[Announcement] Marketing DAO Resumes Operations

Agree: @waxnear ‘Chill & Shill’ ama is very important for the space… This provides a platform for projects to showcase themselves to the wider audience… :handshake::handshake:


Yeah I assume “influencer marketing” wouldn’t apply to what @waxnear does. I am thinking more YouTuber shillers.


Roger that! Excited to see Marketing DAO is resuming operations. Will be submitting our proposal under Content around this month!


How do you approach projects that kept working during the pause?

We got funding for 16 spaces and already hosted 41


Lark Davis didn’t had any interest in promo reviews.

Tho, BitBoy did, asked 7.5k USD for best offer when on his life streams he can review 3 articles about NEAR thus giving some good attention to blockchain in whole.


It is very possible that both have changed their behaviour but both were known to have shilled low cap projects and dump them. They also didn’t disclose this information to the public too.

Nothing is wrong with getting paid to do some marketing at all! Some of these crypto influencers are doing great work. There is a line to be drawn on how reputable some are though. Again, maybe they have changed, I don’t know. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t want Near to be associated with someone with this past behaviour.


Hey @marketingdao-council does it also mean that any chance to bring huge youtubers as [Proposal] Big Russian Boss crypto financial education show “Money. $ave and pre$erve” is alos off the table of opportunities?


Can someone from the marketing DAO please explain in better detail what Content and Social Media pertain to?

Is this content/social media creating allowed only to be specifically about NEAR? If so how does NEAR expect projects to gain more traction, users, etc to fulfill “onboarding a billion users” if they can only getting funding for pure NEAR content?

Or does this pertain to a project on NEAR submitting for marketing money to cover their content/socials?

@satojandro you made the statement that “PR Creatives, paid social campaigns and influencer marketing will no longer be eligible for funding” yet under Social Media (a core focus) influencer marketing is listed…

Looking for clarity as my proposal was denied since my companies in the music category, yet all my initiatives were content producing (videos etc), influencer marketing, and promotion across youtube, twitter, and tiktok which is all listed on Core Focuses


that’s great! :dotted_line_face:

We are here to help! We have people to build communities in Lisbon Portugal, Dubai, Pakistan, Mexico City, Buenos Aires Argentina, Ukraine, Turkey.

We recently did 2 events in Lisbon during the Blockchain Week, we manage to register 200 Rust developers participating on sol hacker house Lisbon and Brakepoint.

As well we have ALL the telegrams of every single hacker participating at sol hacker house, I mean why building on a Layer 1 on forever Beta loosing value constantly and going down on a regular basis. This because we built something on that L1 last year.

We would love to find some partners to run our global operations and global dev Web3 Buidlers, onboarding.

We actually started a new community called BuildersClub


We decided to do this a global and find NEAR partners around the world and build a network of serious builders that we can meet in real life.

  • Weekly Meme contests
  • Weekly Twitter Spaces
  • Discord Server > entry with Buidlers Club NFT only
  • Buidlers Playlist :level_slider:
  • Builders merch
  • Builders stickers
  • SDK, Tools, Repos, Tech Support
  • Dev onboarding process
  • Team networking
  • Find your Team
  • Ideas for Projects
  • Innovation Brain rain sessions
  • Advice
  • Proof of Concept
  • Tokenomics
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Term sheet
  • Bancambios VC Network - introduction

Buidlers Club Pink 2022 (1)

Hecker Girl

Hoodies for Web3 Buidlers Club

Cyber Security guy

The Stickers arrived

NFT on Satory (Membership)

We will submit this to Marketing DAO and set up a formal proposal.


Hi Zhunda,

Even though Influencers are out of scope of Marketing DAO, the NF is still able to engage directly with influencers. If you do have any leads or ideas, probably best to contact @David_NEAR directly.

Hope this helps,



just wanted some clarifications, has indicated in the new rules types of content from (Types of Content - Inspiration and Categorization - Marketing DAO - Google Slides) page 2, can we still get grant support for articles like the attached, infographics, promotional video, quizzes, promotion through social media, and bounties for the Nifty Row project? or are NFT related project temporarily not been supported?

As you know we already started marketing the project from the October payout of $3300 ([Approved] Marketing DAO Council Member Remuneration September 22 - #10 by Dacha)and stopping all marketing activity now will put the success of the project (https://www.niftyrow.io) at risk.
Nifty Row Article 1v3.pdf (294.0 KB)

See attached draft article which is about to be circulated.
Thank you and best regards



All right, i got some HUGE youtubers in budget till 10k USD to submitt. I’ll catch up with David. :innocent: