[OVERVIEW] Artist Workshop Filipino Artist Guild

Hello everyone I am runesofuttoria creator of the NFT project Runes of Uttoria, you can just call me runes. Being a member of a local art community I noticed that members tend to have a hard time drawing, some of them have experience already and some have none but still want to learn. The Filipino Artist Guild decided to start a workshop to help the members improve in their skills and I was nominated by the members to share my knowledge and help them in the best way I can.

I love illustration and learned them with the help of another guildmate Ritzzard . He taught me the basics and guided me on which to study first. As I continue to study, I noticed that I made a lot of progress. Here are some of my works.

Learning the basics and fundamentals can be boring but having a strong understanding of them can really help you grow. So here is my plan for the workshop.

Illustration Fundamentals

  • Basic Fundamentals about Drawing and Illustrations. The goal is to equip entry-level artists with the basics and for experienced artists to have a stronger knowledge of fundamentals in illustration. Each session with has different activities as well as homework so they can practice as well.

Session 1: Drawing shapes
Teach them how to draw in the simplest form, breaking down the subject into simple shapes and creating a basic structure on which they can build their drawing. In this session, they will also learn about shape language.

(Batch 1: done May 29, 2022)

Session 2: Gesture/Figure Drawing
In this session, we will be tackling different human poses using their knowledge of drawing basic shapes. This is a crucial topic because the students will know basic proportions and how to put weight when drawing a pose.

(Batch 1: done June 5, 2022)

Session 3: Proportion and Perspective
Having the knowledge of creating a basic structure and how to twist and modify it to create basic proportions, gestures, and poses, this session focuses on using perspective to make their illustrations more dynamic and by using perspective they will also know how proportions work as well.

(Batch 1: done June 12, 2022)

Session 4: Anatomy
From drawing simple shapes to creating a structure and bending it to creating gestures, this session is about how to put the details of the human body into a drawing. We are going to study human anatomy, not at the scientific level but more on how we can use it as an artist. Learn how muscles work, where they are located, what they look like, and also the skeletal structure as well.

(Batch 1: done June 27, 2022)

Session 5: Light and Shadow Values
Knowing how to build and draw a human body now we learn about how to put light and shadows into our illustrations, how different types of light work, and also how shadows and their values should be. We are going to study in black and white for this to easily understand it.

(Batch 1: done July 3, 2022)

Session 6: Color and light
Having the knowledge of using light and where to put our shadows and their values, this session talks about how to use colors, and like in session 5 how we use their values based on what we have learned. We are also going to learn about basic color theory.

(Batch 1: done July 10, 2022)

Session 7: Composition
In this final lesson, we are going to learn how to compose our illustration on the canvas and learn about ratios and camera angles.

(Batch 1: done July 17, 2022)

Session 8: Character design
This session is one big activity based on the 7 sessions we had, we are going to create a character and use everything we have learned so far.

(Batch 1: done July 24, 2022)

Finals: from session 1 I asked students to send me the last artwork that they created, after 8 sessions I’m going to ask the students to redraw their artwork based on the knowledge they have learned in this workshop to see their progress from day 1 to present.


Nice One Sir Runes :heart::blush:
Happy to have You in Filipino Artist Guild and Thanks For supporting this Workshop For all the members in Near Community​:heart::blush:

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As of Now We have this Workshop For Filipino Artist Guild Community but TAKE NOTE workshop is OPEN FOR EVERYBODY.

Please let us Know if you are interested Of the Workshop so we can review and Set the Students By batch. :heart::blush:


We can’t wait! :sneezing_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::black_nib:

Thank you for this opportunity, Sir Runes :pray: we learned a lot last night.



Sir runes delivered properly how shapes affects one’s structure. This made me change the way how I draw as it affectively impacts a character or an object. Breaking them down into shapes makes things easier! Don’t mind about my silly drawings tho I’m still learning XD.



The tutorial is easy to follow .Even I who can barely draw learned my first drawing and I feel so great about myself :heart_eyes:
An effective teacher indeed!


Here are my practice sketches based on the topic.
I’ve learned a lot from the lesson and I am enjoying it.


Thank you for this opportunity, Sir Runes. The tutorial is easy to follow and I’ve learned a lot from the lesson and I’m enjoying it… Here are my practice sketches based on the topic.




Just wanted to thank sir Runes for the workshop :sparkles: here are some of my practice sketches. Now I do really feel the urge to study them all.



I’ve learned a lot from the last session. So, I want to thank Sir Runed and the Filipino Artist Guild for this art workshop. Sir Runes taught the lessons in a very effective and easy way where beginner artists can follow what he was teaching easily. Hereby are some of the sketches that I’ve learned from the past lesson.

And here is my assignment for the session 1.

I’m still learning and thanks to Sir Runes as I was able to learn the basics in an easier way :sparkles:


ang lilinis ng gawa nyo nahiya ako ilapag mga akin. Haha


Rule number 1 don’t compare your work with others. lapag mo na


Session 2


Yesterday’s session was about forming a figure out of basic structure . And here’s my work .
A little messy but not bad for a beginner like me … Maybe I need more practice .


I’m glad to be part of this Artist Workshop! This is a nice experience so far! Good and informative class for artists varying from beginner level to more advance level!

Here’s what I have as homeworks so far,

Session 1: Study of figures by basic shapes

Session 2: Figure drawing

As well as some live class session activities:


Second Session :sparkles:

My drawing isn’t perfect yet, but I’m hoping to improve it next time.