[PROPOSAL] To create NEAR tutorials for newbies: (1) NEAR as currency, (2) NEAR for NFTs - in Portuguese


(1) NEAR as currency: To create 1 tutorial for newbies to learn how to create a wallet, customize it, how to make an account in the forum, how to submit to a bounty, how to make a payout proposal, receive NEAR, how to bridge NEAR to ETH on Rainbow Bridge, how to trade NEAR for ETH and for DAI and vice-versa on Ref. Finance, how to create an account on Binance, send NEAR to Binance, trade it for USD and for BRL, and send it to your account.

(2) NEAR for NFTs: To create 1 tutorial for newbies to learn how to create a wallet, customize it, how to make an account in the forum, how to submit to a bounty, how to make a payout proposal, how to make a Mintbase or a Paras account, and how to mint a NFT (please show all of the following: image, video/music, pdf) in one of the marketplaces, teaching also how to list these NFTs, how to sell them, how to buy them, and how to see them, transfer them, and burn them.


The main benefit for the community is to have complete tutorials for newbies to understand how to use NEAR ecosystem for Brazilian, Portuguese, and all Lusophone people. This is relevant because it will teach people how to use NEAR ecosystem and the Brazilian community is growing, so it is important to teach these people in a more automatic way, instead of teaching them one by one. This is good for our future onboarding intentions. These videos are so general that they can be used also for other DAOs, as an onboarding mechanism.

The Project

We will open a bounty for receiving these tutorials, and then select up to 2 videos submitted to us as the requested tutorials. We will pay, as usual, 200 USD (in NEAR/DAI) for the tutorial video accepted. We will open a bounty for receiving these tutorials, and then select up to 2 videos submitted to us as the requested tutorials. We will pay, as usual, 200 usd DAI for tutorial video accepted. The video must have 3 minutes to 5 minutes length with subtitles. This is a tutorial video for complete newbies, so the tutorial should me made for newbies, ergo it must assume that the audience has no knowledge of web 3. And the tutorial must be made in Portuguese, to get to new people on NEAR from the lusophone community.

Tutorial Videos (2 x 200 USD) - 400 USD in NEAR/DAI (bounty to professors) to make the videos and the subtitles, edit them, create gifs from them, to mint the NFTs on our store, and to send half of the NFTs to the DAO, and to send us the video for uploading on youtube.


Week 1: open the bounty and select the teachers

Week 2: receive the materials and evaluate them

Week 3: publish the videos, mint the respective NFTs, and make the report.

Final Products

2 tutorial videos uploaded on YouTube;
2 GIFs or 2 short videos minted on Mintbase as NFT.

Subtotal: 400USD

This proposal is a follow-on from this one:


In Portuguese only? :frowning:

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I like the idea to focus on specific regions/languages, and i support this proposal. It is just that i’d demand more conditions for the bounty. Why? Because i believe that the tutorials that you want should be effective, and friendly for those who are not used to use WEB3 features.

Some conditions for example:

1- Max length 3 minutes

2- Include brief important commentaries in text

Just a little bit of feedback that i wanted to share, i support the proposal!


Oh, @Benz_Near, I like very much your idea. Thank you for sending it. Let me edit the post to add this and to have the info saved for when I create the bounty. :smiley: A question: do you think we should demand subtitle too in the bounty? I am asking that, because I think it is a good idea, for when the audio is not good enough, but I also think that it is something that could reduce the number of submissions in the bounty. Just one more question: what do you mean by include brief commentaries in the text? You mean I should include brief commentaries in the text of the bounty, or that the person who is submitting a video tutorial should also send some commentaries in an associated text?

This time, it is Portuguese only, @stunter31, because we want to have tutorials to onboard Portuguese speaking people, given we the growth of lusophone community on near. But if the tutorials in Portuguese are good, we can make an english tutorial bounty next month. Let’s see how the Portuguese tutorial about that goes. And thank you, my friend, for your interest. <3


You are always welcome <3

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Hey! What i meant with brief text commentaries will be solved with subtitles so nevermind!

And yes, it will reduce the number of submissions and you will receive higher quality videos!

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if you guys need a writer to help with scripting the videos im willing. I’ll try to translate them myself too if needed.

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@MIRNFT maybe you will be interested in creating same in russian and submitting a Proposal?
I like your game observed videos, but this can be useful to onboard more people :wink:


Yes, maybe we could make it for other countries. The main problem is that we would not be able to verify if the videos are well made, because we dont understand russian.

Which DAO are u part of? Maybe we can make a proposal with both DAOs integrated, each one paying half, and we get a Russian person from your dao (or the entire DAO) to evaluate the submissions. And we could upload the video at both DAOs’ youtube, and mint different parts of it in both of our stores. What do u think?

Thanks for the offer. I will try to study the information.

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I and @MIRNFT ( almost sure about him) are not any DAO members yet, but for checking you can call @Plufix or someone from Near Games Guild Telegram: Contact @play_on_near


Project Report

Status: Ongoing
Budget: 400 usdc
Used Budget: 200 usdc (200 usdc kept in the treasure waiting for milestone completion of the second tutorial)


Bounty generated by the project:

Project Accounting:

We launched a bounty for the tutorials, and 2 people responded. Up to now, one of them made the tutorial and the NFT. We are waiting for the other one to deliver. We paid 200 usdc for one of the tutorials and we are keeping more 200 for the next one.

Paid to the community (200 usdc already paid and 200 usdc waiting for milestone completion):

@calebav https://app.astrodao.com/dao/metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near-758

Updated Project Timeline:

The project was not completed in the appropriate time and it is ongoing. But the payments will only be given when the milestones are completed. We are waiting for 1 tutorial.

Highlights and Final Products:

We could produce 1 NFT from the tutorial and also 1 tutorial video of good quality on youtube, which can explain a lot for onboarding people on NEAR Community and NFTs. We are waiting for the second one, which @TRosario commit to make. This could help some of our members to be more active members in the community, activating the blockchain and producing material to help artists to use it better.

More people are minter in our mintbase store

NFT produced:

Youtube video produced: Tutorial for NEAR NFTs


The project was interesting. We got 2 good tutorial makers, and one of them could produce on time. The tutorial was excellent and we are already using to onboard new people. We could learn that we need a lot of time to have a bounty like this, maybe more time than what we had.

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