[Approved for $2800] Filipino Artist DAO - Funding Proposal for December - January 2023


  • DAO Introduction

The Filipino Artist DAO focuses on web3 creatives who focus on helping Filipino artists, technologists, and enthusiasts who are interested in exploring the potential of blockchain technology for creative expression. Our members have a diverse range of skills and backgrounds but they share a common vision of building on Near.

Overall, our community is going to focus on web3 arts to create a supportive and collaborative ecosystem that empowers artists and creatives to explore the potential of decentralized apps (dAps) for creative expression. By leveraging the power of blockchain networks, the community can promote greater transparency, fairness, and inclusivity in the creative economy, while also creating new opportunities for innovation and experimentation in the arts.

  • Why team is best for the funds

@gmachines (guaschingmachines.near) is a f taught pixel artist who’s been in the Near ecosystem for over a year, before I have been a council member, He have handled the moderation of the guild and has been contributing in different projects before as a social media manager, community moderator, and admin team. Aside from developing new initiatives for the guild in both irl and virtual space, he also host the twitter spaces for our AMA and community initiatives.

@quiapogi.near (quiapogi.near) is an artist, one of the social media manager/community managers. Been here in the ecosystem for almost a year now, started as an active community before getting elected as a council. Helps on creating and organizing an initiative for the community.

@midofrbs (mido4bs.near) is a researcher and moderator in the guild before becoming a council member. She helps in accommodation of new artists from zero to hero (onboarding) on Near. Hosts twitter spaces to help our artists to have more confidence in shilling their NFT projects. Also the go-to person when partnering with different NFT projects for whitelists, giveaways, and cross-dao collaborations.

@maryrazel.near (maryrazel.near) is one of the councils that helps in managing the DAO’s social media account, specifically in Facebook, and also helps in proposal and report writing. Started as an NFT artist, who has been on Near ecosystem for a year. Along with Mido, she’s also the go-to person for NFT partnerships and cross-dao collaborations.

@saii (saii.near) is an artist who serves as the Social Media Manager and contributes essential insights to the planning efforts. With two years of dedicated engagement within the NEAR community as a member, NFT artist, collector, and moderator. Saii’s background in marketing and advertising amplifies their contributions, with the goal of connecting more artists with the vibrant NEAR community.

@runesofuttoria (runesofuttoria.near) is an artists as well. He’s in-charge of the artist workshops as a mentor. He also contributes to planning, and helps in graphic designing for the DAO’s social media accounts.

  • Achievement information about the DAO

What has your DAO achieved till now as a community? Quantitative and qualitative information.

  • Content and Social media stats (web2/web3), on-chain activity, built dapps (if applicable only)
  1. Share the content links of youtube Instagram with numbers of engagement, website etc, events done IRL

1.1 Facebook

β—‹ 1 891 followers

β—‹ Our post about Fil. Artist Guild’s first offline event, that is meant to promote NEAR to local artists, has the most interaction; reaching 7 150 users on the platform.

1.2 Twitter
β—‹ 1 638 followers

1.3 Instagram

1.4 IRL Events and Partnerships
β—‹ Filipino Artist Guild Art Jam with Local Visual Artists
β—‹ Day 1
β—‹ Day 2
β—‹ Filipino Artist Guild in Collaboration with University of Rizal System - Angono
β—‹ Filipino Artist Guild in Collaboration with XOVOX Labs in Philippine Game Dev. Expo
β—‹ Filipino Artist Guild in partnership with Wacom Philippines
β—‹ Filipino Artist Guild in partnership with Gensokishi and XOVOX Labs

  1. Share the number of proposals created, How many councils, size of community, number of NFTs in mintbase, events done in metaverse

2.1 Twelve (12) proposals under the Creatives DAO
β—‹ February 2022
β—‹ March 2022
β—‹ April 2022
β—‹ May 2022
β—‹ June 2022
β—‹ July 2022
β—‹ August 2022
β—‹ September 2022
β—‹ May 2023
β—‹ April 2023
β—‹ July 2023
β—‹ September 2023

2.2 One (1) proposal under the Marketing DAO
β—‹June 2022

2.3 487 proposals on [Astro DAO] https://app.astrodao.com/dao/filipino-artist-guild.sputnik-dao.near/proposal

2.4 Number of councils

β—‹ Six (6) on-chain council members

2.5 Community Size

β—‹ 901 members on [Telegram](Telegram: Contact @FilipinoArtistGuild)
β—‹ 1 891 followers on Facebook
β—‹ 1 638 followers on Twitter
β—‹ 144 followers on Instagram
β—‹ 31 on-chain community member on AstroDAO

**2.6 Onboarded Wallet

β—‹ Has onboarded 119 members on Near since last year, and 349 members from PGDX.

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under
  1. Art
  2. Music
  3. Culture
  4. Mixed-Media
  5. Any other
  • Impact
    We are on track to make more impact through virtual and IRL events, DAO to DAO collaborations, as we aim to be a self-sustaining guild that represents Near’s growth in the Philippines.

  • Roadmap



Total request number: 5000 USDC

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): filipino-artist-dao.sputnik-dao.near


Dear Filipino Artist team, thank you for your proposal.

After careful consideration. We’re able collect your proposal to our NDC request for following items:

Project Status Approve for
Project 1 Rejected 0
Project 2 Rejected 0
Project 3 Approved
- Food
- Transportation

$1100 β†’ $750
Project 4 Approved $800
Project 5 Approved $500
Wallet creation $200

$1500 β†’ $1000
Total $3250

The proposal was approved for a revised number of $3250 (Reduced from $5000)

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