[Guide] NxM Projects Grant Application (Stream Two)

The NxM Projects Grant is designed to support members of the NxM community with funding for their music related projects. You may apply for this grant to fund your music project, provided your meet all the requirements and are approved by the NxM DAO Council.

You may apply for a Maximum of $500 USD in funding for your music project from the NxM DAO per month


In order to be eligible to apply for the NxM Projects Grant you must be a registered member of NxM and a holder of a membership badge.

You must have a Near Name (account). If you don’t have one, create yours here first before registering as a member.

You must also be registered on the Near Governance Forum , where you will post your proposal to complete your submission.

Register as an official member of NxM here .

Submissions Deadline:

We will be accepting submissions starting on the 25th of each month until the end of the month. For example, December 2021 submissions will open on the 25th of November and close on the 30th November. This means you have a 5 day window to submit your NxM Projects Grant Application for funding for December.

Submissions Process:

Create your submission by posting a “ New Topic ” on the Near Governance Forum with the follow title: [Project Proposal] Your Event Name - Month/Year

For example - [Project Proposal] My New NFT - December 2021

Use the following tags:

  • Where it says “uncategorized” type NxM and select the “Creatives / NxM Guild” tag.
  • In the “optional tags” box choose both “NxM DAO” & “Proposals” tags.

Your Proposal:

Fill in the main text input field with your detailed proposal!

Once you have completed your submission select the “Create Topic” button in blue at the bottom left to complete.

Note: You can always edit your proposal once you’ve posted it if you need to make changes!

Review & Approval:

All proposals will be reviewed by the NxM DAO Council on the 1st of every month with a decision made by the 3rd.

Approval will be given in the comment thread of your proposal on the governance forum and you will be advised on how to submit your proposal to the NxM DAO.


To simplify the process your application proposal should contain the following information:

  • Proposed Date of your project
  • Purpose of Project (what do you hope to achieve)
  • Who is involved (including artists…)
  • What are your goals (why do you want to do this project)
  • Detailed budget (how much goes to who)
  • Basic marketing & promotion plan

We understand that some proposals may require a % of funds upfront to cover various costs. Please do mention that in your proposal. * Only up to 50% of the total budget is available to be requested upfront.


  • Be as detailed as possible
  • Include members of the NxM community
  • Incorporate NFTs (poster, gifts, art, collaborations) in your proposal
  • Create onboarding opportunities
  • Be inclusive as possible
  • Use clear and simple English to convey your message
  • Ask for help from NxM community admins
  • Explore previously approved proposals to see how others have done it
  • Be honest

If you have any comments, concerns, feedback or advice on how to make this guide better please leave them in the comments below, Thanks!


Nice !
Great work @vandal

Is it worth defining what a “project” can be…or is it deliberately undefined as a broad term ?


Pretty Neat Guide. I would say


Awesome @vandal
It will be really helpful for community members if they could see those two streams in the description of the the Guild.


In my mind it was deliberately undefined, but loosely defined as a project that involves music and uses Near technology. I’m interested to see what projects get submitted!


Thanks @Paul! Which description in particular, I’ll include it where I can. If possible, can we add these guides to the NxM Linktree profile at the top?!?


Sure @vandal I am going to add this tomorrow to the Linktree!

This description below:


Got it! Yes, the description here on our governance forum profile. I think I have the editing capabilities!


Can i be part of other guild too?


Sure, you can @dmitryne !


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