[REPORT] Metaverse DAO report set/out/nov 2022

Council Members



Target metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near

KYC beetle-juice.near

Project Status On-going


Total requested: 5000 USDC

Total spend: 4625 USDC (We use 900 USDC/DAI from our treasure and we have 575 USDC waiting for milestone completion)


DAI 6.9426

ETH 0.0663

HAK 50000000000


NEAR 15.7521

USDC 2293.93

WNEAR 0.7185

  • External wallet balance

( metaversedao2.near )

NEAR 0.7934

WNEAR 0.03546


METACOIN 1961.35436


ETH 0.0239

What we proposed

What we have accomplished this month


Metaverse Interviews (completed) 175 usdc (1/4 of the milestones achieved) (100 usdc from the rest of the budget we used for awards) (waiting payout request of 50usdc) (275 usdc left not used)

Metaverse registrations (completed - September and October) (completed) 500 usdc + 100 usdc (this 100 usdc came from the treasury to pay for the rest of October, in a reduced payment)

Near metaverse Magazine n 10 (completed) 400 usdc (edition, diagramming and 2 articles wasnt used and returned to the treasure)

Metaverse Storyteller (ongoing) 100 usdc (400 were not paid yet, waiting for milestones)

Metaverse tutorials (completed) 400 usdc

Prizes and Awards (completed) 400+100 usd (we used 100 usdc more here from interviews project, that could be only made by 1/4)

Open Call to party production (completed) 200 usdc

Council 1500 usdc (September) + 1000 usdc (October/november)

  • We paid:

2 people on Metaverse Interviews (engaging with the ecosystem, publicizing, history)

1 people on Metaverse Registration, plus we bought 10 NFTs from the community (engaging with the ecosystem, publicizing, history)

6 people on Metaverse Magazine (members becoming active members, publicizing, history)

1 person on Metaverse Storyteller (new people becoming active members)

2 people on Metaverse Tutorials (teaching new people)

6 people on Metaverse Awards (onboarding new people)

3 people on Party Production (onboarding new people)

  • We made 4 bounties to the community

Metaverse Parcels Owned

  • Voxels: Metaverse DAO - 2 Conch Shell Caverns - Voxels

  • Nesteria: ST50-002 #1 — Paras](link)

  • Near Cribs

Updated Project Timeline

We could complete almost every project, with an extension to October, beyond the timing of September funding proposal, with resources from our treasury. Some of the projects are ongoing, because of some eventualities which occurred. Our interviewer couldn’t make all interviews, because a family health problem, and the storytelling new manager is new on NEAR, so he could find only 1/3 of the work, and we are waiting for him to fulfill the rest. All people that made their work in October were poorly compensated with much less than they generally receive, even the council.


We learned we can have some of our projects even with reduced resources, but that it is hard to develop our partnerships in this way. Nevertheless, awards seem to be the most interesting way to bring people to NEAR, because people get excited. Nevertheless, it must be weekly to make them active. We think we must start making prizes in terms of buying their NEAR NFTs, and not just sending money. We use the sending money prize when we are onboarding new people from other blockchain. We had 2 kinds of prize here: the ones in ethereum metaverses, with ethereum object competitions, but given on NEAR blockchain, and competitions directly on NEAR Blockchain. We use both kinds as a system where people pass from a person winning a prize doing what they generally do to a people minting on NEAR because of another award.

Next Steps

Finish the ongoing projects. To wait for the new guidelines, but start to develop our projects more according to their milestones than according to the timelines. We are also going to use NEAR Values in our construction of projects, given our intention for final products and metrics will be: onboarding, creation of active member, increase in Astrodao voting, increase in forum participation, weekly production and transfer of NFTs, contact with DAOs inside the ecosystem, use of apps inside the ecosystem, creation and use of developer talent inside the DAO (i.e., creation of apps). All these values can be thought as 2: growing the community and sustaining the active community


Project Report - November/October 2022

Status: Completed

Nov. - 100 usdc
Oct. - 100 usdc

Used Budget: 200 usdc

Project Accounting:

As a reporter, I attended and recorded 5 events a month, organized by NEAR DAOs and projects on Cryptovoxels and metaverse NEAR Hub. I edited the resulting videos and minted them in the Near Metaverse History store on Mintbase and posted them on the Metaverse DAO YouTube channel called Metaverse TV with all the relevant information about them written in their descriptions.

More information of the events in the spreadsheet: Metaverse DAO Registration 2022 - Google Sheets

Here is the list of the events I covered, with the links to the Mintbase NFTs and YouTube videos:




  • 100USD per month - for 5 video reports of events within the metaverse.

Updated Project Timeline:

The project was completed, to better organize the recording schedule, the budget could be approved as soon as possible so that no event would be lost due to lack of confirmation.

Highlights and Final Products:

  • The videos are with a more detailed and longer interesting script, where you can get an overview of the events in the metaverse.

  • A new visual approach, with animations and more information interacting with the public to subscribe and become a frequenter of the channel.


It was a great learning experience to participate in exhibitions that support women’s art, indigenous peoples, and their universe within the LGBTQI+ movement. I realized the importance of recording the history of the metaverse, many amazing events need to be registered so that they can reach more people.

i felt a little bit invaded, by seeing and listening fragments of sounds, that i wasn’t noticed by the minter.

I wonder if it bother someone else, or am i being too web2 over here?

sharing my feelings…

Anyhow, congrats for your work :wink:

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Sorry for your feelings. It was not our intention. We apologize for any inconvinience. But as the exhibition was publicly available and our intention is not commercial, we think our action as reporting. I feel people do not feel invaded when a reporter goes to a show and the music playing there is recorded by the reporter. We are not selling anyone’s work or our videos. We are publicizing them and keeping them inside near history on metaverse. I hope this explanation makes u feel better.


@TheTune100 is very happy with the recordings.


Thank you @C0D3 and @thephilosopher

tia blua sendo chata.pra variar kkk
mas achei um bom ponto pra manifestar aqui publicamente pra gerar reflexões etc…


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