[Closed] January 2023 - Content, Social Media, Support Project & AMA | Near Insider Guild

Hello Near community and @marketingdao-council
We’d like to proposal the new proposal for January and follow up the new document
[Announcement] Marketing DAO Resumes Operations
Guidelines for Assessment Marketing DAO Proposals

Previous Proposal: [Approved] December 2022 - Content & Social Media | Near Insider
Thanks for supporting @Dacha @satojandro @Klint @cryptocredit @so608
Our December Report: [REPORT] Monthly Report (December) - Near Insider Guild

1. Content - Visual/Design

2. Promotion - Support projects in the ecosystem
Feel free to apply our form: https://forms.gle/F9zjPvijdnD2DkWS8
Councils can also check our sheet to follow: Promotion
We’ll only receive 8 projects per month with the flow below:

  • Review from the form
  • Contact & create the group to discuss
  • Receive objectives and inquiry from project
  • Make a content plan
  • Implement & Report
    Cost: $250/project => $2000/8 projects

3. Audio - AMA on Twitter Space
Our AMA is so effective. For example:

About more 500 participants
Target for AMA: 10 AMAs/month
Cost: $250/AMA => $2500/10 AMAs

**Total: $4200

We will report at the end of the month
Thanks for supporting @marketingdao-council

Could you please fill out the form

Marketing DAO Proposal Application ?

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Hello @Dacha I have just submitted. Thanks for supporting!

Hello @Klint @so608 @satojandro @Dacha @cryptocredit I am looking forward to hearing from you

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Hi @near.insider – can you share which projects you most recently supported? I see 8 on the spreadsheet for Oct-Jan. I see 5 mentioned in your Dec report. You got funding to do 10 videos. Checking to see which projects were in the 10 videos? Or were there multiple videos about certain projects?

In general, my thoughts about this are similar to the ones I made regarding the December proposal, which I did not ultimately support.

In looking at your engagement and stats, I think the AMAs are showing the most value for the ecosystem. I’d support funding those. I don’t think funding the Twitter content creation is worth $3K. Much of the content on your feed is retweeted from other accounts – are those retweets part of your 150 tweets? Thanks!

Hello @so608 thanks for replying.
This is the list of projects we supported in December:
Here Wallet, Loozr, Playible, Nearlend DAO, Zomland
And this is the list of projects in Jan:
Pulsar Finance
Human Guild
Near Social
Nearlend DAO

And this is 10 videos we produced last month: https://www.youtube.com/@NearInsiderTV/videos

Firstly, 150 tweets are 150 infographics and it excludes retweet, quote retweet or new updates

Secondly, we propose $3K for a reason, we need to maintain our staff but that’s not the main reason. Near Insider is one of the longest-running contributors in the ecosystem, with quality content you can also find our articles shared by many projects and KOLs. Among them are Illa (Co-Founder of Near Protocol), Marieke (CEO of Near Foundation). Articles posted on Near Insider will be different from articles posted on other channels. Just like the value of Binance will be different from the value of Huobi. We focus on quality instead of quantity

Lastly, I hope you understand our work. Thanks!

Hi @near.insider thank you for your proposal.

I would echo the comment of @so608 regarding funding Twitter content creation and cannot support this proposal in its current form. Moving to Closed

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Hello! Thanks for your reply. So should we reduce the reward right? Because we contributed for a long time and I don’t understand why our proposal were rejected, what are the reasons? Reward or anything like that?

I understand the difficulty of the current market situation. So we will reduce the rewards to go with the ecosystem, we also need the staff to maintain the content that we think is useful. If the council has suggestions for content types let me know

  • Infographics: $1000 (150 infographics)
  • AMA: 8 AMAs/month: $1600 ($200/AMA)
  • Support 8 projects: $1600 ($200/project)

=> Total: $4200
Please consider this our proposal @Dacha @cryptocredit @so608 @satojandro @Klint Thank you very much!