[PROPOSAL] Near Metaverse Magazine #10

[PROPOSAL] Near Metaverse Magazine #10

Creation of the phygital NEAR Metaverse Magazine #10.

That includes: an edition of the content base in a theme, articles from writers of the ecosystem, diagramming for phygital intent (proposed physical magazine to match the digital one) and a proofreader.



We believe that having articles in the magazine, about the ecosystem, Web3 and metaverse are important for the quality of the metaverse record. In depth content makes our history more memorable.


The layout will give professionalism to the magazine. This also will give better readability to the magazine. It will organize the magazine sessions in a visual way, imbuing the magazine with a theme in its visual communication.


We think that we are making quality material, and to do so, it’s essential that the communication sounds perfect. To accomplish this, we will send the final material of the magazine to our proofreader for editing and revision.

The Magazine:

The magazine has two fold principal benefits: first, to register the information and facts about the NEAR environment; the second is to promote and share NEAR Protocol.

The Project:

For September our theme will be Events in the physical world about Metaverse reality

We will create our 10th number of the magazine. It will be diagrammed in a way that could be read in digital form, and would be able to print it on demand (buying a premium NFT at the Metaverse Mintbase Store).

The content involved will count with:

  • Our Metaverse member and permanent writer - @wolfwoodShinji – with his article

  • Our permanent writer @jonadas - with his article

  • 2 texts from community writers

  • 2 texts from our new business associate DUX

  • Interviews from ecosystem personalities

  • Events from Metaverse

  • Important information and news from Web3 itself

  • Links to important content within the Metaverse


Phygital is a term for hybrid things that exist and can be used in both the digital and physical world.

Premium NFT is a minted file that, when someone purchases it, the person acquires the digital file and will be redirected to our publisher to get (at home) a print version of the magazine.

NxP the printing will be performed by NxP. NEARxPublish is an American based printing and merchandising enterprise, based in California. NEARxPublish is the partner publisher in question, brought by Woodward to handle the print of on demand NFTs.

DUX is a Brazilian group of play-to-earn block-chain games that we succeeded to make a partnership with. They will write and promote us along with their ecosystem. See here for a little about them


Writers (6 x 50USD) - 300USD

Publishing - 200USD

Diagramming - 300USD

Report for Web3 content - 100USD

Proofreader - 100USD


Week 1: Contact Writers and Set Themes and Deadlines

  • make the schedule for the month

  • find 2 writers

  • contact all the partners and give them the project and timeline

  • open a call to find the Web3 reporter

Week 2: Research for Material and Design

  • set (with the writers) the subjects that will be written about

  • create a mood-board about the design style for this month’s issue of the magazine

Week 3: Join the Material and Diagram the Magazine

  • join all the texts and send to proofreader

  • create the layout for the magazine

Week 4: Finish the Magazine; Mint it and Close the Report

  • put the content in the magazine and close it

  • make a printable file to sent to our publisher associate

  • mint the digital magazine and the premium one

  • mint the mood-board of the magazine

  • send a wearable to NEAR Alexandria Library

  • make the payments and do the reports

Final Products

  • The number 10 diagrammed and revised magazine - with phygital application - with at least 09 sections and approximately 50 pages

  • The digital NFT minted on Mintbase

  • The premium NFT minted on Mintbase

  • The mood-board of the month minted on Mintbase

  • a wearable in NEAR Alexandria Library

Subtotal: 1000USD


Well xomposed proposal! best of luck to the project!


[REPORT] Near Metaverse magazine N10

Project participants

Felipe-Dux (without an account yet)

Project Status Completed

Project Accounting

Creation of the number 10 of NEAR Metaverse Magazine.

With 12 topics and 62 pages.

  • Who is who | Metaverse DAO Magazine

  • Metaverse: what is

  • Events of metaverse

  • Coolest NEAR NFT mints

  • Know DAOs from NEAR: Cudo DAO

  • A brief history of the metaverse

  • Metaverse DAO wearables contest

  • Metaverse events

  • Tutorials 4U

  • NFTs and the reinvention of brands in the metaverse

  • Nearly a host?

  • Metaverse lore: Pastel Little

What we have accomplished

here is the minted magazine


we return 200+300 USD to the tresure. This money is from editor and diagramming the magazine, and the work was made by the council.

( There is a new designer – Cecilia – and the editor work will be transfer to the council until we find a new editor for the magazine)

Beet – proofreader 100 USD

Heverton – writer 50 USD

Jonadas – writer 50 USD

Felipe/DUX – writer x2 100 USD (payout not asked yet)

Woodward – writer x2 100 USD

2 articles were not wrote, so 100 USD remain in this project

Updated timeline

Due the suspension of founding from NF and the delay of the income of the last budged, we decide to take more time to finish the magazine, closing the edition in the end of October


We will reduce the amount of articles to 6 instead 8, and the editor work will be redirect to the council until we find another editor, so this will reduce the project in 300 USD

Next Steps

We will close an Era of the magazine with a compendium of the 10 first editions.We will return with the number 11 with a new designer (to be on-boarded)