( ONGOING ) Proposal to compose and record ( REALITY )3 tracks E.P album

:clap: @Dedeukwu for coming up with such amazing idea that will do so much good. I await the fly!

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Asanwa m, thanks :blush: about time to perfect my writing skills

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@Dedeukwu we are quite confused about how this proposal comes under the scope of the Writers guild, this is More of a C1 or Nxm Scope.

the Amount Requested is for Production and Artwork, Could not Relate with the Writers Guild.



Thank you @Monish016 :purple_heart: but you need to read into the details of the theme of the spoken word with African local instrument which makes it unique and the fact that the lyrics of this project will be minted as a PDF file.
As a thespian it is to the best of my knowledge that poetry is part of literature and that’s what rap is.
For the last request of audio-visual i tend to feature pictures from the community creators that have achieved good reputation through collaborations in a poetic form with a breakdown illustration on the future of DAO.

It is good you know that Dedeukwu love exploring/building his skills :blush: and writing is something I’d love to sharpen with the community starting from this project.

I thought that too when I first read the proposal, because there is a musical intent. I think I ended up by understanding this proposal as a writer’s proposal, in the sense that a rap musician is a composer doing rithms and poetry. And it seemed interesting to see how rap lyrics could developed a near subject. But let me know better what you think, because I am new in the ecosystem, and I don’t want to make any mistakes.


Hey @thephilosopher , yes the proposal creates confusion and not clear but whatever @Dedeukwu replies it is making sense. Am okay with this proposal untill it is creative and under scope of individual guild/dao


Please, use the following conversion rate when requesting payouts for the project.

The conversion rate of the project is:
1000 USD = 90,60 NEAR

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this is amazing do you have twitter?

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Yeah sure fam

Thank you :smiley::purple_heart:

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Nicee friend!! I go follow you!! Hugs

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Peace fam

Prior to my REALITY E.P Project, just a heads up on what’s up.
-I have currently posted a poll in the Astro DAO for half payment.
@beet93 @Oblakofficialss @pinkalsky @thephilosopher @Aria @bagadefente

-Currently paid fatokunmayowa.near A.K.A BIG M $50 for engineering and $50 to the studio session.

-I’m done recording the first African spoken word on “PRESENT STATE OF NEAR WEB3 ECOSYSTEM” Prod.by @BigM007 and will get an illustrator for the cover as soon as i can.

-I have sent $100 to @Roxy for the coverage of the audio-visual (3rd) and $100 will be for hiring the gears when it’s time for coverage while $200 for audio production and my payment.

-I will send to @JCB his $100 for the Rap song of “my vision to onboard 1 million Africans and the challenges so far” when i get the half payment after council votes.

Glad to say that this project is coming up nice and I can’t wait to mint it as well as presenting it in the Metaverse on April.

I also would like to ask if the Writer’s guild already own a store on Mintbase for the minting of this contents? @thephilosopher @beet93 ?


Beautiful project by @Dedeukwu :raised_hands:t4: It’s a great honour to be part of this project.


Hi, @Dedeukwu! Nice to see your project is on the move. As a guild, we do not own a store. I asked resources just to open a philosophy and academic store with related art (like voxel books). But I think it would be nice for us to open The Writers’ Guild Store now, and we payback the person later, when we request for more funds. Nevertheless, I think we must agree on that on telegram.


Hello @thephilosopher Sure, we should decide this on Telegram and allocate resources for that. We do not want to create a precedent of people using personal funds as it may get confusing later.

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Hi @Dedeukwu we do not at the moment, but I think that is something to strongly consider and talk about.

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@thephilosopher @beet93 greetings fam, it’s a good idea to deploy the store with borrowed 7 N so by next month we can propose to pay back to the person because we need a guild store to mint these projects.

It’s something we can always debate on in the council’s Telegram group and decide what works for us.
Pleasure working with you @Roxy
NOTE: I have sent $100 to @JCB

and will upload the payment receipt in $NEAR here so I’ll be recording the 2nd as a Rap song on his engineering.


( Report on my ongoing project )

Hello friends, just a quick reminder that I’ve successfully recorded the spoken word on present state of NEAR web3 ecosystem Prod. By @BigM007 alongside the artwork by @Roxy, also recorded the rap song to onboard 1 million Africans and the challenges prod. by @JCB still working on the artworks while i wait for the mixed & mastered version of the project from him.

I will take my time from tomorrow till next week Wednesday to film/edit the video of benefit of collaboration and future of DAO which is the final piece of the project. It is still going to work out on 10th April for the prerecorded presentation drop of this project in the C1 Gallery Cryptovoxels as planned.

I must ask if it’s okay to request for the balance in $NEAR as stated to be due on 25th March in order to finalize the execution of this project and drop as well if that’s doable by my fellow council members @beet93 @Oblakofficialss @pinkalsky @bagadefente @gabrielfelipejacomel @Aria

Looking forward to mint this project in our newly created Writer’s guild store by next weekend.


Looking forward to the finished product in the Writer’s Guild Store. You can go ahead and request the balance in $NEAR.


That’s fine. So far the first half has been completed. You can go head and make your request fam. Glad you were able to get to this point


Greetings fam :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Happy to announce that “REALITY” EP has been completed and ready for a drop party in the Metaverse as proposed on the 10th April ( poster below )

( looking forward to see you there )
I’ve also shared with @Natashacremonese our Writer’s collective social media marketer.

Below are the minted links:

NEAR WEB3 ECOSYSTEM TODAY ( Spoken word ) PDF attached with split % to @BigM007


FUTURE OF DAOs & BENEFITS OF COLLABORATIONS ( Video NFTs as unlockables ) via help of @jilt PDF attached as well.

( All artworks illustration by roxytheentertainer.near and 25% revenue and royalty to the Writer’s DAO )

I must say that I’m grateful to the community for this great opportunity to express my creative freedom on this project of enlightenment to educate and air my views and the excitement of testing the Vault.Varda NEAR unlockable platform with the fam @jilt was truly awesome.
Hope you enjoy this NFTs, share and cop anyone you identify with.

See you in the Metaverse on Sunday for the drop party :partying_face::partying_face:

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