[APPROVED] Filipino Artists Guild Funding Request - JUNE 2022 (Overview)

Filipino Artist Guild is a community of Filipino artists in NEAR Ecosystem in which we support, educate and echo our kababayans to help them promote and advocate for their arts as a bigger community and cultivate their talents.

Another month had passed and we, at Filipino Artists Guild are deeply thankful for undying support that the community, especially #creatives-dao had given us. Left and right collaboration for month of May the guild had once again experienced, in which are truly remarkable and serves as huge milestones for us.

Guild leader: @Ligaya
Councils: @vanengs @kc_sollano

Target: filipino-artist-guild.sputnik-dao.near

Links on our introduction and previous month’s activities
About us and our journey
Filipino Artists Guild monthly report - May 2022

Summary of planned activities and events for the month of April are listed below:

Activity Budget
Onboarding of Visual Artists & Painters $1,000
Artists Workshop $370
Reward for 2 mentors from the Artists Workshop $400
Store creation for The Auction $80
Community Tipping ($50 each for total of 6 persons for *3 F.A.G. Telegram) $200
Artist Of The Month $300
Weekly Art Challenge $800
Moderation & Researcher reward for Mintbase, Paras, WL & Partnership hunting for 5 people $600
NFT collecting every week and mint to F.A.G. stores $150
Council work $1,100
Total: $5,000

Thank you very much :heavy_heart_exclamation: @creativesdao-council


Hello Hello! Great interaction on your May Report! Thank u :100:

Can you add metrics for success and add a breakdown for council work?

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Hi @FritzWorm here is our


•Create 150-200+ near wallets From the start
•Onboard 10-15 Visual Artist into Near Nft Community
•Create Mintbase Store for listing Nfts and Adding The Community Members As a minter
•Create 3 3Xr gallery and Sold 1 gallery
•Partnership with Apollo42.world
•Onboarding Filipino Nft Creators to Apollo Marketplace
•Succesful Collaboration Cross Collab with Vietnamese Artist Dao
•Onboard Nft Creators From Tezos and Solana Blockchain
• Hosted AMA From Uniqart.io and Nft Projects
•Onboard Filipino Nft Creators To Uniqart.io
• Hosted Left and Right NFT and Whitelist Giveaways
•Onboard Hundred of Members from the Community To Near Governance
•Listed 10-15 Nfts In Auction.io
•Create Paras Verified Account
•Sold 5 Nfts From Paras Account
•Got Featured From Other Near Blogs And Community in Near
•Supported By Other Projects and Have Collaborations Lined Up Until Now.



Woao! You are going for this badge then:


So, I see you plan to onboard more than 100 members this month. I will love to see more members on your DAO, as there is no unique member there hehe meaning that your 3 councils are also councils on another Creatives DAO.

I will encourage you to follow the example of Kind DAO and Nomadelable giving space to your community to participate in the voting, growing the decentralization (are more important value as an on-chain community)

Also, as this is onboarding, will be great to give those Nearcomers all the opportunities available, that will be possible if you partners can cross-collab with the Near Certified Creative initiative.

For example, adding the artist workshop info to the NCC documentation right @Cryptonaut ?

I asked also about your council work, which will be the tasks related, as one of the main ideas is to distribute tasks and funding into the community, giving the community to participate (being part of the DAO with voting power and being part of the DAO activities)

So for example, who is going to Moderate and Research for Mintbase & Partnership hunting? Is that member one of the 3 councils or it is a member of the community?

About the Onboarding of Visual Artists & Painters, how is the budget going to be distributed?

Take into account that I do appreciate all your hard work, just sharing a kind reminder that we need to walk the path of decentralization together.

Big hug :hugs:


Hello again @FritzWorm here is what i Mean is We onboarded Artist here in Near Forum Since february more than Hundred and the growth Of the People onboarded in near Forum starts last May 2022 until now, every month we onboarded more people one at a time for them to join Bounties and other Projects from other DAO.

Here are the latest Activity we have as You can see there is a lot of new Members comment in the first time and some of it is newly activated wallets also.

Apollo42 Collaboration has a 3 and half days Durations only.

And also about the Council work me and miss @kc_sollano both agree to write the metrics and Council works here, but yeah ill will also write some of it while miss k is not here at the moment.:heart:

As you can see we have 3 Council Me as Ligaya, Kc_sollano and @vanengs, we distributed the task Fair enough and help each other for all the task and we can’t be in this success if we are just the 3 of us, so based on our observations and Notice the dedications of some of our Trusted members we have onboarded them to the Team and astro Dao as Researchers, Me and the other councils and Our 5 trusted members @maryrazel.near @midofrbs @gmachines @runesofuttoria @ritzzard Divided all the task for the Guild.

3 of them are Researchers who help the Councils once we are busy from other stuff or task while 2 are the Mentors and Advisors Of the Artist Workshop…
As you can see In our June proposal we included them to our proposal and Reports and also the Workshops​:heart:

Yes chief i really appreciate all Your feedbacks :blush:
Here is Our members in Our Astro Dao

And also we are practicing and guiding Our Researchers and team to Write and Learn more about here in Near Forum and On Our Community.
And about The Mintbase and Paras Account Who Help us To Mint and Market the 2 Nft Shops i personally Assign one member Who can Focus on the Shops and No task in Guild. As of now she is not yet part of near Forum as its her 1st month as of now but i will onboard her also here so every reports she is present. :blush::heart:

And also this, I will personally The One who will organize the event and we will buy plywoods, Canvass, paints and Other materials Needed for the event and we will set some of amount as Artist Rewards for their efforts and Hardworks as well.
When i open this initiative to The council i have a positive vision to expand The Near Protocol and Introduce near to all Artist here and a starting point it will be here in my own province, we planned To Open a Bounty For All visual artist and All Canvass or paintings will be keep By me as a council for future plans like exhibit or One of the council also suggested that Some of the paintings will be sent hopefully to Near Creatives Headquarters in the Future.
And also before i forgot all Original paintings will be keep and collected by me like what i said but the Soft Copy of all the Paintings will be minted to our stores soon with the help of our mintbase/paras handler. :blush::blush::blush:

Thank You So Much @FritzWorm we really appreciate it, in behalf of my team thank you​:heart:

If you have any questions and feedbacks we loved to explain it to all of you and Thanks for trusting our Guild since then until now, Lovelots to all Creative Moderators​:blush::heart:

Great! That’s very good, thank u, please ask them to present themselves at the forum meeting:

Once you use the funding and share the report I will ask you to include a spreadsheet or a table showing how the funding was distributed to which creative members. :white_check_mark:

This proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: Astro ] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guidelines: [GUIDE] Proposal & Payout process for Creatives DAO


Cheers :beers:


Copy, will do that :heart: thank You again Creatives Moderators :heart::blush: