[COMPLETED] Project For writing Fiction Ebook

Hello writers community, I’m Purpledot. Writing reality/fiction. I have always loved writing. I know that’s because it is the only way I can manage to project what’s inside to the outside.

I’m super stoked to have learnt about the NEAR Web3 ecosystem and it’s forum through the onboarding from @Dedeukwu since August of last year.

Since then I have been actively participating in community building, spreading the word and as well as onboarding creatives to the ecosystem and NFTs projects at large.

I was able to manage the C1 Guild social Medias from September till December of 2021 before the flying Rhino guild took over the management.

I’m very happy and optimistic about the development of this WRITERS GUILD.

Below you can read a few of my articles on Medium:


Now that there is a community to support and promote writers dreams alongside providing more room and help with making the drive of putting in more work to come alive. I have set up my idea of transmitting my fictional writings as well as some of the ones I have published on Medium into the blockchain under this guild and I would like to start with a fiction Ebook of 6 pages featuring photographed images and cover art to illustrate more on the story.
This Writing project will happen to start the process for readying the Ebook around the third week of March kicking start on 19th and go ahead to be completed by April. Thursday 14th of April, the Ebook will be fully published and ready for the general community to view. While the photographed images will then be minted.

Cover art will create room for the guild illustrators as well as the entire Near community who would submit entry based on the title of the book to be voted in the forum $100

Resource reserved to pay self for this writing $300

There will be 6 photographed image for each page in the book which will be edited & minted separately in the writer’s guild store. $30 photographer bounty by @roxy & $20 editor =$50 X6 total $300

This project will be my first blockchain publication and it will be minted in the writer’s store on split royalties and revenue.
Total requested budget $700 in $NEAR

Wallet ID:

@thephilosopher @Dedeukwu @beet93 @Oblakofficialss


I think you made it simple and understandable, looking forward to seeing this piece and more from you @Purpledots :purple_heart:


Yes sure. Thank you so much for your kind words​:pray:


I agree with @Dedeukwu that your project is pretty straightfoward to understand.

Let me just adjust one thing: if you are going to pay yourself for writing, you dont need to put it as a bounty. It is a resource reserved for you to pay yourself for the writing, like you put for the photographer roxy.

If you dont mind I am asking, roxy is also the editor, is it you, or do you have some other person in mind? if you do, it is cool to say who it is. If you dont have someone in mind, you could suggest a bounty, as you did with cover art.

Could I suggest one more thing? Maybe the bounty to illustrators could be opened to the entire near community, but feel free e to organize your project as you wish. i am just making some suggestions. I think your project is pretty good, and i would like to see the development.

I would like to ask also when is the timeframe for your project. When are you going to start and when are you going to deliver the product? Could you update your project with these informations?

Is the product the NFT Book? I got that the book has 6 pages of photography to come with the text, but how many pages of text? Do you have an estimate of the size of the written work you want to produce?


hi @thephilosopher, thank you for your kind words and insights on my proposal. @Roxy is a top notch photographer and editor who will take part in this project as stated earlier.
Yes the cover art bounty can be open to the entire NEAR community to participate but I still maintain that it would be voted by community to choose.

My time frame for kicking start my Ebook writing will be middle of this March to be completed and made ready to deliver around second week of April to enable me take my time to deliver my best on this project.
Yes the product is the NFTS book that would be minted in this writer’s guild with split revenue of 30% while 70% goes to the writer.

The Ebook will be a total of 6 pages as stated earlier. ECh page will contain photographs to illustrate more.

I hope this clears all your curiosity.

Thank you :pray:

I can


This is a great idea @Purpledots

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Yes @Roxy thank you :blush: and welcome to the community. It’s good to have dope heads around.:handshake:

Thank you for the answer, @Purpledots. Your project is awesome. I should say that we will not be able to produce a general report from our DAO with all projects completed at the end of this month, in order to request more funding. I dont know if it is really a problem, but for every project not fulfilled at the month of the funding, we will have to put an “ongoing” tag for the project on the monthly report (we need a successful report in order to ask for a new funding proposal). As an administrative measure, it is good to have a “completed” tag in all the projects. Just letting you know about the problems of extening a project beyond the month it was funded.

@frnvpr would you enlighten us with what you think. I saw your project also takes more than a month to fulfillment. Is there a problem to have an “incompleted” or “ongoing” tag on the projects at the report?

About the Ebook, is it 6 pages with photographs and texts in each one?


hello all,

imo, even if a project takes more than 1 month to be completed, both the request must be made for a specific month and the report must be made at the end of the month. Work done afterwards kinda escapes de purpose of the report.

There is also the possibility, if the proponent or the DAO feels it’s a better way of conducting requests+reports, to split the $ requested in various months… This createsan extra pressure on ‘future months’, though.


@thephilosopher :wave:, thank you for the breakdown. Yes it’s fine to put the ongoing tag to this proposal and hence I will have this project in bits to actualize the main point and purpose for putting this out and also enable the photographed image time to work on plus the bounty for cover art which will be up by the end of this month and having a seven days open for the entries to come in before the choice which fits is used to carry on the final part of the project.

Yes. It’s six pages with photographed images on each. It’s a six pages Ebook project. (Fictional)


Thank you so much for the reply. As the DAO had chosen to pay half of the payout at the begining of the project and half of the project in the end, after the report, we can have both moments to reports, if takes more than a month: a partial report at the end of the month and a final report at the end of project, on the other month.

What do you think?

I personally dislike the idea of paying any amount before the task done, but the DAO has voted on that matter on telegram and had decided to split the payouts.


That sounds reasonable!

And I also agree on maintining communication even after the project is finished, since one project brings with itself other oportunities, either NFTs, social media, marketing, etc.


I get it. What’s expected of me now?


Definitely! @frnvpr :clap:


I think you can start your project then. :smiley:
You can request a payout proposal in the begining of the project of half of the resources. Please, use this converstion for rate for your requests.

100 usd = 9,06 N
250 usd = 22,65 N
500 usd = 45,30 N
750 usd = 67,95 N
1000 usd = 90,60 N

Than you make a report in the end of this month in the middle of the project, telling that you received half of the resources and what you have accomplished so far; and you make another in the end of the project, with all the products you produced and the payout proposal after the approval of the report.

You can request now 31.71 Near (350 usd) and the other half when you complete your project. For all the people in the project, please they should ask themselves for their payment. For all the resources spent in FIAT, you should provide an invoice and the transaction link, as a proof that you have done this.


amazing do you have twitter?


yes, here:


You can also check my medium here:

PurpleDot – Medium


(REPORT) ongoing project for writing fiction Ebook

Hello all, greetings to everyone.

This will serve as the first report to my (ONGOING) project [writing fictional Ebook of six pages accompanied by six photographed images]

I have succeeded in putting to writing a better part of this work through this month of March.
I have also been able to have a meeting with @Roxy . The top notch photographer working his wonders of dope photography and editing techniques on this project. We’re able to build around a better idea of photographs that will better help the eye illustrate this Ebook.
We have also been able to map out some milestone on how to go about getting the images documented. which payment for this will be awarded at the total completion of the project. We are set to kick off with this image part of the project as from tomorrow the 27th of March.

I am building on a topic “PAIN BEARER”
This officially opens up the bounty for cover art submissions that will be used for this Ebook.

The bounty is now open.

So, entries of artworks from different graphics artist are to be submitted in this thread with work deliberating on the tittle of the Ebook
“PAIN BEARER” the submission of entries will be open from now till the 7th of April. Afterwards, there will be voting by the community that will enable us chose which artworks fits best to be used for the cover art of this beautiful project. Winner will be announced around the 10th of April upon choice made by the community at large, as this will open up room for better pick.

I’m delighted to say this project is one packed with so much emotions and could relate to anyone but totally short and brief. (Fictional)

Thank you writers guild community. Thank you everyone.

Warm regards. Purpledot.


Great idea @purpedots
I can’t wait for the world to see this beautiful Art

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Of course @Roxy . LG!:blush:

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