[Introduction] Svara DAO

Svara DAO Introduction

The Svara DAO is going to be a guild under the Near Protocol that would serve as a community of Indonesian musician and artists, traditional or modern, to expand the Near Protocol to reach the people who are interested in music. Our main intention is to gather similar interest people as a place to learn from each other, open the door to do collaborations, make a study group, and doing education and academic research of ethnomusicology and musicology in general that is not only be focused on music side, but also culture, tradition, making fusions with modern western music and implementing the whole stuff into web3 environment. Svara itself means “a breath”, “musical note” and “sound” in Sanskrit. We hope that this DAO would bring a new breath as a fresh and unique DAO unlike any other that could develop into new creative NFT projects and collaborations. We also hope that this DAO could bring new colour into NEAR Blockchain ecosystem to produce creative and out of the box NFT products.

People can join our DAO by invite of the council and by reaching us on telegram

Wisnu Prastowo “Wizzow” @Wiswiz Wizzow on Near Social
Short Profile - Wizzow

Dery M - NEAR Indonesia @derymars Derymars on Near Social
Short Profile - Derry M [NEAR Indonesia]

Novi Christiany “Cécil” @ceciliaa12 Cécil on Near Social


Teddy Setiadi “DJ Teezy” @teezyindo Teezyindo on Near Social
Short Profile - DJ Teezy

Program Ideas

  1. Open collaboration between Indonesian musicians
  2. Open discussion about Music opportunities in web3 environment
  3. Indonesian, asian, world ethnic music instrument introduction
  4. Making gigs not only in metaverse and web3 environment but also in real life
  5. Education about what is Near Protocol and its projection ahead
  6. Incorporating ethnomusicology with modern productions

Our Goals

Svara DAO intends to be a DAO for funding multicultural art and music work on the blockchain like making concerts, seminar for education, publishing NFTs, making podcast on Near blockchain and digitalized products from IRL events/ projects.

And at the end of the day, the goal is to bring people into Near. Create more wallets, transactions and use the technology like minting NFTs, the DAO, governance forum and other apps.





SVARA DAO Logo (2)

Our Logo Description

Our logo is a Javanese traditional instrument called “Bonang” and it is a part of Gamelan ensemble.

Bonang comes from the word “babon dan menang” which means we are all can become a winner when we can press and eliminate our ego in Javanese philosophy. It is representing our spirit to become humble and willing to cooperate with other people to make something great out of it.

That is the introduction to our DAO projects, hope we can reach whole lot of people to getting involved in the Web3 environment and Near Protocol.

Join the Svara DAO Telegram Twitter Instagram



Let’s gooooooo
This is lovely, brings more diversity


Great great! Would be amazing wizzow


Super interesting development and will definitely follow closely. I hope if we are able to create a DAO for Nusantara (looking at SE Asia as a whole) that we can collaborate and develop projects together with shared interests and vernacular sound.


I really support this, especially Svara DAO’s mission to onboard Indonesian artists and music creators

Let’s make them on chain to the NEAR Protocol web3 ecosystem.


Hey @Wiswiz, great proposal and introduction of your DAO. Since you are active in the Music sector, please feel free to join the Music group in our Community DAO: Music

Also, are you aware of NXM DAO, Beats DAO, DJ DAO, C1 Guild, Reggae DAO, and Swagger DAO? They are also active in the music sector, you should definitely connect with them. :+1:

Looking forward to seeing more from Svara DAO :raised_hands:


thank you @Kemal , I’m also one of the councils with @Paul on Beat DAO and a member of NxM DAO.
I really like music and culture, I want to further develop and introduce traditional culture ethno music from Indonesia, because my country is very culturally diverse and consists of 32 provinces. It would be very extraordinary if Indonesian musicians from various provinces joined the community that I formed Svara DAO. modern music from hiphop, edm, rock to dangdut and traditional music will be incorporated here.

my goal in the future Svara DAO can cooperate with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Tourism and Creative Economy Agency of the Republic of Indonesia.

And at the end of the day, the goal is to bring people into Near. Create more wallets, transactions and use the technology like minting NFTs, the DAO, governance forum and other apps.


Great visions my friend! :clap:

Btw we should also connect mate! I have one of the biggest EDM/Techno communities in Berlin and soon want to launch my own DAO and onboarding artists, Djs, and other creatives from the community onto NEAR.


come and join Beat DAO I will add you from there



Welcome to friends of the ecosystem. I am excited to see your activities beginning.

One small suggestion: You could put a short biography of the board members. This would strengthen your introduction because it would allow the ecosystem to see why each of the members is the right person to run a DAO with this theme. Think about it :wink:


@Wiswiz Nice Introduction
Also i saw your work for VachChan song challenge. Your work is very good.


Great project!!! Congratulations!! :sunflower:


Nice, looking forward, great future


thank you for your support and I will add some of my creative ideas for the development of the NEAR ecosystem :pray:

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Holla @creativesdao-council I’ve put a short profile in the introduction for us and it’s Program Funding May 2022 Svara DAO please check it out :pray:t3:

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I’m glad to be a part of Svara DAO and hope I can help support through tourism connections we have build from Singapura Dubclub (Singapore) and Malaysia.


whoooa this is amazing, we can do better things to develop the ecosystem

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Great! I hope the idea would attract more crowd​:dancer: