Sandbox [November] Reward Claim of [Arturo Hernández#1944]

Hello ! I am here because of @Nicolasp2 I really trust him and I knew crypto few years ago because of him. So here I am starting as a collaborator. Thank you all.

Type of activity:

[Vectors and Outreach]+[Sustain a channel]

Link to Result:

  • Vectors and Outreach ($70)

We had a meeting were @FritzWorm teach us about Blockchain and NEAR in the “School of Engenier” of Valencia, Venezuela. We talk about NEAR with 3 developers, 1 lawyer interested, 2 mining facility admins/tech and my self:

@Developer @abdresdom @leyner are taking right now the NCD L1 with many more they brought

I spend $100 USD renting a video beam + food and drink + pencils and paper.

  • Sustain a channel with daily activity throughou the month ($100)

Telegram daily activity we reach out +200 members now ($100)

I am moderator now taking care of this NEAR Community as a Leader

Estimated Final Reward:



Hi @Arturoahs, it was great to see the outreach you guys are doing. We do encourage these activities to share knowledge and strengthen the bonding of the community. This can bring enthusiasts to contribute & spread the value of our ecosystem.

Suggestion: Logistic plan TBD with moderator for the irregular fee covered next time.

You are doing great.

Approved for the DAO application for $270 by moderator