[Application] Near Venezuela -> Tiering System

Hello Hello :vulcan_salute:

Here We are happy to follow the new process for the community Payouts, and be able to share the Tier 1 - Trusted Guild application with you all. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Who we are

We are a Tribe, full of members working around the crypto sphere with more than 7 years of experience on the blockchain industry, with a mix of different skills and backgrounds, sharing goals and dreams.

Here you can meet some of our most valuable members:

Guild Leadership (DAO Councils):

@LuisAponte99 @Jloc @Arturoahs @Nicolasp2 @andresdom

Sub-Tribes (so far):

Palmeros de Chacao & #mineria-virtual

Guild DAO: near-venezuela.sputnik-dao.near

  • nearmun.sputnik-dao.near
  • crypto-beer.sputnik-dao.near
  • palmeros-de-chacao.sputnik-dao.near

Working as an approved Guild since July 21

We started this journey on May 2020, with the participation on the Hackathon. We started our own Squad thanks to OWS opportunities and rewards, and we have been helping other projects and joining other Guilds since then.

Mission: Onboard everyone to Web3

Our Tribe is aligned with a common vision which is to ease the adoption of the blockchain technology.

Vision: Support and further development of Web3 applications

We see ourselves in the future as a collective capable of advice and consulting, with our own resources from the gains of successful projects launched within the Guild, as an incubator for any decentralized project we choose to support, and mainly focused on the Venezuelan issues, but collaborating with other communities starting with the Spanish speaking ones.

Objectives / Roadmap

The most urgent objective is to get funded as a Guild, for the first time for our Guild activities, to continue with the growth and further efforts as follow:

From funded projects:

  1. CRYPTO BEER: Share a resume video & start the self sustainable phase (FEB)
  2. NEAR P2P: Testnet (FEB) and Mainnet (MAR)
  3. NEAR MUN: Setup (FEB) and launch (MAR)
  4. Palmeros de Chacao: Social Networks Growth to over 1000 followers (APR)

From ongoing not funded projects:

  1. ES Wiki: Final touch and deploy on our website (FEB)
  2. NCD/DiR Expousure: use the gathered information and launch a marketing campaign (FEB)
  3. Magic NEAR: Webpage with DEMO cards (FEB)

Cross Collaborations pendings

  1. Translations for the NEAR Wiki with Legal Guild (Pending)
  2. MV Traders on OWS :white_check_mark:
  3. Developer database growth with OWS (Pending)

dApps from DiR to mainnet (MAR):

  1. 4myFuture
  2. BlockJobs
  3. BookShop

Other initiatives:

  1. NFT Badges for Guild members: Launch first collection (APR)
  2. 40 members who completed the Near Certified Developer (JUN) - 17 completed & Active
  3. 10 members who completed the Near Certified Instructor (JUN) - 4 inscribed
  4. Onboard 3 Institutions into Web3 using DAOs / Giving NEAR Courses (JUN) - 1 already
  5. Finally, keep the growth on our socials: Telegram / Discord / Twitter / Instagram

Community Engagement

Our engagement with other Guilds and Projects is huge and this can be seen on the monthly reports from our Guild:

Here is a list:

  • OWS from where we all started and keep doing contributions
  • NEAR Hispano: running several DiR programs within Near Hispano
  • Merchants of NEAR: with several members sharing price predictions
  • NEAR Community Concierge: My self and Jose Luis on the Guild and Project ops
  • TenkBay: with moderation, web design, project management, and more.
  • NEAR University: Being part and helping with the onboarding of nearcomers
  • Swine Guild: with @yehosua.near leading the web content
  • LearnNEAR Club: As a councils on the ES translations
  • NearWeek: doing translations and sharing the publication on the NEAR HISPANO blog
  • Sankore 2.0 with Luis Aponte on the Research, Investigation and Content Creation
  • Onboarding DAO: as a Council
  • Creatives: as a Moderator
  • Near Argentina: onboarding new NCDs into our projects
  • Corpseman Guild 7 NEARVerse Portal / NEAR Writer Collective: @jblm starting on content creation
  • Metapool: where @Maiker is working as illustrator and designer

Gift from Dapplets team to us:

Connections with communities outside NEAR

  1. Mineria Virtual

  1. Oxen - We had been proposing connections with #cypherpunk-guild

  1. Otoco - They are waiting for a proposal from us ( I want they to add NEAR login and NEAR payments )


  1. Binance Merchants ( As @Gastonromano is a Merchant member and other members like @Mineriavirtual had doing payed promotions or are working as Moderators )

Protected by a legal entity

The following Series Operation Agreement is an LLC signed with a Blockchain Wallet, owned by fritz-wagner-v20028980.eth

Series_Operation_Agreement.pdf (326.6 KB)

Sustainable / Useful

We have been on several meetings with different project leaders from other communities and even without any blockchain experience but with ideas. Right now we already receive payment and start working on 1 project:

Venix - NFT Marketplace ( we will share more information on future reports )

We are here for the long run, and we have several plans to be sustainable, thank you all beloved community for this opportunity to finally get funded as a Guild. :white_check_mark:



Change on the DAO Legal Status and Doc: