[Approved] Near Live Band Musical Event

Live band is currently the most entertaining music performance we have today, it deals with performing live with local drum sets, and other basic musical instruments to entertain the audiences

A live band is stimulating — it is visual, original, active, able to generate energy that the audience can feel, and composed in a way that your guests can celebrate with.

March 27th (Mothering Sunday) is a day where we host live band show in the city of ikoyi Lagos

Great musical performance, live band challenge, fun at it’s peak

As the organizer and master of this great event, I’m making this event bigger and greater as usual, this event will definitely be the best live event we’ve experienced because near is gonna be the mother of this great event, I’ll be organizing a near Live band event, printed near banners, t-shirts, and however I’ll bring in popular live band artist like Agada, Thetune, WizPrince, DePlanner, Xmut, oluwadamilola, Kheemoya and many more!

However all performing artist are gonna be dressed on the printed near t-shirts and we’ll also create a near wallet for each one of them onboarding a whole lot of audiences too, i have already communicated this idea to all other organizers and they are fully in support of this great idea.

They’ll be a live band competition and winner will record a standard song mixed and mastered in my own studio and after that minted as NFT as they’ll also be a live coverage of the event ( highlighting the artist live performance and event total coverage)

In This great event we are looking at 998$ to make this event a great success’

Here Is the breakdown of what we need to make this event a success.

  1. Tiger Bar ( Tiger Bar is a well equipped and popular location in the city of ikoyi, it is known as the best bar at that city because of the kind of known prominent people around there, so these will cost: 237$ : 27.9 near

  2. Banner, graphics and banners: 120$ : 14 near

  3. Sound, smoke, light, projector and decorations: 195$: 23 near

  4. Online ads. 46$: 5.4 near

  5. 15 near printed t-shirts for organisers and performers: 130$ : 15.3 near

  6. Band competition: 100$: 11.7 near

  7. Video coverage: 70$: 8.2 near

  8. Payment of ushers, bouncers, and workers 100$: 11.7 near

In this case we having popular live band artist coming to entertain this great event.

So however if there’s any need to add anything to enhance the success of this great event, it will be done by me and @Paul @Monish016 @vandal @nullzero

I promise to give my all to make this event great as usual.

I am open to answer further questions or concerns and i am very excited to be a part of this great community to share my knowledge and experiences.

Thanks for your consideration,




Hey @Ayojay

Please be informed that your proposals has been approved!
Feel free to request 50% of the requested funds to NxM.

We are implementing a new process of NxM membership via NEAR Guilds App, please join there, as stated wallets will have privilege to request funding from NxM.
In order to join, please do the following steps:

  • Open NEAR Guilds App :arrow_right: https://app.nearguilds.com :arrow_left:
  • Find NxM Guild​:eyes:
  • Log to the app using your NEAR wallet​:exclamation:
  • Join to the community using your NEAR wallet! :raised_hands:

Also, feel free to leave your feedback here, when you will be doing the report, after delivered show.


Thanks with gratitude brother :pray:

Hi brothers, @Paul @Monish016
I’m requesting for additional fund of 5 near 62.65$ For the booking of DJ neptune, a meeting was shedule yesterday and he just confirmed his availability for our event, this 5 near will be added to the one i have already to complete he’s rates, thanks a lot brother, I really appreciate your candid support.

Wallet: ayojay.near

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Hey @Ayojay
I and @Monish016 can agree to that, however, please be informed that we treat this as an exception, as we don’t want to continue such practice in the future.

Please request a payout of 5N from NxM Astro.
Thank You!


Thank you!!

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Last Night show was historical​:fire::fire::fire::fire:
We had guest coming in even until 3am morning…
I’m overwhelmed right now,
All highlights and coverage will be minted as NFT
Once again I’m saying a big thank you to all the council members for a successful live band event… @Monish016 @Paul @nullzero

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Hey @Ayojay
Thank you for the Report.

Can you pls send me Which Social Medium Ads Went Online? Also, Can you pls send me the Link?

I couldn’t Find None of the artists with the NEAR or NXM Logo T-shirts.

Can you Explain More about the Competition? Who Participated? Who Won? to the Report.


Pls, Send the Video Link.

Pls Post a Separate Thread for the Report Under Nxm Tag, Instead of Just Commenting on Pictures, Pls Add How much Money is Spent on the Event, Who You Paid, How Much Needs to be Paid?
What is the Learning? What Opportunities can be Adopted ??

CC. @Paul @vandal @bonepolice @rhymetaylor @williamx

Also, @Paul , I guess we need to Edit the Nxm Grants Guide About Reporting And Payout


Thanks for the questions, I’ll answer them from the top.

Firstly the ads tool we used was the WhatsApp tv with Viralz promotion, this company is in charge of sending broadcast messages to more than 20k WhatsApp contact within a particular place advertising a given content, we had them broadcasted our show for 14 days until the day of the event, here is the chat receipt.

This WhatsApp TV is undoubtedly the best way to hype and publicize a show because viewers gets it directly on their phone…

We have other popular influencers post them on their instagram stories too.

2, secondly we made 15 near T shirts, gave it out to artist and crew members unfortunately artist came with their stylist and weren’t dressed on our near T-shirts, so we had to share the rest of the shirts to the crew members and ushers to make it visible for everyone to see.

3, thirdly the band competition was between,

9ytrogenius (the winner) a signed artist from BMG record

Nero another contestant

WizPrince a contestant

Tinny a contestant

And lastly Cblake our last contestant…

And the winner was 9ytrogenius recorded a song for minting ft Nero which has already been minted on the NxM store.

And the video coverage of the event and performances has been sent to one of the council member for minting @pawel

Total money spent on this event is 1063$ i had to add my own personal funds to equip some items.

Here is the breakdown of the money i spent and who i paid…

  • live band crew and rented equipment 250$

*Viralz promotion charged me 45,000 naira (83$) for two weeks promotion before the event day
Which was paid immediately after this proposal was approved

  • Event Location: skippo lounge is a reputable location here in lekki-ajah way, with little discounted rate the location was given to us for 200$ instead of the initial budget of 237$, the 37$ was then added to the publicity

  • banner, light, coverage, and sound cost 190$

  • 15 quality near printed T-shirts for 130$

  • Artist hospitality, booking, and live singing competition cost 210$

However i added a lot from my end to enhance a good event like hotel booking for artist and transportation all was funded by me, our guest gave us a thumbs up for this event, we asked many questions and the feedback we got was perfect…

Firstly I requested for 500$ along the line I requested additional 63$ that made it 563$ in total, so now that this event have been completed I’m requesting for 437$ to transport our equipment back and clear out some rented equipments too…

I must say this is the best event I’ve had so far, it was innovative, a lot of audiences wanna hear more about near and we onboarded the few we can,
Likes of tory.near
E.t.c and a whole lot of them demanded urgent wallet which we onboarded.

Once again I’m saying a big thank you to the entire ecosystem, near council members and our community members. @Monish016 @Paul @bonepolice @vandal @williamx @rhymetaylor



Im so glad you had such a successful event, and I will give a more thorough commentary soon.

something I wanted to quickly address, the minted NFT for 9ytrogenius is not an instrumental he owns. The producer tag “purchase your tracks today” is still on the instrumental, indicating it was simply ripped/downloaded from online. That becomes a copyright issue and one of the most fundamental use cases of NFTs is protecting IP. We need to have a more meticulous process for vetting tracks to ensure there are no potential legal ramifications with illegal use of copyright, especially if they are going to be events with the NEAR and NxM brands affiliated.

Also, it would be great to have links to the artists socials and streaming platforms.

Thank you for the detail in answering questions and reports.


Thank you for that question!!

Actually I’m a producer too, i make and sell beat online, so that’s just one of my craft but well since it doesn’t go in line with NFT guide I’ll rework on the beat, invite 9ytrogenius to my studio again and do some corrections. Thanks for your observation @rhymetaylor