[REPORT] Filipino Artist Guild June 2022 Monthly Report

Hello, NEAR And Creatives.

Another month has come to end and we welcome another Fruitful Month Of July with there’s a lot more Ongoing activities and Initiatives To near Community, but before that we at Filipino Artist Guild (F.A.G.) want to share with You our milestone for the month of June.

Guild name: Filipino Artist Guild
Astro DAO Address: Filipino Artist Guild DAO



For those who want to know About Filipino Artist Guild here is our introduction. And Also Our Month Of May Monthly Report

To Summarize Our June Milestone let me Start this with our Social Media Overview Report Here.. In this Overview I already indicate here the Reports and some important Details.
Here is our June 2022 Social Media Proposals.June Overview and Quick Report

Our First on the List is our Visual Artist is still Standby as We recieve Our Funds In June 29th and we still have a Final Breakdown To the Said Event.
Onboarding Visual Artist

Artist Workshop we have 2 Mentors For the Artist Workshop, each of them has a different Skill to shared to the Students who eager to learn about perspective Fundamentals and human body anatomy.
Artist Workshop Overview
Artist Workshop May-June Report

Next is Our The Treasures Store, where our Community Listed Their Nfts for the Auction Marketplace.
The Treasures Store with 26 Minters

And Next is Our Artist of the Month Thread
We Commission a Artist To Turn Her Photo into a Goddess instead of Tablet like others For a reason she is not here in Philippines at the moment and we sent 22near to cope up the Original Budget Of AOTM.

And Yes Next is Our Battle of Champions where the 16 outstanding participant who did their best for this Challenge.
As June 2022 is A Pride Month we organize a Event where we support the LGBTQIA in way of Arts.

Battle Of Champions Tweet
Battle Of Champions Original Thread.

We Have a partnership With The Auction Marketplace and participating With the Nft Listing and some of the Nfts listed been sold through the Platform.

The Auction Blog X Filipino Artist Guild.

We also Support our Co Filipino Nft Artist during C4c event in paras,
Card 4 Card Collectibles

And also here is Our Treasury at the Moment.

Filipino Artist Guild Treasury

And as You all know we have 3 councils for the past Month but due of some changes to make our community better we expanded and Added more Councils to The Guild.

Here also our Councils Overview and Introduction

Community Tipping Divided to 8 Councils

Council Reward,
We fairly divided the amount Of council Reward to everyone. Each of the Council (7) recieved 357 Dai while 2 Mentors recieved 200 Dai Each.

We have 8 councils in Filipino Artist Guild,
1 advisor @kc_sollano
2 mentors @runesofuttoria and @ritzzard
And the other Council help each other In Other Task Under Guild. We all Have an access to All Social media accounts but each of us Has different Task and Skills to help and Improve a better And stronger Community.

We also have a Report here in Marketing Dao
About Our Social Media Management From June Proposal.

Thank You Creatives and Godbless :heart::philippines:


•Organize 1 Battle Of champions Themed Pride Month
•Collected more than 30 Nfts Supporting Card4Card
•Flipped 10 Nfts (From Nft Collecting Every Month) nears sent Back to Astro Dao.
•Expand The Number of Council From 3 To 8 councils.
•Onboarded 10 near wallets.
• Listed 24 Nfts On the Auction Marketplace
•added 26 Minters With Split revenue and Royalties to the store
•Reaching Out Battle of Champions Participant for the permission to List Their Entries and We will Create a Meta Gallery In 3Xr Space.
•Reach Out By 7 Nft Projects in Near for promoting and Host a Giveaways For them.
(More Lined Up for July)
•Hosted AMA with AVA Bithold
•Organized 4 succesful Community Calls talking about Projects oppurtunities and All Related to Near and Filipino Artist Guild.
•Added More Growth and Members to all Our Social Media Accounts.
•Bring back and Doing a Great Job to give life to Discord Channel. (metrics For This will be added on July.
•Finished 5 sessions Of Lesson in Artist Workshop

Ill add this Here also.