[INTRODUCTION] Filipino Artist Guild

Hello everyone! My name is Joy, a.k.a. Ligaya in the community. Being Admin in a local art group caused me to meet amazing Filipino talents and artists, which brings me to this initiative to help them market their arts all over the world and as a kickstart, we want to ​get them familiarized, educate, to know and be known in NEAR Community.

Guild Name: Filipino Artist Guild (FAG)

Guild Leader: @Ligaya
Council: @vanengs @kc_sollano

Guild Location: Philippines

To support the NEAR Ecosystem and Creatives DAO as well as to to be an echo for Filipino artist in the ecosystem, to help them promote and advocate for their arts as a bigger community and not as a lone artist.

Guided by our shared values of unity, hospitality and creativity, which Filipinos are widely known for, we are committed to shepherd artists and cultivate a passionate atmosphere. We are here to create challenges and onboard them to participate in NEAR’s various NFT Dapps and to provide world class arts.

Guild Sputnik-DAO Address: Filipino Artist Guild on AstroDAO 2

Guild Details:
Filipino Artist Guild is dedicated to Filipino talents, creatives and specially artists that shares expertise in digital, traditional and other modes to convey it. This guild aims to market Filipino-made arts and NFTs and to expand exposure the local community can offer. To execute this plan, we made our communications channels, utilize the power of Twitter and coordinate with various groups that can help us with higher outreach to amplify the marketing. We are eager to help artist not just by onboarding them, teaching and assisting them how to navigate NFT platforms inside NEAR but also fund some migrating artists’ NEAR wallets to be able to start. With our high hopes place in this guild, this will open more opportunities to our fellow Filipinos.

Guild Communication Channels:
Filipino Artists Guild Telegram
Filipino Artist Guild Twitter 1

How to get involved: Just join the groups indicated above and let’s see what challenges we have for you!


Filipino Artist Guild will start to Rock this Month of February 2022

  • Weekly we will Feature Artist and thier Arts on our twitter Account,Introduction to the artist and getting to know them.

  • Every week we will be hosting a twitter Space.

  • Every week we will host a art contest/challenges that will be held in Near Forum.

  • Once a Month we will announce the most Outstanding Artist who become an inspiration to other Artist ,

  • At the end of the Month Filipino Artist Dao will collect 3 NFT in paras.

  • Every 15th of the month we will Host a Love Month Art Challenge in Near Forum(15th Start/ 25th deadline/30th announcing the winners)

  • Every month we will Fund max of 30 near wallets to new recruits (Activation of the Near Wallet)

All challenges and Contest Will be held in Near Forum Under #FilipinoArtist-Dao and all artworks will be published to Filipino Artist Twitter Account.


Yes! You’re welcome @Ligaya wanna see it come live :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you sterryo​:heart::heart_eyes: we are also excited for this :heart_eyes:

Welcome to a board and let’s continue to make this community grow! =)


Thank you @hevertonharieno you and @sterryo are the first who support my journey here in Near Community :heart_eyes: thiago of Cudo Dao Chloe of marmajchan and Tabea and Ted in Muti :heart_eyes: thats why i learned a lot here :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Welcome :slight_smile:

Looking forward seeing this grow, including the new council members & a roadmap for what your goals are :slight_smile:


I support this initiative. Can’t wait for this guild to prosper :slight_smile: we just need to do a little more touch ups :slight_smile:


Yes i will working with it :heart::pray: thank you for the support also​:heart::heart_eyes:

Thank You miss K :heart::heart_eyes:

1 council is not allowed? How many in council is needed @tabear :heart::relaxed:
Ill add 3 person as council :heart:

Nice Joy :heart::heavy_heart_exclamation: I will support you till the end :kissing_heart::heart::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank You Vane :heart_eyes::heart: and to everyone :heart:

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You can but this would then not be decentralised, 3 sounds like a good number to start with :slight_smile:


Hi @tabear i already edited the Post and added the Councils . Ill work with the roadmap. We will discuss with it


This is great @Ligaya … Keep going

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Thank you so Much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hey, @Ligaya.

Congratulations on the launch of the Filipino Artist Guild. It’s a great step. one taken in the right direction.

If you haven’t already, please do the following immediately:

  1. Fill out the guild creation form: Start a Guild on NEAR
  2. Schedule a call \w @Jessica here: Calendly - Jessica Lloyd

PS: ignore if you have done those already.

Congratulations once again on the guild launch!


Hello @simeon4real yes i already contact one of the Near team, its miss Jc Pacion :heart::philippines:

Thank you so much :heart::pray::pray:

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Hello Everyone We already Updated our Introduction , and Roadmap for Our Community, and also thank you for all your supports to us :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Welcome!! Excited to see how you grow!