[Report] NxM DAO Monthly Report for March 2022

Monthly Report - March 2022

March Was Marching with Lots of Activities in NxM DAO, Recently I & Paul onboarded 3 incoming Council Through Open calls @bonepolice @rhymetaylor williamx, The Incoming Council will be on The Trial Period for a Month until the end of April and only 2 Members get to be on the council. Already Fingers Crossed on What Good New Council could Bring in Nxm Community.

NxM DAO Management

The Social Media Team continued to do an excellent job promoting NxM initiatives across the various channels and engaging the community.

Click here for the [DAO Management Report][Report] NxM DAO Management - March 2022) for march


We have not issued bounties for the Month of March.

NxM Resources

. Miro Map 2

· NxM Events Grant Application 1

· NxM Projects Grant Application 1

Community Calls:

You can find the March Month Report for the Community Calls hosted by Monish here

NxM Store:

· The NxM Mintbase Store has earned a total of 186.516 N. which is 9.75N from Last Month

· The Open NxM Store has earned a total of 76.05 N. Which is 23.4N from Last month

Events & Project Overall Status:

Thank you


Thanks Monish for confirming final Report on the rhemarizer metaverse NFT edition.
Can I request for final payout yet?

@Monish016 @Paul @rhymetaylor @bonepolice @williamx


thank you @Sholaspark i will update the report


Thank you once again for your massive love and support.

Would there be anything else required of me or can I request for balance of funds to be remitted?

@Monish016 @Paul @williamx @vandal


Also, please who can I reach out to that can help with the onboarding because I’m having issues with it and the person who is onboarded me is far from reach and inaccessible due to busy schedule… Have a number of people from band members and others ready to be onboarded.

Secondly, @Monish016 I’m told I need to come to you to be allowed to mint the live MP3 session recordings to the NXM STORE…?

Pls could you help me with it?

@Monish016 @Paul @williamx


Hey @Sholaspark please reach me on telegram @PaulCrans and we will get things sorted with minting your NFT, I’ll help you with that :slight_smile:


Awesome. I’ll do that right away

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Clips of production process / rehearsal

Prepare, 1st single of rhemarizer album nft Rock edition

@Monish016 @Paul

Hi @Monish016 I see that my record still reads awaiting report… Wanted to ask if there’s anything else needed?

I’m currently done with production & minting all arts into the nxm mintbase and Paras.

We have 10 people to be onboarded by 3 April. The other 10 are interested but based out of Lagos and have left after completion of project.

@Paul @williamx


I am so glad to announce that #PhoenixEP is ready and I just inboxed @Paul telegram the songs and album art for it to minted into NFTs.

I want to thank @Monish016 @Paul @bonepolice @williamx @rhymetaylor & other members of @NxM team for approving to sponsor the project and their patience while I was getting it done. I want to thank @Mubzy for producing track one(phoenix) with me. I want to thank @AugustKinge for his killer verse on track one(phoenix). I want to also thank @boy_chula for the dope album art. @guvnor for the dope mixing & mastering. I want thank the whole NEAR organisation for this beautiful platform.

Taking the message and melody to the world. Never give up, keep believing and no matter the situation you will rise like a phoenix.

Let’s go!!! #pheonixEP


Really looking forward to listening to this! Congratulations!


Thanks alot, sir. Can’t wait to share.

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Hey!!! We are live!!! #PhoenixEP is on @Mintbase my first ever NFT!!!

Thanks to @NxM & the team @Monish016 @Paul @bonepolice @rhymetaylor @williamx

Y’all support this inspirational project.



  1. LI9HTBULB ft @AugustKinge - Phoenix https://www.mintbase.io/thing/iEUlB6tEBjiL0WrUvoWpK942Fe5xfj2bt-EOtXNeOVA:opennxm.mintbase1.near

  2. LI9HTBULB - One more Li9htbulb - One More on Mintbase

  3. LI9HTBULB ft Prince Natural - Psalm 23 Li9htbulb ft Prince Natural - Psalm23 on Mintbase