[PROPOSAL OVERVIEW] Visual Artist/Paintings Filipino Artist Guild

Hey Fam,here we are again to introduce to You Our Proposal and new Initiative about Artist,Nfts,Talents and Onboarding.

Guild Name: Filipino Artist Guild

We all Know That Filipino Artist Guild is community of Talented Nft Creators in Near and Amazing Artist In Near Community.
As we are Guiding and Expanding Near Protocol To some Province we Meet a Set Of Artist who are willing To join and Explore Near Protocol.
In Filipino Artist Guild we have a lot of Filipino Digital Creators Who Draw using softwares and Apps On their gadgets.

And in this Initiative we Decided to expand and onboard Visual Artist and Painters and mural Artist Who Draw in Canvass using Paints,Acrylic,Watercolors and Traditional Artist who Draw using Pencils and charcoals paints.

We are so Fond on How Web3 Works and So fond of arts Drawn using Softwares but we sometimes Forgot that We have Talented artist in this Field.
We loved and they are willing to onboard in Near Protocol Under Filipino Artist Guild.

We discussed and Talk about it and we have so many ideas already for this.
We planned to make Their Arts As Nfts all all Artworks they paint will be collected by @Ligaya and at the sametime the Captured artworks will be Minted By the Artist into Marketplaces under Near and will turn into Nfts… While the Artworks on canvass will be used for the Exhibit in Our Province soon once we will collect More Arts on Canvass from all the artist that onboarded in near, and others will be sent to Creatives Headquarters For Future event,:blush:

By this Initiative we will implement this start this Month of June 2022 and so on.

We need a Canvass, a white cloth used for paintings so Paints and Emulsion will blend and the artworks will stay strong and lasted.

We also need different kinds Of paints with assorted Color as well as spray cans and emulsion.
We also need Paint brush For the Artist, rollers and other materials needed.

And the team Bounty Rewards that will be divided to all artist who will participate as reward for their efforts,time and creativity.

Foods,Snacks,Transportations and other expenses.

Below are some of the Samples Of their works.
We aim to onboard different Kinds of artist everymonth so Our talented artist in near will Grow.

Estimated Amount: $1000