[REPORT] June Monthly Report _ Demonstra DAO

Project Name: DemonstraDAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members: @dani @RebeccaJ @JulianaM

Project Accounting: current account balance 379.1007 NEAR


Payout pending related to:
• Sign language translation and audio description

Updated Project Timeline:

1. Seminar & Exhibition Demonstra

The Seminar videos are being edited with CUDO DAO. We will have 4 videos that will be on Demonstra’s Youtube channel and are the final version of the Seminar registration and promotional and summary videos with overviews of the Seminar and the Exhibition.

  • Video of the Seminar into 4 sub-videos (Opening, Table I, Table II and Table III)

  • Video Demonstra at Arquipélago Gallery Exhibition - virtual tour of the 3D gallery

  • Creation of a video “summary of the art residency Demonstra”

2. Diálogos Demonstra (Webinars)

We have set dates to record two new videos for Demonstra Dialogues. Isabel Portella will be host and has prepared scripts with each of her guests, Leila Scaf Rodrigues and Camila Alves with themes related to art, disability and technology. Sign language translation is arranged to be done with Vinicius Scheffer right after the main recording.

​​3. Bolsa de Criação Demonstra (BCD)

We held meetings with members, defined guidelines for the functioning of the Bolsa de Criação Demonstra

that will be edited into a PDF document and the main materials for the first Fellowship, with artist João Racy who will be the first artist contemplated.

4. Workshops

Meetings have been held between Daniel, Juca Fiis and Lua Cavalcante and the guest artists’ workshops are in the development process. Daniel’s workshops are recorded and are in the process of being edited and finalized.

Oficina Laboratório (D)eficiência

Oficina Auto-retrato Táctil


  • We held important meetings with Juliana and Heverton to define the restructuring of Demonstra DAO and redefine priorities focused on trade-offs and relevant results for the Near Foundation ecosystem.
  • We understood the need for a person closer to web3 tools and Near ecosystem with Demonstra DAO and thought about structuring an open call or selection process
  • We proposed an NFTs Fair between Creatives DAO’s - should be held together with CUDO DAO, DAO Incubatora, Garden Collective, Muti DAO
  • We held meetings to define the functioning of the Bolsa de Criação Demonstra
  • We expanded our telegram group, with the inclusion of resident artists and other people interested
  • We held a meeting with our network of artists to expand this network’s role in the Demonstra DAO, applying agents, audience and making DAO available as a project platform for our network
  • We will add members to the DAO, our most frequent collaborators
  • In social media, we are seeing engagement in the content focused on our purpose. With excellent quality graphic material and accessibility in communication.
  • We have voted to approve proposals from other DAOs and have the essential support of @JulianaM for technical issues and the functioning of the platform community.


  • We had proposal denied by Marketing DAO, which motivated us to bring focus changes in our project to attend in a more focused way to counterparts for the NF ecosystem.

Next Steps:

  • Improve results within the Near ecosystem by developing the relevance of our networks and purpose with current and new projects such as Demonstra Dialogues, Demonstra Gallery, Demonstra Workshops, Bolsa de Criação Demonstra, NFTs Art Fair.

Let’s keep growing together!! Congratulations on the report @RebeccaJ