[REPORT] Near Venezuela wish you all Happy Holidays 🎄

Hello NEAR Family :star_struck:

Glad to give this extended and detailed monthly report corresponding to our work for the Near Ecosystem and about our two main projects: Crypto Beer-Report and Los Palmeros de Chacao-Start

In this sense, we onboard these new projects to achieve our goals reported on our previous weekly updates: 1 2 3-4 5

In the upcoming weeks, we will increase our capability and work harder to achieve the following goals and objectives we are going to propose.

That’s being said, we report the following details and information.

Near Venezuela Guild

  • Community Growth: We approached more volunteers in both projects and everyone opened new wallets accounts. Our Telegram group is now a very active group and it growth from 100+ members to almost 400 in this month :rocket:. And now because we have so many activities around the Guild we open our own Discord Server.

  • New Squad inside Near Venezuela: We achieve the main objectives of 2 weekly events for the Cryptobeer with the help of @ArianaVictoriaMoreno and the follow up of the Palmeros with @jblm . We found our soft spot, that is marketing, so we are opening a Marketing Squad with @Mineriavirtual as the leader, he is the leader of this community: Mineria Virtual

  • Working for a better world: Palmeros de Chacao is an UNESCO human cultural heritage with more than 500 members, and they are doing a wonderfull work, and they are very happy to be collaborating with NEAR, they trust in our Near Community and Tech, and they are greatfull for our help, so they will be chilling NEAR in every meeting, they have now a uniform with the NEAR logo. They lack on marketing knowledge, and social media use, so here we are also improving with them.

The budget from our first month as a Guild with funding was only used for this two projects. New members that came only to work on this projects were rewarded, and non of the previous guild members was rewarded for collaborations on this projects.

Rewarded Tasks from/for other Guilds / Projects

The breakdown of the work done on each Project or with each Guild are inside the hidden details.

  • Realization of banners.
  • Illustrations.
  • Brand manual.
  • Templates.
  • ES Language Coordination
  • Writing articles / publications
  • Infographics
  • Tanslations
  • Community Manager Twitter & Telegram
Near Hispano

[Report] My Contribution on NEAR HISPANO [November]

Merchants of Near
NEAR Community Concierge

[Report] Immersion Week as NEAR Community Moderator [FritzWagner#6722]
My one week immersion as NEAR community moderator (Jose Ortuno)

  • Community Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Web Designer
NEAR University - DiR
Swine Guild - December will be non rewarded
  • Making memes, GIF memes, Video memes.
  • Design of banners and logos.
  • Twitter Administration Near Venezuela.
  • Guid restructuring proposals.
  • Translation of memes
LearnNEAR Club

Reviewing translations EN->ES

Learn Near Club Translations Spanish January


Edition #34:
NEARWEEK Edición #33 - Google Docs
Edition #29 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WCUtG5FN3KJC9Oxgqswy1pGp2fQ-ASm19LG0qhpMnfE/edit?usp=sharing Edition #30 NEARWEEK Edición #30 - Google Docs

Sankore 2.0

Luis Aponte

Regarding Sankore 2.0, this project focused on bring blockchain-based solutions to África as Kenya as a starting point in the region so within the team we were discussing about the new ideas and the different tools and solutions that NEAR, his protocol, his tech and his blockchain could help to build the pillars of this project. As Sankore wants to focus it on three main points:

  • Education
  • Climate
  • Community Solutions

In this sense, I have been working within this project in two areas: Research and Investigation and Content Creation.

The first one I’ve been designing a roadmap in order for all the investigation, new information acquired, and the research from the different topics will be able to be executed in an order form so the roadmap gives us a schedule on how and when to apply those investigations in order to execute them. So for this, I made and researched interested topics as:

  • Blockchain solutions in Kenya
  • Africa’s Crypto and Blockchain handling.
  • Law and regulations of the application of Blockchain in Kenya and West África
  • How the multilateral organizations helps Africa to be involve in new techs as Blockchain and web3
  • Sponsorship of multilateral and governmental organizations in projects for crypto
  • Africa’s economy depending on using crypto
  • Solutions of Blockchains applied into low-level communities.
  • Pros and cons of África into the involvement of new users of crypto and his execution worldwide.
  • Mining and staking in Kenya
  • Developing a crypto for África.
  • NEAR Protocol and his influence in Kenya
  • Marketing solutions for crypto in West África
  • Challenges of Africa in the financial sectors and the oxygenation that cryptocurrencies facilitate to them
  • Governmental regulations and point of view of the governments regarding this
  • Other topics

We have beeing onboarding devs with NCD L1, designers, lawyers, community managers, and others, thanks to OWS and NEAR HISPANO Guilds

Some onboarding claim rewards are pending

Best devs are on the DiR program right now

Here a pic of my invites on the forum:

Upcoming rewards for the Venezuela Team

The following tasks from Near Venezuela Guild are waiting to be paid




Guild Council Leadership


Discord Handle Luis Aponte#4656

Profile - LuisAponte99 - NEAR Forum
BA in International Affairs

Member and Council of the Near Venezuela Guild

  • Remunerated job

OWS + Sankore 2.0


This month from November to December, I have been able to create, generate and translate different content related to NEAR protocol, his tool and his blockchain. Regarding this I have done translation for more than 24 tweets from the different twitter accounts of NEAR, NEAR Protocol, Near Insider, Near Daily, NEARWEEK, etc, into content from English to Spanish.

  • Non-Remunerated Job with NEAR Venezuela Guild

As a member of the guild and with the support of the community, I became a Counselor of the guild in question and begin taking more responsibilities in order to organize the different projects NEAR VENEZUELA Guild have (Palmeros de Chacao, CryptoBeer, NEARMun soon) I have the main goal to organize the persons in charge of each of those projects and also the new users that come aboard NEAR and his community to explain, educate and teach them how to start in this world of crypto, blockchain, web3 and NEAR

We were using spaces of different companies and organizations that gave us the helpful hand to be able to gather us in those offices or locations and to be able to execute our project’s activities to achieve our monthly goals. For this, we encourage everyone that could support us with a proper accommodation that we can impart class, explain to groups how to open their wallet and how to use for example the DAOs, to have a meeting with proper internet connection and other daily activities we do each day without any payment inside the guild.

Also, we are constantly traveling inside the country to start having people in different cities of Venezuela where at some point they could join the guild and be part of the different projects we are executing in Venezuela thanks NEAR and his support. For these cases, we travel with our personal vehicles or rent some transport with our own money to extend the scope and approach more locations and more people to join and use NEAR. Regarding transportation, we did sometimes place our personal vehicles in order of the guild’s goals and projects. As we did visit the HQ of the Palmeros of the different brewery craft houses in other states in Venezuela as part of the CryptoBeer

Likewise, we onboard at least 2-3 personal meetings with different members of the projects to check the roadmap and the achievement of the goals and we gathered all that information to order it and then develop it in a solid report.


























Besides the translation of Twitter, I have been translating some important articles as:




Also, created and generated new content based on my experience as the following article:


Onboarding with Blockchain Diplomat

We - Nicolas, Jose Luis, and my self - have being giving a Blockchain Diplomat with TecnologiaFinanciera
Here some of the wallets we open for our students:
[Report] Second Week: New Members + Starting Projects - #2 by FritzWorm

  • Blockchain Diplomat by Fritz Wagner and Jose Luis Ortuño with TF

mcachafeiro.near ← investor

  • Nativonft.app referral and assistance

continuo.near ← Photographer using www.nativonft.app

  • NCD referral and assistance ( NCD L1 done → now on DiR program)

Building ForMyFuture dApp

Building NEAR-DEX

Logo Design

This is a Cross Over → NEAR + CRUZ DIEZ

Elaboration of designs for T-shirts and POP material.

Update on Elaboration of banners, graphic arts is pending

Sandbox [November] Reward Claim of [Arturo Hernández#1944]

Elaboration of memes, gif memes and video memes.

Elaboration of Stikers for telegram.


Crypto Beer
  • Organization of 2 events (Valencia + BOD)

  • Logo design.

  • Design of banners, flyer and graphic arts in general.

  • Video editing.

  • Review, correction and monitoring of the written content of all members of the project “Crypto Beer” pre and post publication.

  • Review, correction and monitoring of the content published on social networks of all members of the project “Crypto Beer” pre and post publication.

Palmeros de Chacao
  • Several meetings teaching them about NEAR, so they are running their own DAO on ASTRODAO right now.

  • Review, correction and monitoring of the content published on social networks of all members of the project “Los Palmeros de Chacao” pre and post publication.

  • Review, correction and monitoring of the content published on social networks of the project “Los Palmeros de Chacao” pre and post publication.

  • Calls, guide, and other communication related tasks

Building the marketing squad

Frank Cardenas

With a journey of approximately one year in the near community and in the forum I - Mineriavirtual - was able to do some tasks related to memes and marketing but in a very superficial way, this December I took the initiative to enter the community with much more courage and perseverance.

For this month I have developed several marketing strategies that are based mainly on the humanization of the main near networks and demonstrate the benefits that the use of modern social networks such as TIKTOK can generate, to be more specific, I have developed:

  • The campaign that will be carried out to humanize Near Hispano accounts
  • Incorporation of the TITOK network to NEAR communications
  • Instagram platform grid for Near Hispano
  • Proposal to modernize Near’s general social networks
  • Participation in NFT launches in pars
Content Creation Chief

Nicolas Peña

Wallet: elcdrtco.near

Discord: nicolasp2#9122

Rewarded Jobs:

  • OWS:

  • Writing articles:




  • Elaboration of infographics:


Unpaid work:

  • Guild Near Venezuela:

  • NEAR Venezuela Twitter Community Manager:


  • Guide, follow-up and education to the entire NEAR Valencia team:


  • Review, correction and follow-up to the written content of all the members of the Guild of NEAR Venezuela before and after publication.

  • Review, correction and monitoring of the content published on social networks of all members of the Guild of NEAR Venezuela.

  • Crypto Beer Project:

  • Review, correction and monitoring of the written content of all members of the project “Crypto Beer” pre and post publication.

  • Review, correction and monitoring of the content published on social networks of all members of the project “Crypto Beer” pre and post publication.

  • Palmeros de Chacao Project:

  • Review, correction and monitoring of the content published on social networks of all members of the project “Los Palmeros de Chacao” pre and post publication.

  • Review, correction and monitoring of the content published on social networks of the project “Los Palmeros de Chacao” pre and post publication.

Tranlastions Leadership

Jose Luis, Luis Aponte, and my self,
We have been revieweing the translations on NEAR Club → ES without asking for reward

And so guiding new members into this journey:

Aleida Castillo:

During the last two months, I have had the pleasant opportunity to join the talented team of the Guild NEAR Venezuela, who have guided me to enter the wonderful universe of the NEAR Protocol, becoming a collaborator as a translator of several of their publications, thus allowing me to expand so valuable information. Here the links of documents I have translated:

From Spanish to English:


From Spanish to French:





From English to French:




From English to Spanish:



Building new NEAR node on Valencia (VE)

Arturo Hernández

( arturoadelante.near )

My work has focused on managing the content of social networks, promoting the growth of followers and seeking support from those followers to spread the content provided by @NearProtocol and @openwebsanbox, in addition to that created by @nearvenezuela and @nearvalencia

• Manage and administer the Near community in Valencia Edo Carabobo

• Publish the content and keep track of the posts.

• Create simple designs, video editing and easy-to-spread memes to reach many more Internet users

• We have also participated in the creation of content and translation of articles in cooperation with other collaborators.

Paid work performed

-1 Video interview with José Luis Ortuño Member of Near Venezuela

-8 simple designs (memes)

-Creation and maintenance of the Twitter network @NearValencia

-Article translation










Francisco González

Francisco González (franciscogonzalez.near)

The contribution made from personal strengths and opportunities enhances the holistic growth of the NEAR ecosystem; In this regard, my contributions to the aforementioned during the month of December have focused on establishing inter-institutional links with the education sector, especially university education (undergraduate and graduate), teachers’ unions, and general secondary education teachers. Likewise, I have encouraged participation in non-face-to-face educational programs (webinar), and translation of material related to NEAR / Education topics.

Rewarded Jobs:

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Link with the Faculty of Education Sciences - University of Carabobo.

Click here to see Tweet N ° 1 (video of the meeting)

Click here to see Tweet N ° 2 (photos of the meeting).

RProtocol https://twitter.com/NearValencia/status/1471178513617235969?t=8F6zlZleIEg9iNI7V6GtJA&s=19

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Webinar organization for developers - Near Valencia, powered by @FritzWG and @Josel_oc

Click here to watch Tweet Capture webinar


:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Educational / informative interview, addressing thematic elements of NEAR. Interviewed: @FritzWG

Clic aquí para ver Tweet video entrevista

Unremunerated work:

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Creation of a whatsapp group + Communicational diffusion list to disseminate information about NEAR (tweets, events, reading and iconographic material, among others).

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Non-formal meeting with the teachers’ union, through the president of the College of Graduates in Education in Venezuela.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Share through retweets, likes and comments, information published by accounts related to NEAR and members of the Near Venezuela guild.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Attendance at face-to-face meetings with members of the Near Venezuela Council, to receive guidance and project work for the growth of the ecosystem in our country.

Nicole Rodriguez

Nicole Rodríguez


My work has focused on the production of informative articles about projects, news and topics related to Near, as well as the creation and publication of memes on social networks and the translation of articles related to Near.

Work published the month for the period of the month of December:

• Informative article:

Near y su potencial impacto al turismo


• Informative article: 2:

¡La llegada de los “Smart Contracts”! contratos inteligentes con la blockchain de Near


• Informative article: 3:

El crecimiento artístico de la mano de Near. Cómo los NFT impulsan el arte digital


• Translation of article related to Near:


• Publication of meme:


• Post meme 2:


Our goals as a Guild from November


  • Palmeros de Chacao DAO
  • Find more developers :white_check_mark: → 2 DiR ongoing so far
  • Host events to onboard Artist :white_check_mark: → Continuo.near is active so far
  • Blockchain Course :white_check_mark: → 2 courses given 30+ students
  • Upgrade/Improve our educational Material :x: → spreadsheet organized, but we still need to update that on the webpage or the wiki
  • POP material :white_check_mark: → only crypto beer t-shirts so far, we still need to make the NEAR Venezuela t-shirts.

What’s comming for 2022

Happy Holidays :christmas_tree:

Cheers :beers:


Hi, Good report, very detailed. As a new member of Near Venezuela with just less than a month here, it makes it easier for me to know where we come from, who we are and where we are going.

2022! :eyes:


Near Venezuela ready for 2022🚀. Working hard everyday.

Happy Holidays :christmas_tree:


It’s great to have you here!


Working hard and enjoying our journey inside the NEAR ecosystem :beers:


Hi, I thought I was already a member of Near for being here. But really barely was a basic user of the OWS.

Yesterday, I was very surprised when I observed that I am ascending with the Badge of Enthusiast, and a few minutes later to a true member (Trust Level 2).

I have a lot to do even, I have to go calmly. There is much to be processed yet before taking important responsibilities. I am taking into account the steps that follow to go ahead.

We are all going to work together for Near Venezuela! :rocket: … and also for the universe of NEAR as a whole.

Muchas gracias


Hello @FritzWorm , good job my friend.

You have helped me at Learn Near Club with the revisions of my translations, and, most importantly, you gave me the opportunity to do them.

Thank you so much.

I wish you the best of success next year.

Your friend.