4 / 185 link
user2 Dec 2, '21 Dec 20, '21 2 10 16m 7 / 188 link
ame9986 Dec 1, '21 4 mins 251 1.9k 1d 120 / 189 link
King1 Nov 30, '21 Dec 19, '21 5 18 15m 8 / 190 link
Leozamorat Nov 27, '21 Nov 27, '21 2 7 8m 1 / 193 link
Savageftc Nov 27, '21 Jan 8 7 18 15m 3 / 193 link
Mingua Nov 26, '21 Nov 27, '21 1 15 2m 1 / 193 link
Nathbruz Nov 26, '21 Nov 28, '21 2 8 3m 2 / 193 link
Jkbg Nov 26, '21 Nov 26, '21 1 8 1m 1 / 193 link
Alecorcega Nov 26, '21 Nov 26, '21 1 3 3m 1 / 194 link
Estevan17 Nov 26, '21 Mar 6 8 81 12m 8 / 194 link
Ouail.M Nov 25, '21 Nov 26, '21 2 23 13m 1 / 194 link
user1 Nov 25, '21 1 hour 159 1.1k 13h 107 / 195 link
NelzoRamirez Nov 25, '21 Feb 5 33 301 1h 9 / 195 link
TheQueen Nov 24, '21 May 17 20 131 3h 54 / 196 link
Benmurri Nov 24, '21 Nov 26, '21 0 0 < 1m 1 / 196 link
Developer Nov 17, '21 10 hours 101 454 6h 98 / 203 link
abdresdom Nov 17, '21 Feb 1 28 126 38m 19 / 203 link
leyner Nov 17, '21 Dec 10, '21 3 3 1m 2 / 203 link
mavimorantes Nov 15, '21 Nov 25, '21 3 25 9m 5 / 204 link
Tibyparedes Nov 15, '21 Jan 25 3 24 1h 14 / 205 link
ArianaVictoriaMoreno Nov 11, '21 Mar 3 9 106 3h 32 / 209 link
Alfredonet Nov 8, '21 Jan 26 8 28 24m 6 / 211 link
Arturoahs Nov 8, '21 4 days 110 914 10h 133 / 211 link
Giselle059 Nov 7, '21 Nov 8, '21 1 2 1m 2 / 213 link
Charles96 Nov 6, '21 Nov 6, '21 1 2 < 1m 1 / 214 link
Guarata Nov 6, '21 Nov 6, '21 0 0 < 1m 1 / 214 link
Arnelys Nov 6, '21 Nov 17, '21 7 15 14m 4 / 214 link
Butneversaved Nov 6, '21 17 hours 243 2.4k 19h 145 / 214 link
sebasgr Nov 6, '21 May 31 132 478 3h 80 / 214 link
blad1 Nov 6, '21 1 day 83 497 7h 110 / 214 link
grex Nov 6, '21 May 26 49 156 3h 42 / 214 link
LuisAponte99 Oct 21, '21 2 days 148 1.2k 15h 125 / 230 link
Gastonromano Oct 13, '21 Feb 23 39 213 1h 33 / 238 link
Mary.dancr Oct 9, '21 Mar 4 38 308 1h 45 / 242 link
MarcoPerezP Sep 30, '21 Sep 30, '21 1 0 2m 1 / 251 link
yehosua.near Sep 29, '21 2 days 73 607 8h 118 / 251 link
DiegoEleizalde Aug 25, '21 Feb 18 18 72 42m 6 / 287 link
Portes Jul 6, '21 May 24 64 189 3h 86 / 336 link
pranav Jul 6, '21 Jul 6, '21 1 0 < 1m 1 / 337 link
NEXC Jul 5, '21 22 hours 16 114 2h 57 / 338 link
Nicolasp2 Jun 22, '21 1 hour 270 1.6k 13h 226 / 351 link



I didnt had it, thanks :vulcan_salute: was good to tag you adding your DAO to the list right away


Amazing! Can I drop my extensive biography here as well?!


I saw that you had replied to the old post, and I sent it there, but thanks for clearing that up.


Yes please go ahead, no need to ask:


I’ll include the link to the pdf here in case anyone wants to read it!


Been making music since 1992, travelled the world, built many creative communities and since 2017 I’ve been pushing forward Music x Blockchain projects, culminating into DAOrecords :slight_smile:

Next drop is tomorrow! My track Spacesuit Apocalypse with @djlethalskillz.near

Read More

My Socials and all can be found here

Total Votes casted: (are we just counting AstroDAO or also Sputnik V1? I also saw that for councils I used to be on and am not anymore I can’t seem to find the votes I’ve casted)

As vandal.near

INA DAO - 5 votes
Enrollmint V1 - 4 votes
ADAM DAO - 4 votes
Guilds Platform Advisory Group - 3 votes
DAOcubator - 2 votes
Community DAO - 1 vote

as vandao.near

VanDAO - 64 votes

as daorecords.near

DAOrecords DAO - 52 votes

To be honest I don’t think this is a good metric as I’m unable to include previous votes from DAO’s I’m no longer council on and the votes from Sputnik V1 @FritzWorm

I’m also the founder of NxM, DJ DAO, Graffiti DAO, BeatDAO and now run VanDAO for my projects :tada:


My name is @Roxy The Entertainer; I studied Film Making in the Prestigious University; University of Nigeria Nsukka (Theatre & Film Studies Department). I major mainly in Cinematography & Editing, Still & Motion Graphics. I have been in the visual field for over 10 years, shooting Movies, Music Videos, Documentaries, Interviews and Commercials. You can check out my Instagram Page: Login • Instagram

I was onboarded into the NEAR Protocol since November 2021; but I became very active from March 2022, with projects such as: [COMPLETED] Project For writing Fiction Ebook
[APPROVED] Proposal for my payment of $150 Bounty for the C1 / NxM NEAR TOUR ( Abuja edition ) video editing & 113 Picture editing
( ONGOING ) Proposal to compose and record ( REALITY )3 tracks E.P album - #20 by Dedeukwu
To mention but a few.

Having being active on the Web3 Ecosystem; I noticed that the Art of Stage Drama and Film Drama is missing on the NEAR Protocol; so I had series of meeting with other Thespians and @dandelionshoneybees and we came about the emergence of the Thespians DAO.

The THESPIANS DAO is a community of Actors & Actresses who perform for both Stage and Film; including the crew members behind the stage and camera.

The purpose of the Thespians DAO is to create platforms for Actors and Actresses to freely express their creativity and heal the world through dramas and films. And to also appreciate the effort put in place by crew members who work tirelessly behind the stage and camera to make these works of Art a success.

In less than one month of operation, we have a total of 36 Followers in all our Social Media Platforms: https://linktr.ee/thespiansdao with the most active members on Telegram (24)

You can read more about the Thespians DAO introduction: [Introduction] Thespians DAO or contact us at thespiansdao@gmail.com

Basically, my work on the NEAR Protocol is to entertain, educate and onboard. And I’m achieving this through the use of the camera, graphic designs and the activities of the Thespians DAO.


Total Votes Cast:
6 (in Thespians DAO)


Hey Guys!

Just brief info about me on Linkedin.
I’m having fun with music since 2011, and since early 2021 I’m popped into a crypto rabbit hole.

Founder of BeatDAO (with @vandal), community council of NxM & BeatDAO, and now working with DAOrecords on music industry revolution.

Wallet: crans.near
Total votes cast:

  • 606 (346 in BeatDAO & 255 in NxM & 5 in DAOrecords)

Telegram - @PaulCrans

Cheers :beers:


First of all, I just wanted to say thank you for all of this @FritzWorm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:t4:. It’s great to see the creatives community growing and evolving so quickly.

Here is my video, It’s a bit outdated but provides an overview of the Marma J Foundation and our goals.


Heya, short introduction about muti & myself:

  • entered NEAR in March 2021 as community manager for Arroz Criativo
  • was part of the Creative DAO Council/Moderator team for 6 months
  • co-founded muti, INA DAO & LENS DAO, currently advisor as well as supporting the Marma J Foundation and helping onboarding new DAOs through DAOcubator.


muti is a physical collective based in Portugal, a DAO on Astro DAO as well as an artistic Guild in the NEAR ecosystem.

|Vision | Mission | Values|

  • blending the physical world with the digital
  • supporting artists and their everyday needs
  • nurturing creativity
  • working and educating about the tools of web3 to empower artists
  • bringing culture into nun-urban areas
  • collaborating with other likeminded collectives, organizations, and DAOs

|In practical terms|

Next Creators Podcast about the work of muti

For more info join our TG check out our socials
Instagram , Twitter , Youtube, Facebook , Website.”

Through muti we have helped several artists entering the N ecosystem, interacting with other projects and DAOs or even create their own DAOs. Metrics are stated in our reports, since the beginning roughly 10pax per person being onboarded who actively use the ecosystem.


Hey there, the DJ DAO astro is here.


Please do let us know if there is anything else we need to get sorted on our end!


Yep, but not much in use so far:

Thanks! Please read this full post you will see we are asking the whole community to present themselves here, personally, and sharing their social media.


Quick comment from Marketing DAO:

Great idea. It would be great to have a similar Excel spreadsheet in Creatives DAO.

Information about grants, amounts, voting on Astro DAO, and processing time. Links on proposals and reports.


We have a similar spreadsheet, we can discuss making it public.

About metrics, is to have metrics of success from each DAO/Guild, I can imagine for example the Marketing DAO delivering a report to NF saying that the total outreach is XXXX accounts through twitter and that the number of active NEAReans is XXXX and the total Nearans with Certifications from Near University is XXXX and similar.

In the case of the Creatives DAO I can imagine reporting to NF the total Neareans with Near Certified Creative course approved, the total new collections, the total views on all the collections, total of votes using AstroDAO and similar numbers.


hello Near Creatives nice to meet you all :100:

Im Caleb Mascarenhas, I work with art, tecnology and education. living in São Paulo SP Brasil.

this is my website: https://calebav.com.br

Im a generative artist, musician and creative coder

My minibio:
Caleb works in the fields of art, technology and education. He has performed in festivals, contemporary art and music shows, among them FILE (São Paulo - SP, 2004 and 2005), Phusion (CCBB of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, 2005-2006), Sanfrik Contracine Festival (Santiago, Chile, 2011), Multiplicidades Festival (Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 2011), Mostra Live Cinema (Sesc Pompeia, 2012, Oi Futuro, 2012), Campus Party (2013, 2015), Sonar +D (São Paulo, 2015), Cine Performa (Red Bull Station, São Paulo, SP, 2016), Circuito Sesc de Artes (2017), FestA (Sesc, 2017, 2018 and 2019) among others. He is a member of the Lavoura (brasilian nu jazz), Dr Crazy One Mad Band and other groups in São Paulo . He has done 5 international tours and more than 100 shows in 12 countries in Europe.
pics: caleb mascarenhas’s albums | Flickr
my social links:

twitter: @calebmascarenh1
instagram: calebavlab
total votes cast: 24 at nomade label dao - zydron.near

highlights at near creatives:

I have 2 proposals realized at nomade label dao and started in march 2022. Im also made other colabs at nomade label DAO.

I wanna contribute with my experience in art tecnology and education at Near Creatives.

here are my other links: @calebavlab | Linktree

@pinkalsky and @filmesdeinfiltracao invited me to be part of the nomade label dao and I started to work with @gabrielfelipejacomel @gushlewis @blusw @ritamaria and others

I also win bountys at gambiarra dao, metaverse dao and writers guild


:sunglasses: :100: :sparkling_heart:


Holla, friends!

Just info about me on Wizzow Wikipedia (Bahasa Indonesia)

I started my career as a rapper since 1997, then became a music producer since 2004, and since April 2021 I learned to understand crypto and NFT from Vandal and Mba Pandu.

I was put on NxM and BeatDAO @vandal, I was appointed to the BeatDAO community councils end of January 2022 by @Paul , and now i’m the founder with @teezyindo of Svara DAO [Introduction] Svara DAO since April 2022 and supported by @derymars from NEAR Indonesia.

Wallet: wizzow.near

Number of votes cast:

307 (285 in BeatDAO & 22 in SvaraDAO)

Twitter - @wiswiz

Instagram - @wiswiz

Facebook - Wizzow

Youtube - Wizzow Della MC

Terimakasih, One Love


Hello all!!
Nice to meet you, and thanks for the opportunity to know you a little more from this forum

My name is Ritamaria, I am from São Paulo, Brasil, and I’ve been working with music and education since 1999. I am a singer, composer, improviser and also a community builder in my physical life, living in an urban community (a collective house) that names itself as an Autonomous Cultural Territory. We’ve been active since 2010 promoting cultural events (music, dinner, theater, dance, performances, expos, carnaval and more). As a music educator, I have been working in collective and creative process, in partnership with FLADEM (a latin-american forum of music educators), sharing workshops around LATAM.

here are my links:
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ritamariarirri
twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ritamariabr
telegram: ritamaria
linktr.ee: ritamaria@vozecriatividade | Linktree

I joined Near Community on March, participating on FEMINU Expo, through the hands of @Ghini :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and in this same month was invited by @filmesdeinfiltracao and @blusw to join Nomade Label DAO. Since then I’ve been collaborating with the DAO members in many proposals, as teacher, producer, giving “backstage support” and as invited artist; I am also working on the DAO’s social networks (instagram and twitter).

Highlights proposals:
Derivas Sonoras (with @loveletterexe )
Exposição Coágulo (with @amandalealart )
Mobidance2 (with @fly )
Flores de Maio (with @calebav )

Started as member in AstroDAO on May
votes casted: 26
near wallet: ritamaria.near

I am learning a lot here and wish I can contribute in this place sharing my experience as producer and artist, through connecting the physical and the cripto world, and spreading good vibes


Hi Rita, nice to meet you… I see you as a musician and as a teacher, I will DM you via Telegram, :coffee: