My one week immersion as NEAR community moderator (Jose Ortuno)

A beautiful community

Hello fellas meerkats,

If I have to sum up my experience working with the moderator’s team, I will say it is a great community that welcomed me from the beginning and helped me get on board with the project.

For me, this was a fascinating challenge because I wanted to work directly with the NEAR team since I started contributing to this community. My goal from the beginning was to be part of this remarkable ecosystem that can help and impact positively in people’s lives.

At first, can be a bit overwhelming, but thanks to the support of the team, I got used to the workflow very fast, we had a few slow days with not much interaction (at least at the time of my shift), and I occupied my time creating content to the Reddit channel

Other days were just very challenging, let me explain why. I have been using crypto for a long time, and I can sympathize with people when they invest in a new technology they dont know, and they feel fear, doubt, or uncertainty.

But having the mods team as a backup, knowing NEAR from inside out, and believing in this project gave me the confidence I needed to transfer to people.

There was a particularly challenging day (thursday 11) that the network explorer was down. We received a lot of FUD and bad comments in the chat, I was just starting my shift, and the discord was on fire, so I decided to pull the inquiries one by one to my DM, so I can understand each case better and provide a better service. I didn’t even know what was going on, but I believed in the devs team, so I just calmed people down and everything went great. Many of the users then wrote me back apologizing for being “rude,” and appreciated me for the help. That was very fulfilling. :blush:

Interactions in every server (Telegram, Discord, Reddit) are very different. If I have to choose, I will stick to Discord and Reddit because I think communication can be (in my opinion) a lot more personal, and you can have better interaction and fluid conversations.

In the end, I would just have to say it was a great experience working with such a kind team, and of course, I would have to especially thank @Benz_Near and @Kv9990, who are the persons I interacted with the most, and I think they really got out of their way to give me a hand when I needed it. Also, thanks to @KriptoRaptor for doing such a great job in the Telegram channel (not an easy thing to manage), and of course @jcpacion for this opportunity, I enjoyed it very much. :beers: