[REPORT] Biweekly Art Challenge | Filipino Artist Guild - July 2022

The Biweekly Art Challenge is the Filipino Artist Guild’s initiative to help their fellow artists maximize their talent by having a certain theme that they need to draw. This initiative is held at the NEAR Governance Forum. We have a budget of $800 for this event.

The art challenge that we held this month is from the June funding proposal, hence the budget of the art challenge for July is still on our astrodao and is still in progress.

Biweekly Art Challenge Week 17 to 18 started on the 11th of July and ended on the 25th of July, with the theme integrity. We then announced the winners of the art challenge by the 28th of July. Eighteen (18) members participated in the challenge, and six (6) members were chosen as the winners.

Biweekly Art Challenge Week 19 to 20 started after the day we announced the winners of the previous challenge, 29th of July 2022 and is expected to end on the 12th of August.

Allocated Budget Budget Spent
June Proposal $800 $400
July Proposal $800 $0
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