[Report] NxM DAO Management - March 2022

This payout request is for the management of the NxM DAO for March 2022.

March has been a spectacular Month for Nxm, with the new talented @williamx @bonepolice @rhymetaylor onboarded into Nxm Council with the Recent Open Call, These 3 Were given a month Trial Period to be on Council, Out which 2 Stays back and help us improve the Community at end of the Month.

Also, @vandal 's Guide Towards Project and Event Grant Helped us Track the Collaborations with artists for March too :slight_smile:

As we Continue to Fund the Artist through Nxm Project/Events Grants, we are Looking to Expand the Scope and Boundary of Nxm in the Upcoming Months. This Can be Done through Collab with the New Incoming Council.

Social Media Management is one of the Key areas Which Needs to be Addressed on NxM, Now We have @AugustKinge & @Sleezy_Moss Handling Telegram, FB, IG. While @Sammiee Stays Same to Handle Discord (with the New Discord Trivia). We are Moving to Tik Tok Now Seeking Help from @boy_chula.

Request - $600

$300 - Monish016.near
$300 - crans.near