[APPROVED] Funding Proposal for Metaverse DAO – September 2022

[PROPOSAL] Funding Proposal for Metaverse DAO – September 2022

September 2022 Funding Proposal for Metaverse DAO

Council Members







Total Requested Funding Amount: 5000USD


Total budget: 5000USD

Previous report

DAO month report: [REPORT] Metaverse DAO Monthly Report - AUG2022

Relevance and justification

The relevance of this set of projects is to build NEAR metaverse history and to record it on NEAR blockchain, in order for it to be useful for creatives wanting some proof of their work or to researchers about NEAR and its presence on metaverse. Our work is of fundamental importance to the history of the Creatives and to show the importance and relevance of NEAR to future creatives still in other blockchains.


Week 1: set a timeline for the month; set bounties and calls; reach personalities for interviews; talk to teachers and writers; start to record events

Week 2: followup the production; start interviews; continue recording events

Week 3: collect the material to compose the magazine; make interviews; record classes; still recording; close bounties and calls

Week 4: edit magazine, finish and mint it; edit, post and mint interviews; record events, edit and mint them; edit videos of classes and mint it; make payouts, close month and make report

(The payments will be made in NEAR or DAI, whichever is more convenient for the DAO. NEAR value is set at the conversion rate it was sent by NEAR Foundation to the DAO)

Metrics expected to be achieved

Our metrics are based on our deliverables, they are:

  • Metaverse Interviews

4 interviews uploaded on the Metaverse TV, Metaverse DAO’s channel on YouTube, featuring 4 different NEAR Metaverse people/projects

4 NFTs minted at NEAR Metaverse History store (by Metaverse DAO): 1 will be sent to the person interviewed, 1 to the interviewer, 1 to the NEAR Metaverse History store to be kept as a historical record.

A transcription of the interview’s introduction will be added to the NEAR Metaverse Magazine edition of the month.

  • Metaverse Registration:

at least 15 short videos from different events, minted on NEAR Metaverse History store from Metaverse DAO

at least 15 short videos available on higher quality on the Metaverse TV Youtube channel (that belongs to the Metaverse DAO).

At least 10 NFT bought at mintbase or paras

  • NEAR Metaverse Magazine

The magazine edition #10, diagrammed and revised with at least 10 sections and approximately 50 pages minted on our Mintbase store, including:

articles and stories written by members of NEAR ecosystem;

a record of the events held on the metaverse in the last month held by NEAR DAO’s and projects, containing links to the videos recorded, the metaverse spaces, where the event happened, the Mintbase NFTs created as a record of the event in our historical store;

a record of the transcripted introduction of the interviews, with links to their complete version videos on Youtube and their NFT records on our Mintbase historical store

  • Metaverse Storytelling

03 stories writed by community members

03 NFT (minted at Mintbase or Paras) of the stories

03 wearables (minted at NEAR Alexandria library)

03 texts send to the magazine

  • Metaverse Tutorials

2 tutorials recorded and published on our youtube from selected teachers;

2 short videos (or gifs) minted on our Mintbase store or on Paras.

Total of deliverables created by the DAO this month:

  • 1 edition of the NEAR Metaverse Magazine with at least 50 pages of content

  • at least 19 videos (counting every video we create)

  • at least 23 NFTs (counting every NFT record we create)

  • at least 3 wearables minted at NEAR Alexandria Library

  • at least 2 events held on our Voxels parcel

  • at least 2 tutorials

  • partnership with NEAR Alexandria Library, Voxels, Metacat, Digital One, TSA Incubator

Approval of the budget proposal

Thanks and our best wishes,
Metaverse DAO.


This is quite the project! I’m fully at your disposal for anything i can possibly do to make this succeed!


Hello Everyone,
Thank you for such amazing content and increasing community engagement by the activities you are doing.
Wish you best for hte next month.
As per Ceratives’ guidelines, your proposal is approved.

Looking forward to new proposed activities.



Thank you, we are very exited for all the projects <3

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Daos approval: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/creatives.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/creatives.sputnik-dao.near-707

Thank u so much for the trust.

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Let’s party