[Closed] Feb 2023 - Social Media, Support Projects & AMA | Near Insider

Hello Near community and cc @marketingdao-council , @Dacha , @so608 , @Klint , @satojandro , @cryptocredit

After thorough research the new [Announcement] Marketing DAO Resumes Operations and Guidelines for Assessment Marketing DAO Proposals and Community Memo: Values and Focus
We’re happy to be here to submit a proposal after previous proposal was rejected because I didn’t research it thoroughly. Please see it below:

1. Guild name: Near Insider
2. Funding scheme: Monthly
3. Expected impact and value:

4. Why Near Insider
- Twitter:
We have been supporting for the ecosystem for more one year and will continue contribute. So far we achieved 42K followers, with impressions around 900K - 1M (no ads)

We were also mentioned by Illia as a leading communication channel in the ecosystem along with Near Week and Near Daily

He also shared our posts many times

- Events:
Our AMA is so effective, with up to 200-300 listeners (max: 500 listeners) and around 300-800 tuned
We hold about 8-10 AMAs every month

5. Proposal:
We base on this guideline to propose as follow:

- Content - Visual/Design
→ Posts: 100 posts
→ Followers: + 1700 new followers (42K3 to 44K)
→ Impressions: min ~900K
Budget: 1000 USD

- Promotion - Support projects in the ecosystem
→ Amount of projects: 8 projects
→ Tasks: 6 posts/project
Register form: https://forms.gle/F9zjPvijdnD2DkWS8
List of project to follow: Guild - Near - Google Sheets
I can add @Dacha or anyone in the council in the group with projects to follow and feedback
List of projects in Feb: Cede Labs, Human Guild, Near Social, Nearlend Dao, Near Starter, Payrave, Pulsar Finance
Budget: 250 USD x 8 projects = 2000 USD

- Audio - AMA on Twitter Space
Target for AMA: 10 AMAs/month
Budget: 150 USD x 10 AMAs = 1500 USD

Total: 4500 USD

6. Target wallet: near_insider.near

Thank you very much!


We also want to make it clear that we do not charge for the projects we support, they will testify to that

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Hi. We’re a project that was recently announced to have an AMA with Near Insider, and as the lead, I can confirm that we were not charged to proceed with the process.

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HI, yep we agree on this point with CEDE Labs

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What project, please?

HI, yep we agree on this point with Human Guild

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Hi @IgbozeIsrael thanks for sharing. Of course, we have a rate card to show when projects ask us for their campaigns. Almost media channels like Nearity, Near Daily have a rate card.

But as you see above, we reduced all, AMA is an example. The secondly, we don’t charge projects that register to our form. Please check here and you can ask them if you want

You can also check our channel, we only produce content to promote for the Near ecosystem and support projects no charge

Is there room for supporting project, Guild that didn’t fill the initial form but are built on NEAR ?.
Or Does this means projects who didn’t fill the form will have to pay to be promoted.


Yes sure. But the best is you should fill in the form. That’s the proof to check

Yes, it is undoubtedly true! These guys will be helping us for the second time, already with another project and have never charged us a fee

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Thank you for your proposal. Could you please fill out the form Form Marketing DAO Proposal Application ?

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Hello Dacha and have a nice day. I filled in the form. Thanks!

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Hello council, have a nice weekend. Could you please review our proposal? I am looking forward to hearing from you @Dacha @Klint @so608 @cryptocredit @satojandro . Thank you very much!

@near.insider Thank you for your proposal. I believe the best way to continue your work is to be a part of the Regional DAO and be a media partner of the DAO.

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Thanks for your suggestion. How to become a part of the Regional DAO? We operate on global and focus on many countries

Please join the group Regional Communities Working Group


I will keep an eye on it. However with this our proposal? I hope we can be approved to maintain the employees. It’s hard and sad to fire them right now

Hi @near.insider we discussed your proposal in our weekly call and it was agreed there was a need for certain projects to refocus to ensure that their contributions are helping projects building on NEAR.

I would echo the suggestion by @Dacha that the best way forward is for you to work with the Regional DAO.

I understand that in the past you have operated on a global level - but in my opinion its time to help regional communities to achieve their goals.


Hi @near.insider – thanks for your proposal and your patience as we have reviewed it. You have been a longtime contributor to the NEAR ecosystem, as well as a longtime recipient of Marketing DAO funds.

You have two council members recommending a shift to working in collaboration with the Regional Communities Working Group. I’d like to add to the conversation and say:

  • I understand that you and your team want to continue the work that you are doing, and I hope you can determine a way to do that.
  • I do not support continued Marketing DAO funding for more content creation at this time for a couple of reasons. First, we’re operating under different guidelines than we were last year and under a lower funding cap. I do not see the engagement or growth at the pace we are hoping to see from a team after many months of funding.
  • If the key value to the community is rooted in your promotional and marketing services to projects building on NEAR, then I think the logical path forward is for you to evolve into an agency, where you are charging for your services and projects compensate you for them. The goal for the business model that you’re pursuing is to become self-sufficient, and I think your team has been given adequate time and funding to do that.
  • If projects building on NEAR want to hire you and come to us for funding, then in my view, they should be able to include that in their proposals.
  • I am currently less supportive of projects that are rooted in generalized messages about NEAR and more likely to support initiatives that have a strong, unique voice or point of view. In my view, generalized content is becoming less impactful as the ecosystem grows. At the same time, members of the community who are developing original content that is expanding upon the basic/general conversation in the ecosystem are more likely to get my support for funding.

While I realize you are not likely to agree with me, I believe the Marketing DAO is facing the need to shift our focus from what has been funded in the past to try new strategies and approaches with the goal always being to bring increased value and impact to the ecosystem as a whole.

I encourage you and your team to work to become self-sufficient, keep serving the NEAR community and also get involved with the bounty programs that are getting started this quarter.