[REPORT] March Monthly Report _ Demonstra DAO

[REPORT] March Monthly Report _ Demonstra DAO

Project Name: DemonstraDAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members: @dani @RebeccaJ @JulianaM

Project Accounting: current account balance: 126.2679N


  • Payout pending: 126.2679N
    related to:
    • NFT Creations
    • Fee for 3 art professionals invited to the panel discussions
    • Recording and livestream
    • Motion graphics material to promote the Seminars
    • Translation into sign language and audio description

Updated Project Timeline:

• Demonstra Gallery in Mintbase: Production and minting of the 5 NFTs planned. 4 visual artists were onboarded in order to produce the works under @juliamorelli55sp Julia Morelli’s curatorship and Daniel Moraes’s direction.

Each designer has created a graphic artwork inspired by the project that will be on sale at Store Demonstra during the three-month period.

  • Webinars: Recordings with @isabelportella and @juliamorelli55sp took place, and the two videos are in the post-production process, with editing, sign language recordings, and audio description. The video with Vinicius Scheffer is being finalized, awaiting the last technical adjustments for publication. The opening vignette was made with CUDO DAO, and accessibility adaptations with the coordination of Vinicius Scheffer. Also made was the promotional video of the artist residency for social media with Motion Graphics by CUDO DAO.

  • Demonstra Seminar schedule and calendar were structured together with the production team and technical team, being the date redefined for its presentation on May 21, 2022 along with the opening of the Virtual Exhibition. These date adjustments were necessary for better development and production of the content, also giving more time for the artists to produce their works and presentations for the event.

Seminar Production Schedule - dates subject to change

03/24 - closing of the names of the guests for the seminar tables
04/01 - recording of Table Inclusa (Table 1: @dani + Diana Niepce + Angelo Custódio)
04/18 - recording of Table Articula (table 2: @isabelportella and guests to be defined)
04/20 - artists’ work delivered for exhibition demonstrations
04/21 - start production of videos that will be recorded by the artists and presented on the Demonstra Seminar day
04/30 - delivery of promotion material for the Demonstra Seminar
05/07 - Beginning of the promotion of the Demonstra Seminar and Demonstra exhibition
05/09 - delivery of the artists’ videos to the video editor
05/21 - Demonstra Seminar + Exhibition


  • Our Gallery is growing and we have five new works for sale that were produced by artists selected by curator @juliamorelli55sp . We were very pleased with the process and aesthetics of the works, which will allow us to further engage with the purposes of our project within the NEAR platform and Mintbase.

  • The intended Visual Identity improvement is being achieved in multiple ways, including the publication of motion design for promotion of the artists of the residency, that was created by @lucterra from Cudo-DAO and published on Instagram. Also, our first webinar video is about to be published. It includes vignette and edition by CUDO DAO @hevertonharieno , audio-description and sign language interpretation coordinated by @vinscheffer .

  • We have voted to approve proposals from other DAOs and have the essential support of @JulianaM for technical issues and the functioning of the platform community

  • We are starting to publish the materials produced with Near’s logo as support!

  • We helped create a new DAO, the 55SP DAO arising from the partnership with Julia Morelli, a curator with extensive experience in multidisciplinary art projects


  • Technical difficulties with the Mintbase platform were stressful and delayed our processes by a few days, but the problems were solved with @JulianaM support after a few days of trying and we were able to include new minter and mint new NFTs

  • It was also a great learning experience to mint new NFT in terms of a greater understanding of the concepts on how NFT works

Next Steps:

  • 3XR will talk directly to the resident artists, to explain functionalities of the platform

  • Organization and directing the Demonstra Exhibition

  • To Demonstra Gallery, as we now have a few NFT published, we should focus on promotion and sales actions

  • In the coming weeks there will be several posts promoting DemonstraDAO with Near’s logo as Support.

  • We will spread the word about Near’s partnership and basic operation of the platform to all resident artists

Thank you!!!


I’m very proud to watch all this work growing!

Long life to Demonstra <3


nice to see how Demonstra is growing in the ecosystem :slight_smile:
long life to this DAO!



Thanks @JulianaM and @hevertonharieno We are very happy with the progress of all this! I really appreciate the support you have given us.