[Closed] Onboarding event

Hello Nearians,
It has been an awesome experience so far as we have been working tirelessly to achieve a common goal.
This proposal is linked to an already existing one, decided to rewrite for more clarity and satisfactory report.

This proposal is linked to this

This extension thread is made on the demand of the NF as the previous thread was full of accusations and hand pointing.
On writing this thread the progress of the event is encouraging as we’re on the awareness stage, the student union of the above mentioned school has been especially uneasy to handle as we’re going on evangelism to recruit students both from outside the school to join our event.

The report will be done as soon as possible as we bring this event to conclusions…
Thanks @marketingdao-council for all your support so far.

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Dear @Dabbie3229 could you please check pm before create new proposals? Thanks!

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Hello. Events and education categories are still on pause. So, could you please re-apply later? Thanks!

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