[Approved] Palmeros de Chacao a Cultural Heritage of Humanity

To: Community Squad / Marketing-Vertical

From: Near Venezuela

Summary / Purpose

Let’s expose NEAR technology and help to save the world in the process.

Let’s go further, from Certified Climate Neutral to Positive, following the sustainable development goals of the new millennium.

The purpose is to show that NEAR is indeed green, helping the world and having exposure and public acceptance. This will create interest from the media, local news, and other associations that is finally translated into new members/users of this great community.

UNESCO - Interesting links

Palmeros de Chacao a Cultural Heritage of Humanity

more details


We will be saving the world by providing funds to the “Palmeros de Chacao” association. These lovely people are planting trees for us all. They do it every day just for love because nature, and tradition are sacred to them. They are also firefighters volunteers and teachers about the importance of protecting life, so they grow not only caring about the environment but taking action on it with positive results. In addition, these “Palmeritos” - palm trees caring kids - will be the next generation that will continue to keep alive a natural reserve and a centuries-old tradition.

These efforts will translate into positive marketing. We will be hitting the news and the hearts of a lot of people in the world and, of course, in Venezuela, where my team will take care of materializing this endeavor into new end-users of the NEAR wallet.

NFTs of the Sacred Palm Tree will be minted. This will be used as a hook, so people will be interested in opening a NEAR wallet.



From the Palmeros de Chacao we will be working closely with:

María Victoria Morantes: supervise and write articles for our information platform. She is currently a third-year medical student at the Central University of Venezuela; scholar of the ProExcellence program of the Venezuelan American Friendship Association (AVAA), and volunteer in health centers and aid to the environment.

Our mutyfaceted team is composed of a group of professionals who have proven to be excellent in their fields, im talking about marketing, translating, content creation, software development, legal departments .

We are also looking to complement our group with anyone who can help us achieve our goals and complete our projects.

We have managed to execute several projects in the cryptocurrency industry; we have worked as instructors and mentors to many persons teaching about blockchain and the evolution of cryptocurrency. We have been trading and working with several financial markets for over seven years and have managed many people’s investments and funds.

Goals / Objectives

The goal is to be recognized as the Green Blockchain, and use this positive marketing to onboard so many people to decentralized finances - starting using NEAR wallet as a regular wallet for payments daily - that this amount of people will lead others so others will come because this will be the trend in crypto payments in Venezuela.

In the time-lapse of one year, we are hoping to achieve 100,000 new NEAR wallet daily users only from Caracas. We are confident we will achieve at least 500 new users from the Palmeros de Chacao neighborhood .

Trustfully and Transparent Organization
We will create a DAO - using ASTRO DAO - for the “Palmeros de Chacao”. Therefore, they will be able to deposit every funding they receive and administer it clearly and smoothly , reporting on a forum of themselves. This will be trending on how to be transparent for any other organization. We will teach them how to use it, and they will embrace how the NEAR Foundation is financing the community projects using gov.near.org and the sputnik DAO.

Objectives for each month:

  • We will make a social media trend of the “Palmeros de Chacao” activities sponsored by NEAR Protocol. Reaching at least 1,000,000 views.

We will follow up the activities from the “Palmeros de Chacao” and we will be taking notes, writing content, recording videos and then editing and posting on social media.

  • We will attract at least 1,000 attendees to several events.

Organizing/Participating in activities that include square meetings, guided mountain tours accompanied by care and planting activities, talks about how to protect the environment in schools and universities. Everything with NEAR protocol as a sponsor with the QR code that links with the Telegram group of NEAR HISPANO.

  • We will manage the funds that will be mostly destined for tools that facilitate the work of the “Palmeros de Chacao” in a smart way that will multiply the effect of the donation from the marketing point of view.

In an oil country plagued by the need and lack of services that include gasoline shortages, We - NEAR Protocol with our member’s hand - will build an electric car for the “palmeros de chacao” - they don’t have a vehicle in their organization so the leader and the team go by foot to every meeting.

  • We will be helping new users to open their NEAR Wallet and guiding them on how to deposit funds.

There will be a promotion of a Palm NFT, all the people that will show interest in helping in any way - good people like to help with everything related to saving the world and planting trees - will be receiving an NFT on their NEAR Wallet, so they will be opening a new wallet in order to receive the NFT.

Note: Every broadcasted and in place activity will have the mention of thanks to NEAR protocol as a sponsor and will explain about NEAR protocol leaving contact and links of interest

Key Results

The purpose is to expose NEAR in a positive view to the public. Then, the people will get into crypto as new users with us teaching them, and the NEAR HISPANO Guild will be onboarding these folks to the NEAR community and pointing all the content NEAR has to offer.

Results will be measured in new members of the community of NEAR HISPANO, and new users of the NEAR wallet, and new merchants that will receive NFTs of the Sacred Palm Tree as certificates of green environment friendly by accepting crypto payments using the NEAR wallet.

  • NEAR will be seen as a green brand which will draw attention of the public
  • This positive attention will translate into new end-users
  • Other non-profit organizations will learn about NEAR, and the Astro DAO efficiency and transparency.


We will need $5,000 USD per month that will be deposited into the Astro DAO of the “Palmeros de Chacao” according to their needs and events. We will be updating, showing the transparency of this fund management.

This project will beexecuted in Caracas firs, Venezuela. We hope later other members will run similar projects (hopefully improved with our experience) on different locations. We will be there to help them to do so.

We will also need participation of other NEAR guilds:

  • OWS: Helping with desginers for the NFTs. @Sofia_Alum
  • NEAR HISPANO: Helping with the onboarding process. @claudioac


Palmeros de Chacao will start using ASTRO DAO @simeon4real

From this starting point, we will build a NFT collection with Natural Reserves - Animals - Plants, and the buyers of these NFTs are financing the protection of forests, animals and plants.
We are still in the process of deciding which NFT market will be suitable.

Blessing the Ceroxylon:

On this beautiful day in October, blessings were granted to the palms and to all those present to later plant them on our sacred mountain. Recorded by me.

I knew the Palmeros personally when I was doing community service as a requisite for college graduation. I helped them plant trees, donated them tools, and now we are close friends. From time to time, I go and help them with various tasks, most of them related to financial matters - they lack financial support, we are not in an easy country, and of course, they are against a lot of governmental actions that go against the law and the natural reserve they protect - so now I had this great idea, and I am quick to share it with the community. I hope you love it as well.


Saludos, soy la tesorera de los palmeros de chacao, vamos a retirar de los fondos otorgados un total 2480$ para las compras de herramientas para la rehabilitación del vivero en donde va incluido la compra de. 3 teléfonos inteligente para el Consejo del dao de los palmeros ya que los mismo no cuentan con teléfonos inteligente. Agradecidos, empezamos.
Uploading: 16370099315116265608701633746916.jpg…]()


Monthly funding for Palmeros de Chacao project.

We as supervisors of this project, and councils of NEAR Venezuela are guiding these new members in the usage of the NEAR ecosystem. We are not charging anything and we are doing this job as a contribution. The entire amount of the fund will be designated for the execution of this project.

Even though this project was estimated to need 5000 USD per month, right now a week after the approval we can only provide $4423,5 USD in NEAR


Hola se pide el requerimiento para para terminar de ejecutar la recuperación del vivero y así poderlo de entregarlo a la comunidad para que puedan hacer uso del mismo, con los diversos talleres que se estarán dictando en el mismo.

El dinero que se requiere es Para la jornada del culminación del vivero con el programa de palmerito, el despliegue del personal y equipo de trabajo
Y la compra de materiales que faltan por comprar para la culminación de la ejecución del mismo


Informe del Plan de manejo de viveros y guardianes de las palmas

Ante todo, un cordial saludo!
Me dirijo a ustedes con la finalidad de suministrarle el informe correspondiente de los gastos generados esta semana, proporcionándole la memoria y cuenta de los primeros recursos adquiridos:
Los primeros gastos generados partieron de un capital de: 2000$ los cuales fueron distribuidos en el transcurso de la semana (16/11/2021 a 20/11/2021) de la siguiente manera:
16/11/21 se realizó la compra de 3 equipos telefónicos y protectores de pantalla en los mismos se generó un gasto de:
Equipos 476$
Protectores de pantalla 15$
Dando un total: 491$
Al momento de realizar cada una de las antes mencionadas, se tuvo que optar por un sistema de transporte (taxi) el cual nos movilizo las siguientes rutas:
El rosal – Chacao
Chacao – los dos caminos con un tiempo de espera de 45min
Dos caminos – pedregal
No obstante a esto, las mismas generaron un gasto de: 50$
Dando un total por ese día de: 541$
17/11/21 se realizó la compra de la maquinaria para la poda y desmalezamiento del vivero, los aceites para el motor de la misma esta genero un gasto de:
Maquinaria y aceites: 775$
De igual manera se optó por un sistema de transporte (taxi) el cual nos movilizo la siguiente ruta:
Pedregal – Chapellin
Chapellin – San Bernardino con un tiempo de espera de 30min
San Bernardino – pedregal la misma genero un gasto de 50$
Dando un total de por ese día de: 825$
19/11/21 se realizó la compra de algunos materiales e instrumentos de agricultura, necesarios para el inicio de la activación del vivero:
Materiales e instrumento: 97$
Materiales e instrumentos: 91$
Al momento de la compra se contrató un sistema de transporte (taxi) el cual nos movilizo por distintas ferreterías:
Pedregal – dos caminos
Dos caminos - san Bernardino
San Bernardino – chapellin
Chapellin – Pedregal con tiempo de espera, esta obtuvo un gasto de 60$
Dando un total por ese día de: 218$
20/11/21 se realizó la compra de la logística, la cual incluyo un desayuno nutritivo, acompañado de frutas y jugos para los colaboradores (niños) de nuestra comunidad, para activar el despliegue técnico de la recuperación del vivero
Logística (desayunos): 175$
Es mismo día contamos con un sistema de transporte (taxi) para la movilización de cada miembro del consejo, así como para movilizar los niños y personas de nuestra comunidad, que participaron y colaboraron con parte de la recuperación del vivero.
Esto genero un gasto de transporte de 45$
Dando un total por ese día de: 220$
22/11/21 Este día se generó un gasto de transporte para nuestra colaboradora en video y edición María Victoria Morantes, quien necesitaba llegar a su casa de estudio y trabajo UCV, se le presto el apoyo del transporte (taxi) para que llegara a tiempo para su examen.
Transporte (taxi): 30$

Los gastos varios surgen de las distintas compras, como vasos, agua, hielo, materiales de librería, entre otros
Gastos 15$
Sin más a que hacer referencia, y agradecida me despido con un cordial saludo!


Great report. Thank You


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Hola Tiby, el gasto en taxi está alto, el gasto para Maris en taxi lo veo exagerado. No entendí. Si puedes explicar más la razón o evitar repetir eso en el futuro. Deben organizarse para estar evitando usar taxis para ir a casa. Los transportes son para los niños.

Si, thanks you for the report. I will be adding this to the weekly report.

I need you to send me this info faster please.

Sharing here the YouTube video you share with me, we need that with English translation.

Also, I will expect that all the Palmeros community and the chacao people to follow your Twitter and other social networks. Start moving into social networking. Also please open a near wallet for the people and connect them with other near projects like the crypto beer with @ArianaVictoriaMoreno


Hola buenas tardes, el costo de los taxis es elevado porque se usaba el servicio del mismo casi que toda la mañana recorriendo ferreterías diferentes buscando la economía y calidad de las herramientas y demás materiales, solo se uso para las compras, son herramientas pesadas que no podemos cargar, o montar en tranporte público (bus) o en el metro, se usa taxi porque no contamos con los medio de trasporte necesarios para eso (carro o moto), el día 20 de noviembre los niños, vecinos y herramientas todo fue trasladado en un solo transporte (taxi) que nos iso el servicio varias veces ese mismo día, el día lunes 22 se le prestó el servio a la aspirante de medicina, porque ella estaba haciendo un trabajo hasta altas horas de la noche y tenía que llegar a tiempo a su examen, muchas gracias por las correcciones, las corregiré a futuro para las los próximos despliegues, gracias feliz día


Hello fellow members of the NEAR Community

I’m Luis Aponte, member and council of the Near Venezuela guild, and part of the research team in Sankore 2.0.

Since this project was approved. I have been in charge of the logistic and management of this project regarding my expertise and experience, and I am doing this for Free by now. As I worked with some embassies and consulates within the programs and projects of development and support of this kind of activities, I also give my knowledge in this matter in order to continue contributing to the main objective of the Palmeros de Chacao: A cultural heritage of Humanity by UNESCO project that is: Preserves the cultivation of the Blessed Palm (Palma Bendita)

As the project has its daily basis in Venezuela, I’ll explain briefly how we are guideline the Palmeros with NEAR:

1- The route of the Blessed Palm is within a National Park that is regulated by public authorities and by national legislation. As governments are not the ideal institutions to preserve any crop, the foundation and Association of the Palmeros the Chacao takes care of doing it. In this sense, the necessary tools, and equipment were bought accordingly and as is shown above.

2- For this, the Palmeros and a scientific team led by 3rd man of the IVIC, preserve the cultivation and crop for the Blessed Palm, and find a nice location within a farm that are specially designed to preserve the Blessed Palm and to be productive, sustainable and green-friendly for further activities. We give the information needed to present the pillars of the project to the European Union Embassy in Venezuela and in talks directly with the Embassy of France in Venezuela, Mr. Nadal.

3- The importance of this and the significant support of NEAR in this type is the inclusion of new members, no matter what they are and within public authorities to the blockchain world, web3, and the awesome crypto NEAR We had 3 meetings with the team in order to understand everything related to the NEAR community, NEAR protocol and his products.

4- We are studying with members of the Chacao City Hall, president, and directors of the Research Institute of Science and Agronomy of the University Simon Bolivar and member of the Chamber of Commerce of Iberoamerica the role that cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and NEAR are taking of this project that is so much important for the history, culture, religion, and society of Venezuela and even the world, as the Palmeros is a tradition of the Patrimony of UNESCO. How do we do it? Welcome them to the NEAR community, explain to them how it works, and giving the necessary tools to begin working with the Near Venezuela Guild, OWS, and different associations of the NEAR world.


  1. Events inside exhibitions and important centers of entertainment promoting NEAR and his support of the Palmeros Chacao in the Preservation of the Blessed Palm (more awesome than that, I don’t think so)

  2. Supervision and surveillance of the Vivarium Humboldt in Chacao

  3. Registration of new users and provision of equipment and instruments necessary to enter the NEAR community

  4. Videoclip of the Rehabilitation of the Vivarium “Palmeritos” (In this sense, we have improved the quality of the audio and implemented subtitles in different languages on the screen. However, we have an issue with the logging of the Youtube account that must be fixed asap)

  5. Joint meeting, from today the multidisciplinary team of social networks of Palmeros de Chacao is activated for its direction, dissemination, and control. From the Central University Of Venezuela in the Botanical Garden. Check here.

  6. Invitation of different public and private entities such as the Foundation of the Portuguese Institute of Culture in which businessmen, companies, scholars, and other personalities met, they learned about the support of NEAR towards the project of the Palmeros and the application of NEAR, their community and its great importance within the relationship of the cultural and economic world

What should be improved?

1- Social Media
2- Marketing Strategy towards the project with others entities.
3- Find a solution asap regarding the implementation of the tasks related that was postponed due to weather conditions.

What was improved?

1- First touch with the public authorities
2- IT issues within the team.
3- The Test of Recultivation of the Blessed Palms in other zones and geographies of Caracas (Venezuela) and Miranda (Venezuela)
4- Solid Team and more Volunteers.

What is next?

For my part, as a part of the council of the Near Venezuela Guild, we will focus on the negotiations, implementations, designing and evaluation of the project in the programs that EU, UNESCO, UN, OAS, IMPARQUES, Culture Ministry of Venezuela, and other entities and organizations that look for a green, non-contaminable, carbon-neutral that cares about the environment and the future of humanity’s cultural heritage.



NEAR, Near Venezuela Guild, and The Palmeros of Chacao are right next to it. We care about the future and we care about the environment, that only means one thing. NEAR is with you

For anything related to the project, any questions or doubt, or you just may know what is all about, just let us know and we gladly jump in a call with you in order to explain and communicate what are we doing here.

Best Regards
Luis Aponte


@LuisAponte99 - Manager of the Palmeros of Chacao Project in the Public Relations Section
@FritzWorm - Head Manager of the Project and Council of Near Venezuela Guild
@Nicolasp2 - Advisor of the project in Social Media and member of the Council in Near Venezuela Guild


Saludos, Tiby porfa me puedes señalar el uso de los $1500 para comida despliegue transporte de personas, camionetas, bolsas de basura, flete de basura.

Agradecido :raised_hand: :sunglasses:

Informe del Plan de manejo de viveros y guardianes de las palmas

Ante todo, un cordial saludo!
Me dirijo a ustedes con la finalidad de suministrarle el informe correspondiente de los gastos generados esta semana, proporcionándole la memoria y cuenta de los segundos recursos adquiridos:
Los segundos gastos generados partieron de un capital de: 1500$ los cuales fueron distribuidos en el transcurso de la semana (26/11/2021 a 12/12/2021) de la siguiente manera:
26/11/2021 se realizó la compra de 20 camisas impresa con el logo del proyecto los mismos se generó un gasto de:
Camisas 110$
27/11/21 se realizó el 3er despliegue, asegurando el desayuno de cada integrante del mismo este género un gasto de:
Desayunos: 210$
28/11/21 se realizó un traslado a los Palmero de Chacao al centro comercial la trinidad, que por error de ellos el evento no era ahí, si no en el centro comercial paseo el hatillo, en donde participaron en la expo dos ventos, en el marco de su 36º aniversario del instituto portugués de cultura, el mismo género un gasto de:
Centro comercial la trinidad: 50$
Centro comercial paseo el hatillo: 20 $
El transporte ese día los llevo y los trajo devuelta a la sede de los palmeros que misma queda en Chacao en el sector del pedregal
Dando un total por ese día de: 70$
02/12/21 se realizó la compra de materiales que aun, hacían falta para la culminación y restauración del vivero:
Materiales de ferretería y pintura: 120$
Compra de Carrucha: 120$
Compra de bolsas para siembra: 210$
Ese día se generó un gasto de un total de: 260$
04/12/21 Este día se generó el 4to despliegue, asegurando un buen desayuno nutritivo, para todos aquellos que nos colaboran con este proyecto.
Desayunos logística: 40$

11/12/21 Este día se realizó, la compra de 20 franelas mas ya que las mismas no alcanzaban para el equipo de trabajo, que realizan la labor del vivero.
Camisas: 110$
11/12/21 este día se realizó el 5to despliegue, de jornada de recuperación, como siempre se garantizó una logísticas de desayunos nutritivos para los mismos.
Desayunos: 105$
11/12/21 transporte para los materiales a utilizar para el despliegue, y para el traslado de los niños hasta el vivero
Trasporte (taxi): 20$
Generando un total de gasto de ese día de: 125$
Se procedió a dar un aporte como reconocimiento de su trabajo los siguientes integrantes.
Erick Blanco cortador y podador de árboles: 100$
Gerardo Santana ayudante del cortador: 50$
María Castillo coordinadora de los palmeritos: 50$
Richard Delgado: 50$
Los gastos varios surgen de las distintas compras, como vasos, agua, hielo, materiales de librería, entre otros
Gastos 20$
Sin más a que hacer referencia, y agradecida me despido con un cordial saludo!!


I like the results we have so far and what remains to be done. Cheer up, to be better.

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