[Closed] Spin RAVE event

Hello NEAR community!

Cc @marketingdao-council,
@Dacha , @so608 , @satojandro , @cryptocredit @Klint

According to the new [Announcement] Marketing DAO Resumes Operations 1 and Guidelines for Assessment Marketing DAO Proposals 2 and Value Community Memo: Values and Focus we would like to conduct a proposal for Spin.fi - Spin RAVE event:

  1. Project: https://spin.fi
  2. Funding scheme: One time only - mid July to end July 2023
  3. Initiative summary, be sure to include:
    Please check I. Project Information and II. Applicant Information below
  4. Expected impact and value you foresee for the NEAR ecosystem, Metrics, Timeline, Funding details:
    Please check III. Project Deliverables below
  5. Total requested amount in USD: 1000$ in $NEAR and using the NEAR logo as a top tier partner in Spin.fi website
  6. NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: spin-rave.near

I. Project Information

Spin is a 360° blockchain-neutral decentralized trading and investments platform. Its first implementation is built on the NEAR Protocol – a scalable, fast, and cheap L1 chain – where Spin is the first and the leading order book DEX.

During the first year of its development on NEAR Protocol, Spin has released 3 on-chain products for retail users: Spot trading, Perpetual Futures trading, and Spin Strategies aka DeFi Option Vaults – the first product in the series of Automated Investment Products to be released on Spin.

Further development of Spin includes both the release of new derivative products and the expansion of the number of supported blockchains:

Today, Spin goes multichain and is set to bring its institutional-grade derivatives infrastructure to the @0xPolygon #zkEVM network, becoming its leading trading and investment solution.

Good news - the new strategy and zkEVM release will also allow the event to be held more globally than we previously expected, and this move will help bring more users to NEAR.

Spin metrics:

See more product metrics here: https://stats.spin.fi.

More information about Spin Products can be found at https://docs.spin.fi.

II. Applicant information:

Hai @HaiVu, the representative of Spin in this proposal:

III. Project Deliverables:

:loudspeaker: We at Spin are now preparing for the upcoming token sale planned for Jun 2023. We plan to host the token sale on Tokensoft – one of the largest and best-known Ethereum launchpads. We plan to onboard up to thousand users from Ethereum to NEAR as a part of our marketing campaign and we’d love to invite NEAR Marketing DAO to join the Spin Rave event that will allow you to promote NEAR to the audience we’ll onboard to the ecosystem.

The Spin RAVE event will take place in June-July, and the start date is set for June 26th till July 27th. Spin will be hosting the following events to promote our collaboration with Partners:

:dart: Regular mentions in social posts and articles, including promoted tweets and press releases (Spin is to spend >$300,000 to promote the event + organic coverage from top KOLs and media on Twitter & YouTube);

:dart: Thematic AMA sessions and quizzes;

:dart: Additional events may be discussed (we’re always open to ideas!).

:incoming_envelope: Please find more details about the Spin Rave below:

And the 1000$ is the giveaway gift for the IDO buyer, not the service fee, as this is free of charge.

Until now, Spin RAVE got 19 projects to join our movement, and we are looking forward to NEAR MKT DAO joining the Spin RAVE campaign.

  1. REF finance
  2. Metapool
  3. Few and Far
  4. NEAR mobile app
  5. dAngelfund
  6. Stader
  7. Burrow
  8. Pembrock finance
  9. El cafe crypto
  10. Trisolaris
  11. NEAR Starter
  12. Paras
  13. Here wallet
  14. Playible
  15. ONTO wallet
  16. QSTN
  17. Polaris DEX
  18. Nightly
  19. Bee together

Spin team


I am confused as to the nature of this event or what is being asked of Marketing DAO.

If my understanding is correct, and Spin Finance is more than well suited to run a comprehensive activation campaign and this is a proposal to promote the marketing DAO, then I do not support it.

I am a huge fan and user of Spin Finance. However, Marketing DAO is not at a stage where we need to engage in paid promotions. If Spin Finance requires funding, happy to proceed. However, I fail to see how $1,000 would make a difference to anyone involved.

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Thanks @HaiVu for the proposal - I have similar questions/concerns as @satojandro - it looks like this is a proposal to receive funding/payment from the MarketingDAO as a sponsor of the campaign? We don’t pay for sponsorships or fund projects to increase the visibility of the MarketingDAO. We fund initiatives that are requesting funding to increase reach and growth in the NEAR ecosystem.

The way the proposal is outlined, this does not seem like a fit for MarketingDAO funding, but please feel free to clarify anything I may be misunderstanding. Thanks!

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Hello Sir & Mam @satojandro @so608,

Thank you for your feedback!
& Sorry for making confusion.

The purpose of the proposal is to promote NEAR blockchain in general for the audience of Spin’s TokenSoft ICO event (the majority of them come from other non-NEAR chains) because Spin will have a round for the NEAR chain happen prior to that.

The funding 1000$ in $NEAR will be used as a lucky draw giveaway gift for all users who join the ICO on Tokensoft, and we will put the NEAR logo into the SpinRAVE website as top tier sponsorship.

Therefore, the final purpose is NEAR awareness in general.

Hope my explanation is clear enough.
Any questions, plz feel free to us.


Happy to support your proposal!


Thank you for your support, Sir! :pray: :blush:

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Hi @HaiVu,

We don’t usually fund paid promotions without tangible deliverables. Unfortunately I cannot support this proposal at this time.

Hi @Klint @so608 @satojandro
The tangible deliverables here are:

1000 users onboarding from ETH to NEAR => CPA ~ 1$
and the appearance of the NEAR logo on the Spin RAVE website which is the final destination of our 300K$ MKT campaign.

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