[APPROVED] November 2022 - Social media, Content Website Hub, High Active&antibot Quality of AMAs - Nearity

Voting poll astrodao: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-570

dear Community, @David_NEAR @marketingdao-council

Base on
[Announcement] Marketing DAO Resumes Operations and Guidelines for Assessment Marketing DAO Proposals by @satojandro
Type of content project defined Document by @Klint
Values and Focus by Illa
Nearity express our plan and propose how Nearity are suitable with some new context with market and Near ecosytem’s value and core
this proposal will follow up by below structure

Another Proposals - Reports

Introduction: Nearity profile

June : First Proposal (June) - June Report

July: Second proposal - July report

August: Third proposal - August Report

September: proposal - report


Guild name:** Nearity
Funding scheme: monthly - August
Council:** nearityorg.near, samnguyen.near, ntrucchinh.near

Our main channel
Twitter - Instagram - Telegram chat - Telegram ANN - Facebook Page - Facebook Group
Our official website (SEO content Hub) https://Nearity.org

0. Chanel performance





1.[Promotion/Distribution/Promotional] - Promote project

Promote 9 - 10 projects from apply this form, list of applied project published in this fie manage by @marketingdao-council

Nearlend DAO
Plats Network
Howler Carayas Club Genesis
HERE Wallet
NearFi Wallet

We had to meet with the project to understand their plans, design visuals & wireframes so they could understand the design and campaign intentions and reach consensus to continue process support for them. Support them design 3 - 4 inforgraphics(research, understand their documment/concept…), giveaway, instantly re-shout out their news/announce when they request, have meeting when they have important campaign…

project name contact catogories catogory network target campaign that project require detail of targeting campaign
Nearlend DAO @NearlendDao Lend and Borrow Crypto on NEAR Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol Promote our Public Testnet to as many people as possible. Thank you!! Tuphuongtran0112@gmail.com
ENVELOP Telegram: Contact @DmitryDemeshko NFT, DeFi, GameFi Aurora & Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol, Aquiring users, loyalty campaing (Post IDO/ICO) To switch all dApps existing on other chains to Near demeshkodv@envelop.is
Plats Network Telegram: Contact @platsnetworkofficial Web3 Marketing another chain expand to Near/Aurora Launching - Release main features on Protocol, Aquiring users, loyalty campaing (Post IDO/ICO), Pre-Acquire Community (Pre-IDO/ICO orMint) To on board both crypto and non-crypto users in the adjacent periods for App launch, First public campaign, Setup for AMA info@plats.network
Howler Carayas Club Genesis Howler Carayas Club NFT collection with an environmental cause Near Pre-Acquire Community (Pre-IDO/ICO orMint) Sellout our Genesis collection in order to launch the Main Collection of 2772 NFTs tepixelabs@gmail.com
vSelf @meta_irony / meta_irony#6796 Identity wallet Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol, Acquiring users, building community Increase Twitter and Telegram community, ty@vself.app
Marble Discord: @djuno#0001Telegram: @marblesculptor Metaverse/SocialFi/Phygital NFTs another chain expand to Near/Aurora Launching - Release main features on Protocol, For IDO - ICO - Mint, Aquiring users, loyalty campaing (Post IDO/ICO), Pre-Acquire Community (Pre-IDO/ICO orMint), Currently on testnet We are currently in the UAT phase and around 60/70 users are playing with our platform. We’d like to promote the end-to-end process. The goal is to acquire new users to conduct an ICO and then, keep increasing the brand awareness on NEAR ecosystem. info@marbledao.finance
de3verse Telegram: Contact @Piyushnft Metaverse, NFT Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol In a week: we will reveal some sneak peeks with all the details, and by 2nd week of November we are going to make first version live with very limited NFT mint (whitelisted) piyushch377@gmail.com
HERE Wallet @egakon Infruscture; Wallets Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol We want to attract more users in HERE Wallet by medias on NEAR that could cover our announcements yegor@herewallet.app
Naksh Telegram - srilakshmitc NFT Marketplace Near Launching - Release main features on Protocol We are releasing self minting platform, so we are looking to target more self minting artists and users for the Marketplace.
Create more awareness across the globe about the marketplace and the launch.
Highlight the new features of the platform. admin@naksh.org
NearFi Wallet @nguyen5 Defi Near Aquiring users, loyalty campaing (Post IDO/ICO) Our project was merged in Wallet Selector. We want to do more intergration with other projects. We also want to grow our community up, more user on our wallet. We launched at Google Play and Apple Store coming soon. hello@nearfi.finance

300$ for promoting each project(duration 30 days)
sub-Cost: 300*10 =3000$

example for ton of task that we serve project

example report: Link

2.[Visual/design] Creative graphics, visual story graphics, shilling content social

Daily news: 50 post news all of highlight projects on near
Data analytics last update: update last performance flagship protocol on NEAR
Twitter: 30 - 40 advanced / Infograhics for projects: $1000
Shilling & introduction Megathread: 3 threads a month = 100*3 = $300
instagram, facebook fanpage, facebook group management: 400$
sub-Cost: 1200+300+200 = 1700

3.[Audio/podcast] - Live twitter space (AMA)

redefine Quality of AMAs

we will host 10 AMAs per months with new standard that defined, with 200$ + 50$ reward per AMA
(Each AMA we will prepare script and discuss with partner the script, design graphics, host the prepare question form community, announcing the winners, keep user active our channels. Then we will publish the script of AMAs to our website.)

Sub-cost: 10*250=$2500

4.[Writing] - Website:

last month we archive ~270 users active and have experience on our website(tutorial content, explain what is about protocol, last update on NEAR…) and we increasing number of articles publish on website.

Article Report/review about project 10 article a months: 10*$100 = 1000
(4 weekly recap, 6 article in reports)
Management (SEO optimiazation by article, backlink building management, wordpress management): $300

we also upload all of graphics of in part 2, to our websites

Sub-cost Monthly : 1000$+300$=1300$
weekly recap: 26th Week Recap - Weekly Newsletter - Nearity Research
Report about project: What is the Octopus Network? - Nearity Research
how to use dapp: How to use Learn NEAR on learnnear.club? - Nearity Research

Total cost request: 3000+1700+2500+1300= $8500

Thanks for reviewing my Proposal, im looking forward to hearing from you @marketingdao-council.


Updated proposal: we submited this filling form

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Happy to support! Thank you for great job!


Also happy to support. Thanks for a well written proposal


Hey guys – thanks for the proposal and form submission.

Here’s my take:

  • We have a lot of requests for funding around proposals that are leveraging what is essentially very similar content on social media via infographics, general coverage of the NEAR ecosystem, quick project overviews, etc. While this content is useful and helps the ecosystem, we are reaching less and less of a need to continue funding multiple undifferentiated accounts with similar content and a very general point of view.
  • That said, in comparison to some other similar initiatives, Nearity has grown a larger community and consistently created quality, accurate and informative content.
  • With our new guidelines and target budget (significantly reduced from before), we are in a position to make tough choices around which projects receive funding.
  • It is more important than ever before to work to create additional revenue channels, move toward increased sustainability around funding/revenue and be thoughtful about creating content that brings it’s own unique, differentiated spin on information that is generally available to anyone who wants to curate it.

I can support this proposal, but strongly encourage you to continue addressing that final point now that our guidelines have been changed and adjusted post-relaunch of the Marketing DAO funding vertical.

Thanks – moving this to approved and you can submit to Astro


thanks your clear revision

Nearity also note those and keep it our mind during this time.

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thanks @marketingdao-council for reviewing and approving our work.

This is my voting poll on astrodao, https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-570