[REPORT] April Monthly Report _ Demonstra DAO

Project Name: DemonstraDAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members: @dani @RebeccaJ @JulianaM

Project Accounting: current account balance 47.1405 N


  • Payout pending: 47.1405 N
  • related to: Motion graphics and NFTs creation by one of the artists

Updated Project Timeline:

  • Demonstra Gallery in Mintbase: After the first series of NFTs at Galeria Demonstra, where Julia Morelli invited artists with practices related to graphic design, drawing and illustration to think about posters that represent Demonstra. 3 artists were chosen for the month of April who somehow identify and or admire the project. The artists were invited to create from the perspective of the non-normative body in contemporary times and the works are limited editions and are available at

  • Webinars Di√°logos Demonstra: All the webinars were published to Demonstra‚Äôs YT channel! Recordings, sign language translations, audio description, motion graphics, editing, background and layout design were done with the support of a great team and Near foundation.

    The following people were essential to the making of the videos: @vinscheffer @ClauFerreira @yuli07 @guibegotti Cudo-Dao @RebeccaJ @isabelportella @juliamorelli55sp @dani among a few other people.
    We thank them for their effort and participation!

  • Demonstra Seminar & Exibition: The production of the seminar is in full development.

    • Panel recordings are done, with 4 guests, 2 hosts and production by @yuli07
    • sign language translations (Portuguese and Brazilian) are in progress with coordination by @vinscheffer
    • visual identity for videos and promotion was developed by @RebeccaJ @dani
    • presentation recordings of each resident artist were completed
    • website adaptation for the exhibition content is in progress
    • all resident artist have delivered works to be minted in NFTs for Demonstra Gallery, for the online exhibition and for the catalog
    • partnerships with supporting galleries have been structured


  • @JulianaM talked directly to the resident artists, to explain functionalities of the Near platform

  • Meeting of our director @dani and curator @juliamorelli55sp with 3XR team about implementation, functionalities of the gallery and further understanding of possiblilities and different formats of working with NFTs for greater impact.

  • We onboarded 9 artists to the Near platform

  • Organization and directing the Demonstra Exhibition is in progress

  • We have voted to approve proposals from other DAOs and have the essential support of @JulianaM for technical issues and the functioning of the platform community

  • We are starting to publish the materials produced with Near‚Äôs logo as support!


  • Even with delays in the schedule, we made some extra efforts and were able to finalize deliveries along with the Seminar progress

  • Minting and overall working on the Mintbase platform was much easier than the first time and flowed very well

  • Due to the huge delay in approving the Proposal made with Marketing, we preferred to incorporate proposals for this month‚Äôs promotion within the Creatives Proposal, since it is crucial for the running of the Seminar and Exhibition. In a future opportunity we will again ask for support from Marketing

Next Steps:

  • Promotion and final organization of the Seminar and Exhibition, with highlights to the resident artists works, our partners and Demonstra gallery in Mintbase

  • Structuring and starting our Demonstra Workshops

  • Structure new features of expography with 3XR to exhibit Demonstra‚Äôs NFTs


very nice to see #demonstra-dao grow like this every month!

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