[Closed] January - Febuary 2023 - Promoting Social media, AMAs, Graphics Design - Nearity

Dear community, @marketingdao-council,

Nearity have certain time to reading MarketingDAO council’s recent comments on reviewing proposals similar to Nearity’s work, Nearity is also aware that some structures have changed in a way that is consistent with Near Foundation and ecosytem’s orientation of development, based on all those, Nearity also presents a suitable proposal, which is expected compatible with the goals and funding structure set out by marketingDAO.
the criteria that we expect to change in this proposal vs previous proposal:

  • focus core things that really high efficiency with Nearity
  • more optimized workload and our asset chanel, but still keep reward for nearity suitable with criteria of MarketingDAO to funding
  • we still do another the work that meaning with our core value that dont get approve from council

Guild name:** Nearity
Funding scheme: January - Febuary
Council:** nearityorg.near, samnguyen.near, ntrucchinh.near

Another Proposals - Reports

Introduction: Nearity profile

Previous Proposal : proposal - Report

Official link
Twitter - Instagram - Telegram chat - Telegram ANN - Facebook Page - Facebook Group
Our official website https://Nearity.org

This proposal wroten follow up below ann and document

The time to marketingDAO council handle December Proposal
[Announcement] Marketing DAO Resumes Operations and Guidelines for Assessment Marketing DAO Proposals by @satojandro
Type of content project defined Document by @Klint
Values and Focus by Illa

And base on revision of MarketingDAO council in previously proposal

Channels performance:

Main chanels




1. [Promotion/Distribution/Promotional] - Promote project

we change severing promoting project to 2 month(previous month, we just serve during just in 1 month) for each fill form that from apply this form, list of applied project published in this fie manage by @marketingdao-council
Cost per promoting: 300$ (dont change with another month)
During time: 2month (January - Febuary)
we serve 15 - 20 project/campaign of projects on NEAR

What is the name of the project that you’re requesting marketing support for? What category is your project ?(Defi, game, NFT, …) Which network is your project on Whitepapper/ Gitbook/ Docs about project or documents related to the upcoming campaign (N/A if not) Describe in detail what goals you want to achieve of question emaill 11. Which period do you want to be supported ?
Veriken Commerce Platform (leverages NFTs on the backend) Near An Introduction to the Veriken Platform | by Chris Clason | Jan, 2023 | Veriken

An Introduction to the Veriken Platform | by Chris Clason | Jan, 2023 | Veriken

Announcing the Veriken Referral Program | by Chris Clason | Jan, 2023 | Veriken

Happy to generate additional content as well, just let us know!
1) Build awareness of what we are building with the NEAR and wider crypto community to help establish thought leadership

2) Attract customers from within the NEAR/crypto ecosystem who will create Veriken based storefronts

3) Attract traditional media/sports/entertainment companies to use our platform
chris@veriken.com January
Truts Community Near NA We want NEAR community members to know more about what we have built for their ecosystem rajkaria67@gmail.com January
CellFi Defi Near docs.cellfi.io 0xhipo@gmail.com January
Burrito Battle NFT Game Near https://docs.burritobattle.app/ The main objective is to acquire more users, for this we want people send their request for early access (https://forms.gle/7veeRrMWideAvKEY9) so that they can get to know and can be testing the game and make burrito battle known to more users, in this way also be able to receive feedback about the game. yairnava@cloudmex.io January
Human Guild and NEAR Social Guild and Social Near All information about Human Guild you can find in our twitter threads:

Near Social: near.social | wiki
increase the audience haenko.slavax5@gmail.com January
Toolblox Defi + NFT Aurora & Near https://academy.toolblox.net/whitepaper Want to increase visibility to attract pilot customers who wish to use our no-code smart contract workflow builder to sell goods and NFTs, manage workflows inside DAOs, simplify smart contract development or wish to create advanced prototypes (supply chain, logistics etc). silver@toolblox.net January
Orderly Network DeFi Near N/A More Twitter followers & Discord members, higher trading volume kerri@orderly.network January
Luganodes Staking & Defi infrastructure Near N/A We’re exploring ways to create a presence & contribute more in the Near Community, essentially driving delegations to our Near Nodes! yanshuyadav@luganodes.com January
Request Finance Enterprise crypto payments Near N/A We want more projects in the NEAR ecosystem to use Request Finance to make payments in tokens and stablecoins on the NEAR blockchain. ivan.hong@request.finance January
Everyone Eats Entertainment NFT Near NA To build ecosystem support. Introduce our project to the wider bear community. jburkholder1985@gmail.com February
Contesty NFT service Near Overview - Contesty We are going to release Contesty main flow on testnet. User will have ability to join contest, vote, participate in contests and much more. Also integrate Near Social in app saychuk.andriy@gmail.com February
Metronomo Web3 ad network Near N/A We help web3 projects (advertisers) to target a relevant audience and acquire users with predictable ROI, on the other hand – help projects to monetize their content (publishers)

Our current goal is to drive awareness and engage both groups (advertisers and publishers) and NEAR builders’ community generally. We want to achieve it through creating and distributing expert content and social media activities, mainly through Twitter and our company blog
vadim@metronomo.xyz February

Number and kind of tasks that we do per project:

  • Graphics design: brainstorm idea 2 - 4 unique graphics, 15 project*3 = 45 task graphics
  • shout out and news, announcing new of project (unlimitted retweet, require ping post) up to each project we often receive the number of shout out about 5 - 10 news per mont. Total subtask shoutout news: 15 project *2 month * 5 news/per month = 200 task shoutdout news
  • highlight graphics, featured summary project: 2 - 3 task each project: 15*2 = 30 task
  • giveaway…
  • shilling, reaware project on all of our social(ig, facebook, telegram, website)
  • publish material of graphics, or guest post to our when site, when project have demand

Sample of things that we do for promoting project in one month: link

subcost: 15*300 = 4500
for 15 project promoting in 2 months

#2. Twitter space AMA in Febuary

we will host 10 AMAs with 150$ per AMA
(Each AMA we will prepare script and discuss with partner the script, design graphics, host the prepare question form community, announcing the winners, keep user active our channels. Then we will publish the script of AMAs to our website.)

Sub-cost: 10*150=$1500

@NEARNauts for confirming our quality of AMAs

3.[Visual/design] Creative graphics, visual story graphics, shilling content social

Daily news: 50 - 80 post news all of highlight projects on near each month
Data analytics last update: update last performance flagship protocol on NEAR
Twitter: 10 - 20 advanced / Infograhics for flagship project on NEAR
Shilling & introduction Megathread: 1 threads

Sub-Cost: 1$

we still want to suggest this activity such as main production for available resource on NEAR, for get more shouting, graphics about NEAR ecosystem. Because we still receive the request from community, the guild on ecosystem, flagship project for shout out internal NEAR and project

The total request for this proposal: 4500+1500+1 = 6001$

Thanks your reading proposal, and hope have more chance for our team serving and working more NEAR ecosystem


Thank you for your proposal. Could you please fill out the form Form Marketing DAO Proposal Application ?

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thank u, i have just summitted the application form

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Hi @nearity thanks for the proposal and filling out the form. Unfortunately, I cannot support this proposal. After many months of funding your team and project, I would hope to see more growth, engagement and traction. I also think your service to community projects should have evolved into a self-sustaining business – especially with a what amounts to close to a year (if not more) of community funding support via the MarketingDAO.

I am not aiming to be harsh or disrupt your project, but we are continuing our shift from last year where we’re laser-focused on approving funding (under our new lower cap) that creates significant impact and meets the KPIs outlined for us by the NEAR Foundation.

In an ideal world, we could continuously fund every project, but that’s not the reality we’re working with right now.

My hope for you and your team is that you’re able to build into a business that is supported by paying clients who are helping to direct and guide your creative output in the future.

I also encourage your team to participate in the upcoming community bounty programs.

Dear Justin @nearity ! Thank you for your incredible work. I’m suggesting to support regional DAO initiative and pushing Blaze to launch the DAO in NDC V0 version.

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thank @so608 for has been clearer to us in all the community proposals you have to deal with.

We understand best of the recent marketingDAO decisions, I understand that you have had a big shift in the new granting structure according to the marketingDAO criteria

i have to admit that nearity doesn’t have a good profit margin, in order to accumulate from granted funds, (total granting is since june-2022 with avarage grant is arround 5 - 6k$, with profit/total cost just ~ 8 - 10%) we had to reduce a large amount of expenses, team members since the recent statements of marketingDAO.

It seems that we have not prepared well for the sale of rate cards during the past few months, just 100% serving for project active on NEAR with back by Near foundation & marketingDAO. identifying of relationship with all projects on the ecosystem that have never been “clients” before. This was really sudden for our team, our workflow, and our “client”. (Of course, I also thought the job wouldn’t last forever, but it still happened sooner than I prepared.)
I also stopped cooperating with more than 1/2 employees on Nearity, and asked the rest of team have to work 2 times with the new status of marketingDAO, (reducing reward)

I don’t want to create a bad precedent that affects the new structured orientation of marketingDAO. But amount of this only proposal help me by keeping us afloat with reduced staffing and internal costs - also an amount of money that we think will make us into a self-sustaining busines in the next time.

@so608, could you be made an exception to Nearity prepare for new future?, If this is still your final decision then I look forward to an exception review from the next meeting of other marketingDAO members or any advising from NEAR Foundation for my case.

Especially list of projects that we serving(15 - 20 projects) in the scope of this proposal, we still work for them so hard right now.

I also update this proposal with remove the AMA activities in febuary, and just keep promoting free for 15 project in January and Febuary

edit this proposal for promoting project on NEAR in 2 month: 4500$

Dear @Dacha @cryptocredit @Klint @satojandro, also cc you, could you consider to have another idea with this decision

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Hi @nearity i have reviewed your proposal and the comments from council.

Firstly, i recognise that you and your team have been working to support the Near ecosystem but unforunately i am unable to support your proposal in its current form. I hope you will understand that the marketing DAO is operating under a much tighter remit and we have to ensure we maximise value from the funds.

I would echo the suggestion of @Dacha to reach out to the Regional DAO and hope you find a way to integrate with this initiative .

Moving to Closed