[REPORT] Filipino Artist Guild May Report

Hello, NEAR Community And Creatives.

Month of May had passed and we at Filipino Artist Guild (F.A.G.) want to share with You our milestone for the month of May.

Guild name: Filipino Artist Guild
Astro DAO Address: Filipino Artist Guild DAO

Councils: @Ligaya @vanengs @kc_sollano

Some Informations About Filipino Artist Guild is here introduction .

And also Our April 2022 Report

As A start Of Our Report
Here is Our Last Month Art Challenge Bounty.
Weekly Art Challenge Week 9-10 Philippines Street Games
It was so Amazing to see such a Creativity in the Community.

And Next is The Cross Culture Collab with Vietnamese Artist Dao.
Filipino Cultures
Vietnamese Cultures.

Dao Treasury
Payout For Battle Of Champions is still in our treasury and the reward For Artist Workshop.

And Next Is Our Battle Of Champions.
Battle Of champions Pride Month Concept
We are Excited and at the same time Amaze as we are expecting Mindblowing Entries From The Battle of all Champions From Winners of previous Art Challenges.

And Also We already Create our Mintbase Store.

This Store is For Our 3Xr Galleries.
We also Partnered with Marma J Foundation To Propose and Mint the 3xr in their Dao and we have 1 gallery Sold :heart::star_struck:

Our TipBot is already Distributed to 6 person for a reason that If council is busy We have 3 Researchers/Scambusters in our 3 telegram channel.
As Filipino Artist Guild Is growing We also Protecting Our community From Scammers sending Links and Recruiting New members About investment schemes.So we assign 3 person to help Us maintain Safety to the Community.
They are also Helping Councils To expand The Guild and Explain and Introduce Near Protocol to people they meet and talk in twitter spaces.
So far They Recruit Members From Eth/Solana/Tezos Blockchain,
New Near Nft Artist are also Starting their Journey In Near Protocol Now.

As we are growing we Also Activated Wallets Of New artist and People in near.
Some of them Are Bounty Hunters In Near Forum while others are Minting Their Nfts in Paras.id.


We also Support Artist by Collecting Their Nfts In the Marketplace.

And next we also Have Community Calls this Month.

•Community Call Talking about Collaborations and Partnership With Other Projects and plans For the Whole Month.
• Discussion About Our First Ever Artist Workshop and some brainstorming and topics about How to earn in near and All about the levels of Arts In commission Based.
• We also Hosted AMA with Free Horses NFT
• Discussions About How to Stake in Paras and Stake and Unstake in Metapool.

And Also Community Call Budget and Funds was Approved and Transferred In Marketing Dao Start This Month Of June.
Marketing Dao Summary Report and Proposal about Our community Calls and Social Media Growth and Activities.

Next is About Our Artist Of the Month.
Here are some Of the details.
Artist Of The Month Report Thread

And as we discuss and with the Request of the Community, we Already start our First Ever Workshop about Fundamentals and Perspective.
And We have 50 members in Our Workshop and half of it is very interested In the Workshop.
Every Sunday there is a Session in call about the lesson and the remaining Days every week is task and Assignments About the Lesson Discussed.
Artist Workshop About Fundamentals and Perspective

And also we add Stickers in Our Telegram :heart:

Telegram Stickers

And Lastly Our Collaborations and Partnership To other Projects and Platforms in Near.

•Ama With Free Horses Nft Project

Near Nft Week

• Featured in Some Near Community Blogs in Social Media.
•Partnership and Collaboration with Apollo 42 Marketplace.

Apollo42 Marketplace Sponsored 100 near Pool Prize

It was a Great Month For Everyone and And a New Priceless Experience in the Community.
As we Form and build Our community strong bond not just the Councils are doing their duty for the community but also the members are helping each other in all way how to contribute and Help the Guild.
This Past few months Some of the Members are in need in terms of sickness,Hospitalization and death of the member of their family and the community is Donating Near Tokens To their Co-artist as well as We are Filipino Artist Dao is also giving Some tokens to them when winners arts of the Art challenges was Sold or 3Xr galleries Is sold.
All Near earn from sales of the Nfts was Sent Back to the Astro Dao and when time comes people is in need We Donate it to them.

We are happy to share this to all Of You our milestone of Filipino Artist Guild.
And we loved to explore and have More Collaborations and Partnership For this Month of June…

Thank You Creatives Fam and The Future is Near.


Wow, LFG! Filipino Artist Guild. I’m so proud to be member of F.A.G​:philippines::philippines::writing_hand::sparkles:


Thank You so much , :heart::heart::philippines::philippines::metal:

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Many things have transpired, and the Filipino Artist Guild is growing. VERY BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF US We are all blessed. :rocket::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::partying_face::star_struck:

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