[Announcement] Marketing DAO Resumes Operations


  • We are resuming operations on November 9, 2022.
  • Two core areas of focus eligible for funding: Content and Social Media.
  • Education and Events remain on pause.
  • PR Creatives, paid social campaigns and influencer marketing will no longer be eligible for funding.
  • Introducing Bounties: requests for content from NEAR Foundation or Marketing DAO for key strategic areas.
  • Interested in Applying? Read NEAR Community Marketing DAO Handbook
  • Questions? Connect with the Marketing DAO on Twitter @marketingdaoers or via email at marketingdao@proton.me


We are thrilled to announce that after taking a hard look at the past year of operations and working closely with the NEAR Foundation to assess how we can make the most of the community funding available, we are able to resume operations on Wednesday 9 November, 2022.

The Marketing DAO is one of the community funding verticals that exists to empower our community champions to do more of the work that, collectively, helps NEAR get to 1 billion users.

The review process is far from over. We are resuming operations on an initial, limited scope and budget, and will continue to work with NF to expand this over time.

Areas of Funding

One of the key changes that we are introducing is a much clearer categorisation of all the areas and activities that could fall within the scope of Marketing Activities and a clear delineation of what categories are eligible for funding.

See image below for an overview of all the Marketing Channels:

We’ve broken all the marketing channels above into three categories: Core Focus, Remain on Pause, and Not Eligible for Funding.

More detailed information on the criteria for each category see.

Core Focus - Active

We are resuming the processing of applications for Content and Social Media.

On pause

Events and Education remain on hold while we seek greater alignment with the NEAR Foundation Education and Events team. We expect to be able to meet with all the relevant stakeholders soon. The objective is to avoid doubling up efforts, define clear criteria for what is within Marketing DAO scope, how to assess and ensure quality of applications, and align priorities in general.

Not Eligible

Unfortunately, we are not able to fund everything. It has been determined that all activities falling under Public Relations, are outside of the scope of Marketing DAO.

Funding for events and education initiatives are currently on hold pending conversations with NEAR Foundation team members.

Additionally, a reminder that NEAR Foundation guidelines prohibit us from funding projects involving populations under the age of 18.

Criteria for Funding

Another major change that we are introducing are detailed guidelines for submission of proposals and making public the set of criteria that we are using to assess each application will be released by end of week.

Overall, each application will be assessed based on the subject matter on the content or activity, the quality of the content, and the distribution channels.

Subject Matter

The NEAR Ecosystem must be part of the core subject matter of the content or activity.

Applications that lack a clear and strong connection to the NEAR protocol and that are not able to demonstrate how the activity adds value to the ecosystem as a whole in a meaningful will be rejected.

Quality of Content

We are looking for original content that requires either meaningful amounts of skill, time and effort to produce and/or captures the unique essence of the maker, namely, is truly differentiated.

Some of the indicators of quality may include the depth of understanding and ability to clearly articulate the subject matter, among others.

Distribution Channels

Great content goes viral. We are looking to reward people that are not just able to create great content, but are also able to put that content in front of people and have it spread organically.

Amount Funding Available

As we shift the focus from quantity to quality, we expect the amount of funds to be disbursed per month to be much lower than before.

Even though there is no hard cap on the amount of funds available per month, we do have some initial conservative targets and limits. This means that not only will we be assessing applications based on the merit and criteria based above, but we will also have to consider the total amount of funding available.

Next Steps

We will continue to work with the NEAR Foundation to review progress, expand scope of operations, craft bounties, and increase the amount of funding available over time.

The next immediate steps:

  • Resume processing applications on the categories mentioned above.
  • Meet with Education Team, define scope and criteria for Education related proposals
  • Meet with Events Team, define scope and criteria for Events related proposals
  • Release Assessment for Applications Guide (detailed criteria)
  • Enhanced Communications and Community Engagement: expect AMAs with Marketing DAO Council members within a week of resuming operations.
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Yohoo! Finally!!
Okay, everything sounds cool, a new way to handle things, and looks like better control of funds.

But what about the criteria? I see the block of “criteria” but no information.


Great news, many guilds are trying to support their communities in such a difficult time.
And this kind of support would of course be very welcome.

And the fact that NEAR decided to continue this program is a cool thing.


@satojandro thank you for posting the update. It’s an exciting thing to be able to reopen for proposals, and I think the new guidelines and processes will ultimately make way for really good things in the ecosystem.

If you’re a community member thinking about submitting a proposal, please feel free to reach out to the @marketingdao-council here or on Twitter @marketingdaoers with any questions.

And stay tuned for our upcoming AMA on working with the Marketing DAO. We’ll share the time/date soon.


To me, it all sounds impressive​:clap:t5: Good Job

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and what about regional DAOs?
Turkey, Venezuela, Ru-guild, - there’re big ones - which category are they belong to?


@chotilal for now, you can submit your proposals and we will evaluate them and let you know what we can and can’t fund.


Am impressed with the effort you guys have put together to come out with the new guidelines.
Keep the good work moving :fire:


That sounds fantastic guys!

Love seeing lots of little thought-out improvements around different areas.

Bounties really good idea, as well as being more selective with projects and grant proposals that really make sense and work hard to grow.

Although I think influencer marketing should be on the menu, if done right it can be very beneficial and create strong community around NEAR. Great collaborations can arise out of connections and conversations writhing the community created by twitter influencers/personalities. It can also grow into more meaningful things with time, for example twitter spaces :wink:

Good luck, together we shall succeed!


Hopefully everyone feels like this is a good thing?!

We’re excited to get things back on track!

Thanks for posting this @satojandro

I’m working through building out more detailed guidance:

  • Review / Funding Criteria
  • Submitting Applications
  • Bounties
  • Social Media
  • Community Building
  • Events

See the example of the Content Guidelines to get a better idea of what is to come.

We’ll continue to build out more of guidance docs in multiple formats and add examples as we progress.

Meeting expectations is impossible without giving insights into “what looks good.” Right?

Some of the positive outcomes from these efforts will be:

  • Provide clear funding criteria
  • Attract more contributors into the ecosystem
  • Optimize and standardize process-flows
  • Focus on a wider variety of initiatives (by vertical)
  • Draw lines directly to Ecosystem KPIs / Traction
  • Set a higher overall quality standard (For all deliverables)
  • Keep the positivity UP and reduce the drama

Excited and eager to get back on track. Lots more to come!

All the best,

Taylor AKA Klint


Hey Satojandro, thanks for Marketing DAO members for creating nice detailed prezi!

Just a straight forward question.
We as Stars Guild can still continue our activities in promoting NEAR in general, projects that are built on NEAR and our guild members were interested in creating video review content by ourselfs and asking bit for channel promo to grow audiance. Still we get under Content and Social Media and less in PR? Or we get under PR and just can wrap up our guild?

Thank you. ))


@Zhunda Under the new guidelines, we cannot currently allocate funding to influencer campaigns. But you can submit a proposal for the funding of content and social media production/creation.

We are also going to host AMAs soon that I hope will allow us some time/space to talk live about what is fundable – we’ll post the details on our Twitter and hope you can attend.



Got it.

All right, let us finish with this amazing campaing that we are working on now.

KPIs will be clear as boost to NEAR comunity report as reconsideration. Video influencer marketing is TOP, don’t want NEAR to miss such opportunity for growth. :fire:

As for novembers proposal, think we can come up with some activities with contextual advertising for difference, review video and article creation of our own and some fancy design if its a ok. :innocent:

Finally, this sounds great.



let’s keep influencer funding ineligible. let’s keep the NEAR brand away from predatorial tactics.


what are some examples of predatory influencers?

bitboy and lark davis would be the big ones not counting celebrities, many youtubes are sketchy.

oh this makes sense okay

Oh I just read your message above. There is definitely some legit crypto personalities out there!

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