[RCWG UPDATE] Proposals and Call to Action

Hello NEAR community!

It was a wonderful week we had as the last community update, and we sure know that this update is a sure sought.

Sequel to the Updates on proposals submitted by Regional Communities as found in The Trello, we recommended these proposals for approval and these proposals were still under review based on the RCWG Guidelines.

However, we would want to call the attention of the Regional Communities to know that the RCWG had no power to APPROVE or REJECT proposals based on the method of the agreement with the MarketingDAO. This means the responsibility of Approving proposals is vested in the MarketingDAO. Given this fact, the following proposals were approved by the MArketingDAO;

The Leaders of these communities need to be at the Wednesday workshop as we get to show all leaders how to fill the tracking sheets (REGIONAL COMMUNITIES TRACKING SHEET - Google Sheets)

Also, the following proposals were closed with reasons provided by the MarketingDAO

In addition to other proposals pending by the RCWG, We assure the RCs that we are working on bounties that will be able to cover for the coming month and also be able to align with the GrassrootsDAOs to provide funding to communities.

Finally, we are working on a Community News Stream to help Regional Communities with the most reliable ecosystem news to translate and share with their communities. We emphasize the use of this onboarding form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Rt5_Hj36vdjPrEDbEF253gknJXxllU1HFhVgEiFB9AI/edit for onboarding of humans to verify IamHUman

Thanks to @Bakaka @Ola @jlwaugh @kiskesis and the @marketingdao-council for the support to push through to this stage.


Hey, I’m feeling frustrated about the delay in approving my proposal, especially when I see that other proposals with similar submission times have been approved already. I’m curious to know more about the review process and what factors are being considered, so that I can better understand how to improve my proposal or advocate for its approval.


It will be good to take note of what we mentioned in the charter. We only recommended proposals to @marketingdao-council for approval. They have the sole authority to approve, close or reject any proposal.

Thanks, Thanks