[Report] Nxm DAO - Marketing March 2022


Funding Scheme: Monthly

Project: Social Media Management March

Council: @Monish016 @Paul @vandal @bonepolice @rhymetaylor @williamx

Links: NxM Live | Linktree

Target Address: nxm.sputnik-dao.near

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Creatives DAO Proposal March
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Previous Marketing DAO proposals

Marketing DAO proposal March
Marketing DAO proposal Feb

Hey Marketing DAO,

Nxm Marched with Way too Many Changes within the Community, Nxm Recently had Onboarded 3 Council Through the Open call. @bonepolice @rhymetaylor and @williamx to Support Core Mission of Onboarding and Encourage Music Artist into Web 3 Space.

Also, In terms of Social Mediums of Nxm, To Boost the Engagement and Interaction In the Community, We have Onboarded the Most Active Members of the Community as the Social Media Managers.

Telegram - @Sleezy_Moss & @AugustKinge
Twitter - @AugustKinge
Discord - @Sammiee
Tik Tok - @boy_chula
IG - @Sleezy_Moss

Yes, Now are Moving towards Tik Tok, Which is a Craze for Music and Video Content :slight_smile: , Also We have Decided to Drop FB, As the Interaction and Engagement Level is Too Low

Nxm Has Recently Hit 500 Members a Remarkable Milestone in the Telegram Community.
We expect to Move Forward Toward the year.

Pls find the NxM DAO Monthly Report Here

Pls, Find the Report Below.

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Thank You