Hello NXM Community and The NEAR Ecosystem.

I remain Samson Chukwu NXM Discord Moderator.
With so much delight I make my first report As NxM discord Mod, In the month of March NXM discord have had a huge Transformation with regards creating and recreating of BOTs,Categories and Channels to best suite the community and make participation more exciting,
We currently are 219 members strong on the Server with over 69 members Verified and more members taking verifications.

In March we had Discord Trivia on the server which Rewards and announcement of winners will be done Monday 28/March/2022.

proper distribution of informations, Ranging from Events/Projects/Community Task are now properly disseminated through the right Channels, may I add that we have also taken advantage of the Discord Events Calendar :spiral_calendar: to better Notify and as a means of reminder to our Community of On coming events and Ongoing Projects.
The discord server going forward into the month of April will see New activities for community engagements and continuous Modifications to ensure steady Growth.

I have attached Link to the NXM Discord so that we can Check the server Out and Take part in the Growth Push of the community and Ecosystem at large.

Discord Requested Fund of $200

I am @Sammiee and I am glad to serve and I will be of service.

Cc: @Paul @Monish016 @vandal for visibility


Please put the requested amount ($200) in your report and feel free to request it from NxM AstroDAO.
cc @Monish016


Alright bro I’ll do just that

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