[APPROVED] Event Cabeça na Lua

muti will bridge the physical with the digital by organizing 2 physical music events in the nature of Portugal (Sertã & Montemor-o-Novo). The events will offer an immersive experience by creating an atmosphere in nature where the visitors are able to sit, listen and travel with their minds while diving into the ethereal sounds of the artists. The idea started during the last summer already, when the pandemic hit and the cultural scene and its participants suffered a lot due to cancelled cultural events.

Each event consists of 3 concerts and the second event will also include a workshop. In order to build a bridge with the digital realm we have a video report planned which is to be streamed afterwards in CV as well as the minting of NFTs for each artist which will grant access to unlockable content. All income through revenue from food and ticket sales will be given to the concert spaces given that they have been hugely affected by the pandemic as well.

The dates for the events are 18.&25.9.21.

The goal of this project is not only to support the artists directly but also to keep on incentivising culture in rural areas (especially during a pandemic) as well as to create collaborations within the NEAR ecosystem and to spread NEAR and its possibilities outside of big cities.

As we are currently in the transition of asking for USD instead of in N, the values in the proposal are partially still in N and the September values will be adjusted. Given that the events will happen outside of Lisbon, about 1-2h away in nature and transport and accommodation is needed and as muti aims to support artists and their craft, we would love to work with the value of 177 USD as a caché per artist without travel costs (which applies to one, Puçanga) and additional 59 USD for the travel costs from Lisbon to Montemor or Sertã. We’d also like to point out that, given that the pandemic is still very present and many venues are not able to offer full capacity and receive a lot of revenue, the entry/income of the events will fully go to those places. This just as an explanation for the mentioned values.

Ideas for collaborations/funding:

VR & CUDO DAO for the video recordings - currently in discussion/ proposal has been sent

NxM for the musical part to support artists & selling NFTs in the NxM store? @vandal

Project/Funding outlines:


  • 20N promotional videos Gonçalo Madama @madama
  • 25N visuals/ promotional material social media @ted.iv
  • 2N to use for FB paid promotion for both events
    tediv.near @ted.iv will transfer the amount
  • 15N social media position, scheduling & promoting (IG, FB, Twitter, Buffer, event add) @thefalmon falmon.near
  • 73N for organisation which started in June , split by @thefalmon & @tabear (booking, mails, artist contact, venue booking and communication)

August total: 135N included in here.

September: Artist payment (including transport) 1357 USD

September: Video artist/editing/report 1659 USD @roadworks @hevertonharieno
Proposal to VR DAO 275 USD

Proposal to CUDO DAO 300 USD

September left total for video: 1084 USD
September: Licensing 48 USD & artist accommodation/ food 200 USD (100 USD per event)
September: Sound technician 330 USD split by @ted.iv & @Kingchanga
September total: 1662 USD (currently 191N, coingecko 14.9. 21:22 GMT, N = 8.70$)

additional costs:
September: Soundsystem rental for the first event by @Larrelito larrelito.near 59USD ( currently 7.79N, coingecko 22.9. 21:04 N=7,57$

The 2. event (25.9.21) has been postponed to May 28th of 2021 due to higher forces (sound technician of venue cancelled & rain). The new date will be confirmed & the received funds will be secured until the event takes place.

Current balance in the muticollective wallet (as the funds have been transferred into nDAI to guarantee the payments for all participants): 2,087.95 nDAI
Which will be saved for:

  • artist fee (3 artists) 646 nDAI
  • sound engineer 165 nDAI
  • videographer 856 nDAI
  • accomodation & food 100 nDAI
  • 300 nDAI for videographer from the event on the 16.9. once the video/stream is ready

Excited to see this happening :slight_smile: The VR DAO is open to proposals! Hope we can contribute to the success of this project.



Thank you, as are we :slight_smile:
Once we got a better idea of values etc. we will let you know. Just wanted to have it up already to be prepared :rocket:


love it, that way we can follow along :face_with_monocle:


Loooove to see the multi (muti :wink:)-DAO collaborations, don’t we @chloe ? :star_struck:


Haha always! So awesome to see the creative DAOs working together to get their projects moving :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey guys,

Just a quick update to say that all the artwork/promotional material has been fulfilled from my end (attached below) so I’m sending through my request via sputnik!

18th of September event in Kaya Shanti:

25th of September event in Montemor:


Great work, thanks a bunch! Please send the payout request for 25N & use this link for the proposal :slight_smile:


Update on this:

We have been working since June on booking artists, scouting venues & sound system as well as getting visual artists on board.

The events will take in Kaya Shanti Café (18.9.) & Oficínas do Convento in Montemor-o-Novo (25.9.), lineup is booked and confirmed and social media will start rolling once the event are published this week.

Participating artists:
Shaka’s Lo-fi experience

We will therefore request the 73N split by @thefalmon & myself.


Love the materials!!


Given the current transition phase of using USD values instead of N, the fact that is currently changing its price rapidly and that both of the events will happen within the next 2 weeks, we have decided to convert the funds of 150N from NxM for the artist payment to guarantee the promised artist payment. The 150N will go to the muticollective.near wallet and will be converted to USDT so that the artists can then be paid out from there.


Hey guys,

Just a quick update (prints) to say that all the video material has been fulfilled from my end (attached below) and I’ll be sending through my request via sputnik!


Apparently I still cannot post several images in one post, so here are some of the prints in one jpeg.


@madama Great, thank so much!
Please send your payout request for 20N to our DAO SputnikDAO and use the forum link where you added the example :slight_smile:

Same is valid for the payments for videographer, artist accomodation & licensing. This way, as N is currently relatively high, we will be able to use the muti funds to cover all the costs instead of requesting more funding from other DAOs.

Current state of N 14.9., 21:26 GMT, coingecko: 8.69$

Values to be converted through ref finance to nDai & sent to the muticollective.near wallet to then secure payouts at the events:

200 USD food/accomodation for artists
1659 USD Videography & editing for both events
48 USD Licensing
330 USD sound technicians for both events

2237 USD = 257.4 N

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All videos will be uploaded here

& here