[APPROVED] Planta a Palavra - interdisciplinary artistic residency

October will be cozy! mutiDAO is planning a 7 days residency (18.-24.10.) in the beautiful nature of Sertã @ The hide, Portugal with the focus on spoken word and ambient sounds. We want to create a space for artists where all they are supposed to do is what they are best at, create!

There will be a performance at the end of the residency on the 24th of October in Prisma Estúdios in Lisbon, that will showcase works and collaborations created in that week.

The residency will take place in a retreat in nature where 6 artists (musicians & spoken word artists) will meet, exchange knowledge, experience and create a final performance together. Each participating artist will be asked to contribute one workshop on a creative art during their stay at the residency. The workshop will act as a communal point each day for the artists to get to know each other and discuss ideas for collaboration. We will also hold one onboarding workshop to introduce the artists to the NEAR ecosystem and the world of DAOs, NFTs & Defi.

The goal is to create a collaborative experience, to highlight spoken word as a performance art and to bridge once more the digital with the physical.

During the residency accommodation, food and transport is provided as well as a caché for the final show.

We will also work with a videographer to create a short video of the residency.


Jay Graca - dabarroklyn.near
Gabriela Abreu gabrielaabreu.near
André Navarro andrenavarro.near
Alexandre Valinho Gigas equinox.near
Alexandre Valinho Gigas
Sandunga chinyere.near

w/ musical support by Eddie Ivers & smoked falmon


18th Arrival & dinner
19th Morning Activity - Movement Class - Palavra Plantada Workshop
20th River Beach Visit - Escrita criativa e Improvisação Workshop - Crypto Onboarding Workshop
21st Morning Activity - Musical workshop - Musica e emoção Workshop
22nd Yoga - Poetry master class - first rehearsal
23rd Creative time - rehearsal

24th Oct., Prisma Estúdios, Lisbon

Production team:
Jeliza Weta


650 USD/80N food for residents & production team (10 pax)

300 USD/37N (50 USD/artist) stipend/gig caché

120 USD/15N production props

250 USD/31N video creation (2 days filming, 1 day editing for 2 short videos) @senhorsantos

605 USD/75N house rental (payout October 350 USD - November 250 USD to give more space for projects within the budget)

1925 USD


Love this! I’m wondering if there’s room/time for me to participate! Might be a stretch with all that I have going on, but it’s right up my alley.

How are the artists selected? Is there’s an application or guide created?


Thanks for the interest!
This first residency was created out of a short list of artists which have been selected for this pilot project and we are currently waiting for their responses. Going forward for future residencies we will be doing an open call with an application process.


Thanks! Looking forward to the results of this!


This proposal sounds lovely @tabear :star_struck: I fancy a retreat residency as well!! Next time :yum: :zipper_mouth_face:

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Summary for the 1st payout request for October (which still has to be converted into fiat for those purposes):

650 USD for food
350 USD 1. part of the rental

total 1000 USD / 124N (at the time of the proposal N was 8,07$)
to muticollective.near

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Payout request for 15N to be able to buy the production props such as workshop material, lightning etc.

@senhorsantos Thank you for creating the video content, we’ll use it for our social media within the next days. Please request the payout of 31N from our DAO Astro :heart_eyes:

Thank you @tabear! I have sent in the request :blue_heart:

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