Learn Near Club Translations Spanish January

January Translations EN-ES

Hello, I hope you have a very good year.

As every month it is a pleasure to share the translations of Learn Near Club from English to Spanish.

I would like to say thank you to @sasha , @FritzWorm and @Jloc for the opportunity to be part of the team.

I congratulate the good team, we have worked efficiently, perfectionist and very well coordinated, @Alecaseg , the new translator: @nacho.near and myself.

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What is Octopus Network?

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What You Can Do On NEAR Protocol

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Hello @jeph I am a little confused right now, sorry.

Can you specify the total amount for all the translations, yours and @Alecaseg

Can you somehow point it out too on the spreasheet ? It has a bunch of calculations at the right, I cant know what has been paid.

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Sure my friend, the January translations calculations are the blue ones.

And I just added a blue line too :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking.

Ok, so $102 I am going to make the proposal to Learn Near, and let you know when is done :wink:

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Yes, 102N, thank you.

102 NEAR → :white_check_mark: let you know when to make your proposal. Take care my friend.