[PROPOSAL] Metaverse stories - September 2022

[PROPOSAL] Metaverse stories

Create an event to generate stories for/at NEAR Protocol


This project help the main objective of Metaverse DAO that is register at block-chain the history of NEAR Protocol by creating and registering a storytelling for our ecosystem.

This project also help to create the content for the NEAR Metaverse Magazine.

All the results of this project will be minted on Mintbase, so will generate engage in the NEAR and

promote the DAOs of the ecosystem.

This project also generate promotion of the NEAR Protocol, give them a identity, move the NEAR economy and giving back money to the community

The project

This consist in a open-call/bounty to select people to write for the project.

We will select 3 parcels on Cryptovoxel/Near Hub to be the inspiration for the writers stories.

The idea is to create a storytelling about them and crossit with Near protocol.

Each story consist in:

  • True information about the parcel

  • at least 2500 characters (2 pages) in English

  • a mini bio (300 characters) of the writer and a photo to use

  • a NFT minted on Metaverse dao Mintbase store

  • a wearable send to NEAR Alexandria

  • a story to put in the NEAR Metaverse Magazine


We will open a hire/open-call post to find writers for this Metaverse DAO project.

Each writer will be responsible for the text.

We will have a project manager that will select and correct the stories; mint them on mintbase and NEAr Alexandria Library and send the texts for the magazine.


To pay the project manager - 200USD

To pay each writer (3 x 100USD) - 300USD


Week 1:

  • Open a call/bounty to writers

Week 2:

  • select the stories

Week 3:

  • correct the stories

Week 4:

  • min them and send them to the magazine

  • Make the report of the project

Final products/metrics

  • 03 stories

  • 03 mints at Mintbase

  • 03 mints on NEAR Alexandria Library

  • 03 texts send to the magazine

Subtotal: 500USD


this looks great, i sent you a couple DMs on twitter referring to this proposal as well.


hellow @SkazOne can you DM on telegram or on the Metaverse telegram group?


Thank you, @SkazOne. I am super glad u r interested. U already has a wonderful work on voxels lore. I think we can produce something beautiful here.


I know @SkazOne, @markeetox, Tewz, @bitpixi maybe interested on that proposal.

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Will do! Sorry about that, will keep telegram updated

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I can and will take responsibility as manager of this proposal

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Wonderful, my friend. So that is set. U r the manager. Thank you for taking on this responsibility. I am sure you are going to make an awesome job.

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thanks buddy! i appreciate you having that confidence in me, it has upped my game a lot!

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@SkazOne, as soon as u have your project concluded, you can post your report here and ask for your payout proposal. NEAR already sent us the resources.


awesome thanks. going to check in with the writers today.

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I think @markeetox already finished. :smiley:

And let me tell u one thing: if the bounty is closed, we generally add the proposal and substitute “proposal” for “closed” in the title. Just letting u know, to teach u how we generally do things. <3