GT NEAR community and creatives at large.

It is a great pleasure to say that the recently concluded “GRAFF ON THE WALL” irl event which held on Wednesday 20th of April here in Lagos state Nigeria, with the organizing lead of @Gbenga03 and @Azavitch who received $50 worth of $NEAR each for their effort.

We made it to 8 talented participants accumulating 8 Graffiti NFTs in the GDRIVE link below:

Graffiti by gbenga03.near, janeyart.near, azavitch.near, spruceart.near, ogaarinze.near, femd.near, sammyartx.near and elithegreat.near who i sent the proposed 0.2 $NEAR for wallet activation token and onboarded to the Graffbase TG community group, I also spent the time enjoying the process of the paintings while i educate them about the potentials/testimony of the NEAR blockchain.

I opted to make everyone feel at home in my Shryne by preparing a delicious meal with chicken and some beers and malts to bless their vibes, big thanks to @Purpledots for volunteering to cooking the meal, big thanks to @Roxy who received his $200 worth of $NEAR for the coverage of this epic event from scratch to finish, photographed and edited the artworks also the Teazer/video will be ready for our Graffiti YouTube and social media channels soon.

Big thanks to our C1 Newsletter man @Acho who came very early from far with his wife to cover interviews from these great artists which will feature in our C1 May newsletter and the event video as well, thanks to ELKHUSH and REESPECT for turning up to help with behind the scene pictures and vibes.

We still have a couple of Acrylic oils and spray Cans remaining to be used as a support to the next “GRAFF ON THE WALL” event also the walls are always here in our C1 Creative space for experimenting/onboarding graffiti artists to the ecosystem.

-Event video will be uploaded to the Graffiti DAO YouTube channel once it’s ready this coming May.

-NFTs will be minted with split of 70/30 % of revenue + royalties to the DAO and artists once the Graffbase store is deployed this May.

-Event Teazer will be reposted across the social media handles as a means to promote this epic collection of 8 graffiti NFTs.

I’d say I’m delighted to have executed this project with my brothers and with the help of the @creativesdao-council and @ted.iv @Ligaya @Albhion and I can’t wait to see the positive outcome of this “GRAFF ON THE WALL” idea spread across the globe helping graffiti artists onboard and experiment the use case of NEAR NFTs.

( minted links and video links will come in thread once it’s ready )

Peace :v:


Peace fam, just a follow up with this report articles.
The video is successful edited and uploaded in our GRAFFBASE TV YouTube channel below:

We also have a Teazer coming to our social media handles pretty soon by our new marketer :blush:

I have been added as a minter in our newly created store and successfully minted on 20% to graffbase.sputnik-dao.near & 80% to creator the below (8) photographed Graffiti image.

We are thrilled for this initiative and super glad to take it global over and over again till it becomes a tradition, big ups to @Ligaya for nailing the PHILIPPINE edition .

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3/3 edition per art for just 9 $NEAR