[Report] My Contribution on NEAR HISPANO [November]

Heyy NEAReans, writing/saying hi from Venezuela :cowboy_hat_face:

Let’s resume the month of November on NEAR HISPANO:

We invited many developers to NCD L1, many of them from Universidad Metropolitana, and others from a software company from Valencia thanks to @Arturoahs who spend around $100 as host of the meeting.

It was a successful task because at the end we need more projects, dapps, to growth the ecosystem and that is what we just harvest → 2 DiR projects, one of which is able even to get a Grant because a lot of members from the NEAR community are asking for it:

Also, this is not a space only for Devs ! :sunglasses: we love them, but we also need other professionals like Artists.

That’s why I also help connecting the NEAR protocol with different artist, I had a meeting here in Venezuela we will hear news soon. One of them was succesful to mint +100 NFTs on Nativonft.app

Helping and connecting other Hispanic initiatives like from Panama, Argentina, and Ecuador which is the best one right now with @Butneversaved :rocket:

Editor of the Medium publications

Finally, as part of the council I engaged in several discussions within the NEAR HISPANO meetings

May the force be NEAR you :raised_hand:


Thank you very much for quote!

I am happy, excited to contribute to the Near Ecosystem, and the community is very nice.